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    The Culture of British Pub





    The British pub culture has a centuries-old history that is closely related to

    British living. Drinking is one of the traditional customs of the British in which almost people like to have a drink, There are a large number of pubs that locate the corners of streets that as the same intensive as the small restaurants in China. Pubs in British are popular places where people can release themselves and have fun. People

    make no bones about other people’s views in pubs, they optional dance, chat, drink to

    make them relax. If you have been to Britain but have not been to a pub, you will be considered that you have not really been to Britain. Just like that classical say in China One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero.[1]

1. The History of British Pubs

    As an important part of the British cultures, the pubs have been existed for ten

    thcenturies. In the 11 century, in order to providing the resting places to building workers who were constructing churches, pubs were built. After work, the building workers can eat, drink, chat and have a rest in those resting places. Therefore, pubs also called “the Inn” or “the Tavern” at that time. “Pub” is the thumbnail name of

    “Public House”, and this word originated from the Victorian period. At present, you

    can see some old-fashioned pubs that decorated luxuriously and elegantly in British streets most were handed down from that period.

    The name of British pubs are various and special, some even sound like strange, such like Wild donkey, Cows and scissors, Bishop fingers, The cat and cabbage.

    Many pubs are named after such things as animals, last names, plants or the rank of nobilities. And you can tell some of pubs have hundreds of year’s history from

    different characteristics of the pub.

    The most common characteristics in old-fashioned pubs are heavy desks and chairs that made of oak, doors and windows with carve patterns, large glasses windows had been worn away, many rows of shiny cups and beer mugs. You can find photos on the walls are faded and dusky in these pubs that have been witnessed historical evolution.

    2. People in British Pubs

    The British pub plays an important role in British living. The local people often go to the pubs in the weekends or go for a drink after work. Sometimes they can go to the pub alone and sit down for a while; sometimes they go to the pub with friends or colleagues to improve their friendship.

    The British pubs always present a scene of bustle and excitement, especially in the weekends. You can see many pairs of sweet young lovers and adults who wear casually in pubs. Some of them chat with others, laughing while talking. Some of them dance in high sprits even look like crazy. And a few people show no expression who sit in the corner and drink alone.

    There are diverse reasons why people go to the pub, but they have the same purpose: get happiness. When they feel depressed, go for a drink can make them feel better, maybe a glass of beer can give them the courage of life again. When people are lonely, they can find new friends in pubs and have no worries, because beer can help people shorten their psychological distance quickly. People in pubs also can take this opportunity to discuss problems in the work, because they can work troubles out as soon as possible at the warm atmosphere. The British have a common hobby that is watching European championships and the premier league in pubs. At that time, it is crowded with people, they states views about the wonderful moment of the match. When they watch a plot that really the satisfaction of them, they will toast together. It is a lucky time when the pub owner would like offer of a drink to every customer, because of happiness.

    3. Etiquette and the Rules in Pubs

    There are a good many of rules in British pubs. At first, the pubs have no waiter,

    if you want to drink a glass of beer; you have to go to the bar to ask for a drink. Some tourists did not know the rule so that had waited for a long time but have not drunk any beer. Secondly, bartenders hate people who are hesitant to choose a drink and block the access to bar. So you have to decide what beer you want to drink before you go to the bar. In addition, if you were in a group, it is better to choose one or two person to buy drinks. Moreover, you should be polite anytime and say please when

    you ask someone for help. Finally, it is important do not give bartender tips, otherwise you will be thought that you look down upon them. The best way is to offer them a drink.

    You maybe get strange that people who are accustomed to lining up but do not line up in pubs. Take it easy, the bartender always know who is next, and what you have to do is to cause the bartenders attention. Remember not shot, not knock the

    desk by coins, not wave you arms. You can lift your empty glass or some money to show the barman you want a drink.

    When you have a drink already, you can find a suitable person to talk with, the premise is that person wants to chat. You can order a drink for him or her initiatively to show your kindness.


    The British interpersonal relationship is famous for its indifference and pubs in this country make positive contribution to this kind of social phenomenon. People can promote sociability and make friends in pubs. Whatever have a party with friends, chat with colleagues or discuss business, the pubs always are preferred places in peoples idea. After nightfall, pubs shining lights as unique scenery in the silent city,

    sending out yearning light and attract people to have fun.


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