P11358 - Handlye Farm and land

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P11358 - Handlye Farm and landP113

    P113/58 - Handlye Farm and land


    Two of the tenements, Mills (copyhold) and the messuage and 20 acres (freehold), were merged

    from before 1687. The free tenement is also described as a messuage (dwelling) and 20 acres

    which suggests that there were two dwellings on this land. The present house must be the messuage associated with the principal tenement ‘Handley messuage, barn, garden and orchard, 30 acres’. The other, associated with ‘Handley Common 20 acres’ cannot be certainly identified, but since all the tenements had been merged by 1825 when the land at Pound Corner was sold it is

    possible that the cottage on that land was the missing messuage (see TA 1104-1107).

    These tenements were all created when Handlye Common was enclosed by agreement in 1574

    (23). The entire holding associated with Handlye farm is referred to as Handly als Wellshutts in

    1734 (6), and an early 19th century map of the land describes it as Mills and Wellshutts.

    Handlye Farmhouse was built in the 17th century possibly by John Earle or his predecessor. It was extensively extended about 1650.

    Manorial tenements Quit rent

     Two copyhold one free tenement of the manor of Barcombe

    Handley messuage, barn, garden, orchard 30 acres copy 9s 0d by


     1715 acquires two tenements merged by 1687 (5)

    Mills at Handley Common, barn 25 acres copy 9s 0d

    Handley Common, messuage 20 acres free 9s 0d (3)

    Owner Tithe Apportionment 1840

    Sir George Handley Farm house and garden, yard, orchard and land - 87a 0r 35p

    Shiffner Bt

    field numbers 1097, 1102, 1103, 1108-1129, 1133-1145, 1152-1154 (1)

    Land Tax 1840 Sir George Shiffner Bt (late Earles) ?20 10s 0d (2)

P113/58 Handlye Farm and part adjoining land

    Manorial tenement

    Handley messuage, barn, garden, orchard 30 acres 1102/3, 1108/15, 1122/29 - 31.0.06 acres

    1734 Wellshutts

    <1825 Partitioned to form enclosure at Pound Corner (see P113/19 TA 1104) quit rent

    by apportionment 9s 0d


    <1687 Richard a Moore

    <1687-1707 John Earle of Ripe (5) 1707 mortgage William Earle junior a relative

    John Earle deceased heriot ox.

    1707-1734 William Earle the younger 1707 admitted and surrender to will.

    1715 acquires P113/58a and b

    Mills at Handley Common, barn 25 acres

    Handley Common, messuage 20 acres

    1734 deceased.

    1734-1752 William Earle of Barcombe 1734 admitted and surrender to will with other

    only son land (see P113/23 TA 163)

    1754 mortgage Edward Lucas of Barcombe

    yeoman ?208

    (1803 Ann Lucas and W L Shadwell mortgage


    1752 William Earle deceased heriots valued at


    1756-1774 Charles Earle youngest son 1756 admitted by mother Mary who admitted as

    guardian, with land as above

    1774 surrender to George Earle heriots valued

    at ?6 6s 0d.

    1774-1780 George Earle 1774 admitted subject to mortgage and

    surrender to this tenement only

    1778 mortgage Walter Woodham of Lullington

    gent ?260

    1797 Mary Newman of Willingdon motgage


    1780 George Earle deceased, heriot ox valued

    at ?7.

    1780-1803 George Earle eldest son 5 1780 admitted by probate, Guardian John

    Cheesman of Barcombe yeoman,with other

    tenements (see P113/26 and P113/36)

    1796 surrender to will

    1803 surrender to George Wickens, heriot horse

    valued at ?8 8s 0d.

    1803-1819 George Wickens of 1803 admitted to this tenement alone and

    Barcombe yeoman mortgage John Ellman of Glynde gent ?1000

    1819 mortgage redeemed

    1819 John Wickens surrenders to Samuel

    Bosenquet and Godin Shiffner ?1550, heriot

    horse valued at ?8 8s 0d.

    1819-1825 Samuel Bosanquet Esq of 1819 admitted by Charles Brookbank gent

    Lombard Street and Godin 1825 Godin now of Caen, surrender to Charles

    Shiffner Esq of Mark Lane. Hanson

    1825 estate settled

    1825 Sir George and Henry Shiffner Esq eldest

    son surrender to Charles Hanson

    1825-1825 Charles Hanson Esq of 1825 admitted, with P113/58/1

    Chancery Lane

    1825-1825 Benjamin Ellis 1825 admitted and with Charles Brocklebank

    and George Henry they surrender to Sir George


    1825-1842 Sir George Shiffner Bart of 1825 admitted

    Combe Place Hamsey Partition to form ‘Pound Corner’ (see P113/19/1

    TA 1104)

    1842 death presented

    1842-1859 Henry Shiffner 1842 admission

    1859 death presented

    1859-1864 The Rev Sir George Shiffner 1859 admitted

    1864 death presented

    1864-1864+ The Rev George Croxton 1864 admitted

    Shiffner 1894 admitted to the reversion of the two first



    <1790-1800+ Thomas Wickens

    <1810-1810+ Thomas Wickens


    <1820-1820+ Thomas Wickens

    <1830-1840+ Henry Guy

P113/58a Land adjoining Handlye Farm

    Manorial tenements

    Mills at Handley Common, barn 25 acres

    <1687 acquires P113/58b

    Handley Common, messuage 20 acres


    <1622 William Rootes.

    <1622 William Coby

    <1622 Henry Heaseman

    <1655 Robert Crayford of Barcombe 1655 lease to Francis Heasman


    1655-1691 Francis Heasman <1687 acquires P113/58b

    Handley Common, messuage 20 acres

    1691 surrender lease to Robert Crayford, heriot


1691-1714 Robert Crayford of Barcombe 1691 admitted

    clerk. 1692 mortgage Francis Heasman yeoman ?30

    and in his tenure.

    1699 mortgage Henry Johnson of Glynde gent

    and wife Elizabeth ?220, in tenure John


    1699 surrender to uses.

    1702 mortgage Henry Johnson as before and


    1704 mortgage Henry Johnson as before and


    1714 Robert Crayford deceased, heriot horse 1714-1715 Catherine Crayford widow 1714 admitted.

    exor and George Goring of 1715 Catherine and son William surrender to

    Barcombe Esq William Earle, heriot 20s 0d.

    Merged with P113/58 Handlye Farm.

P113/58b Land adjoining Handlye Farm

    Manorial tenement

    Handley Common, messuage 20 acres

    1649 31 acres.


    <1649 Plumer

    <1649 William Rootes of Barcombe sale to William Coby (43)

    <1649-1649+ William Coby of Southover


    <1687-1691 Francis Heasman. merged with P113/58a.

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