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    Daily Check List Date Checked: Checked By:

     Stock Present Stock Restocked

    Drawer 1: 10 x 3M IV Starter kits

     10 x Solu-IV Maxi swabsticks

     IVC 20 g

     IVC 18g

     Cannula caps Drawer 2: 20 x 10mL 0.9% NaCl

     10 x Gauze swabs

     10 x Cotton ball pack

     10 x 10 mL syringes

     10 x 30 mL syringes

     10 x ABG syringes

     ? box Green Interlink

     ? box 19g needles

     ? box 21g needles Drawer 3: 8x Sepsis Start Up Packs Includes;

     2x Orange blood culture bottles

     2x Green blood culture bottles

     1x IVC 20g

     1x IVC 18g

     2x Cannula caps

     4x Alcohol swabs (for wiping top of BC

    bottles only)

     2x Solu-IV maxi swabsticks

     2x 10mL syringes

     2x 30mL syringes

     2x 10mL 0.9% NaCl

     1x 21g needle

     1x 19g needle

     2x Green interlink

     1x ABG syringe

     1x White pathology tube

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     1x Purple pathology tube

     1x Blue pathology tube

     1x roll of Transpore Drawer 4: 10 x Plum giving sets

     10 x Baxter giving sets

     20 x 10 mL Water for injection

     2 x rolls Micropore

     2 x rolls Transpore

     4 x Razors

     20 x Alligator clips Drawer 5: 10 x 1g Flucloxacillin

     10 x 1g Cephazolin

     4 x 2g Cefepime

     10 x 1.2g Benzylpenicilin

     2 x 400mg/200mL Ciiprofloxacin

     5 x 500mg/2mL Lincomycin

     5 x Metronidazole 500mg

     4 x 4g Piperacillin / 0.5% Tazobactam

     5 x 1g Ampicillin

     4 x 1g Vancomycin

     6 x 500g Azithromycin

     5 x 1g Ceftriaxone

     Box 80mg Gentamicin Drawer 6: 10 x 100mL 0.9% NaCl

     6 x 250ml 0.9% NaCl

     4 x 500ml 0.9% NaCl

     4 x 1L 0.9% NaCl

     2 x 400ng/250mL Moxifloxacin Side of Trolley: 5 x Sepsis Pathways (in clear plastic


    Hanging Side: Antibiotic Administration Table Hanging Side: Antibiotic Prescribing Table

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