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     初三? 学号 姓名_________

    1. something to drink (P6)

    2. have some more food

    3. Thares nothing else in the fridge.=Nothing else is in the fridge.

    4. Can I have .....?

    5. What about /How about. sth/doing?/ ____ ____do...?___ ___ do..?

    /Lets do..../Maybe we can......

    6. an honest man (P7)

    7. keep secrets (for sb)./ keep secrets to oneself 8. make me happy

    9. share my joy=share joy with me.

    10. tell sb about sth (P8)

    11. one of my best_______( friend)

    12. be willing to do sth=_____ ______ to do sth 13. help me with / do my homework

    14. on the bus=_____ _____

    15. travel around the world

    16. have a wonderful friend called Max.

    17. He has poor eyesight because of working on the computer too much..

    = He has poor eyesight because_______ _______on the computer too much.

    18. They make him ______(look) smart.

    19. He has a good sense of humour=Hes______ _______.

    20. tell jokes/stories/secrets

    21. His legs are very long and they dont fit under the schooldesks. 22. walk past =________

    23. knock our books off the desks

    24. vote for (P10)

    25. share sth with sb

    26. slimmest/biggest/fattest/thinnest/maddest/saddest 27. A+ be + ---er/ more... +than B(P14)

    28. A+be+ as +adj +as B

    29. A+be not+ as(so) +adj +as B

    30. He felt ____ (悲伤) than I.

    31. English is _____________( 重要的) of all the subjects.








    35He ______(try) my best ________(help) me. (P16)

     = _____ my best to help me

     = _____ _____ he _____to help me.

    36.a social worker happy to do sth (P17)

    38.sing for people

    39.the boy on the left/ the girl next to Peter 40. look sporty

    41.What s he like ?=Whats _______ ________?

    42.a reader of your magazineP18

    43.these days

    44.have some problems with my new school

     (in )doing sth

    45.a Grade 8 student

    46.I dont know how to talk to my new classmates.

     how ____ _____ to my new classmates. 47.miss my old classmates very much.

    48.make friends with them

    49.give me some _______(建议)

    50.She has his hair in a ponytail (P19)

    51.both... and ...=not only .....but also....(P20)

    52.get/begin to know next door

    54.feel bored /unhappy

    55.She would like to be a teacher when she grows up. 56.We think _______(climb) is as exciting as diving. 57.____(play) football and _____(watch) TV _____(be)____(健康) of all.

    58.Thats ______ we think.(what,that)

    59.Talk about their best friends in ________(青少年 ) magazine

    60.He always answers questions ___________(correct). =His answers ______ the questions _____ always _______. 61.What about ______( play) football?

     =_____ ______ play football?


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