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Central IT IPAD recommendationsit,It,iPad,IPad,Ipad

    UWCX Central IT, Support Services:

    iPad Tablet Pre-Purchase Recommendations

    Date Created: 12/1/2011Author: Mary Beno

    Date Changed: 8/21/12Last Edited By: Mary Beno

    Version: 1.3

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    See UW Extension Purchasing Department Web Site at

    ;Considerations before making an iPad purchase:

    1)What kind of connectivity do you need?

    Wi-Fi – Provides Internet connectivity wherever an available open Wi-Fi network

    is available or wherever a Wi-Fi network is available for which you have an


    iPad 2nd Generation Wi-Fi + 3G (Verizon or AT&T) – includes Wi-Fi

    connectivity as well as 3G connectivity. 3G uses cellular signals, this service is

    sold separately through Verizon or AT&T.

    iPad 3rd Generation Wi-Fi + 4G LTE (Verizon or AT&T) – includes Wi-Fi

    connectivity as well as 4G LTE connectivity. 4G LTE uses cellular signals, this

    service is sold separately through Verizon or AT&T.

    This configuration requires a mobile contract set up via the DOA, State of WI

    mandatory wireless contracts. Contracting this service is done through the

    UWCX Business Office. Additional information for requesting a data plan can be

    found at the end of this document.

    2)What size storage do you need, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB?

    Central IT, Support Services recommends a minimum of 32GB of storage.

     If you're going to surf the web, download a small number of apps and

    books, store your favorite music, and check email on your iPad, the 16GB model

    should offer enough storage for you.

     If you're going to surf the web, download a larger number of apps

    and keep a larger library of books, store a lot of music, and check email, as well

    as store photos, opt for the 32GB model

     If you want to store as many songs, photos, books, and apps as you can

    on your iPad, the 64GB model is your best bet.

    3)Will you want to connect the iPad to a projector or other device?

    Consider for what purpose you may want to use the iPad and determine

    what iPad accessories may be necessary for those uses. Listed below are

    some of the available iPad accessories.

    - Dock Connector to VGA Adapter- Case and/or cover

    - Digital AV Adapter- Camera Connection Kit

    - Stylus- Screen Protection

    - Dock- Keyboard Dock

    4)If you want support for your iPad from the UWCX Central IT, Service Center you must:

    Purchase the extended AppleCare Protection plan for iPad.

    NOTE: If you are not able to resolve an issue after contacting Apple Support

     you may request the assistance of the Central IT, Service Center.

    Purchase an Apple Store Volume License Purchase card for iPad Apps.

    Required under the State of WI contract if you wish to legally purchase Apps

    for the iPad without sales tax.

    Set up a Business iTunes account.

    Present your iPad to Central ITS Service Center staff at 780 Regent Street to

    be asset tagged.

    NOTE: Detailed documentation will be provided upon request.

    ;Where to Purchase an iPad:

    1)Wireless Provider: If you will be requiring mobile wireless service with

    your IPAD, please order your service and device at the same time from the

    wireless provider.

    2)DoIT Tech Store: If purchasing an IPAD for WIFI only, please purchase from

    the DoIT Tech Store where there is trained staff to assist you in making your

    selection. You can also shop online at

    You can find a link to Apple products in the upper left hand corner of the DoIT

    Departmental Techstore web page.

    3)You may contact Mary Beno at UWCX Central IT, Support Services at 262-

    1736 or for assistance with your purchase.

    ;Submitting a Verizon or AT&T request to contract for data service:Additional information about the "Request to contract for data service" can be found on the UW Extension Purchasing Department Web Site at


    To complete steps 4, 4b, 4c & 5 go to the DOA Contract: Vendor Information (Verizon

    Wireless or AT&T). When the Verizon or ATT Wireless window opens scroll down to

    Service Ordering: New Service and then click on the Click here button.