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    Travel English

    With the quick development of economy, travelling during vacations becomes a part of our life. Making travel can do good to us .It is a very good means of broadening a person's perspective. We come into contact with different cultures; meet people of different colors.

    We can not only enrich our knowledge and

    experiences; but also be aware of the Magic of nature. On the other hand, we can get relaxed and have enjoyment through travelling. It gives us a pleasant experience; which will disperse our boredom and

    make us forget whatever annoys us. Travel broadens our mind and leaves us good memories.

    I love travelling for the joys it brings for me. Through the classes of Travel English, I not only learned a lot of useful knowledge for travelling but also accumulated some interesting places and travelling notes. Travel is not just a way of leisure activity, it is a kind of knowledge. When we are travelling with a group ,we need to pay attention to many things. And in the whole process ,tour guide play one of the most important roles. In small aspects, he or she should provide a good service to his or her tourists. In the large aspects,the services they provide represent their tourist agencies/services, and even their countries. Tour guide need to go between

    different peoples and they are soul of tourism industry. Because of its importance in tourism industry, people classified them into different types for better services according to different factors. According to their working area, tour guide can generally be classified into four kinds? tour manager/escort, national guide/interpreter, local guide and scenic-spot guide. According to their

    language, tour guide can be classified into two kinds: native language guide and foreign language guide. And with the tourism industry’s fast growth, more and more tour guides are needed. Because of the job’s working properties, the requirements and standards for tour guides are strict and high. In China, we need to pass the examination which consists of a written test and an interview. ABCs of China/World Tourism, Tour-guide Professional Operations , Policies and Regulations and ABCs of Chinese culture are included in written test . And the oral test mainly checks your ability to express and explain.

    When people are travelling especially participated in a group with a tour guide, they want to enjoy themselves during the whole tour. So there will be many requirements and responsibility for a guide and that is why they hire a guide and the tour guide needs to do many to make tourists have a good time. Firstly, when a guide meets with his group for the first time, a welcome speech is needed. It may decide you first impression in the guests’ minds, the speech should be cordial, friendly, sincere, rich, modest, gentle, humorous, expressive, and well-tailored to the tastes of your guests. The art of speech is so important in a guide’s work that you need to speak to different people and deal with kinds of relationships. Generally speaking, the welcome speech often contains the follow items :

    1) To extend a warm welcome to the tourist

    2) To introduce your team to them

    3) To give a brief account of tour arrangements

    4) To make sure you’ll be always at their service

    5) To tell them the notes during the travel

    6) To give best wishes to them

    After a welcome speech, we’ll go on our trip soon. The tour guide should know about the travel destination as your guests may have different aims for the travel. Some may go to there for sightseeing , some may prefer shopping there. The guide then should have these information provided to their guests. Apart from this ,the guide should also remind the tourists local taboos in consideration of local customs. What I said above is just the tip of the nutritional iceberg, there are many other things a guide is required to know and deal with.

    A perfect journey is not just dependent on the guide. As a tourist, you should also follow the guide’s instructs and obey the rules so as not to bring unnecessary inconvenient to ourselves or others. When faced with emergency, you should stay calm first and then call the guide or ask others for help. With our joint efforts, I think we will have a wonderful travel.邓邓


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