Hamlet Fever Chart

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Hamlet Fever Chart

AP Literature and Composition


    Hamlet Fever Chart

    The purpose of the fever chart assignment for Hamlet (or Ophelia) is to allow you to do a close reading of the text, which will lead to an essay that supplies evidence for the idea you are developing. The basic idea is that you are tracking Hamlet’s psychological state through the course of the play, using your own created scale (SANITY-INSANITY, for example) as the “Y-axis” and using direct quotes from the lay as the “X-axis.” A careful

    look at your fever chart will allow you to draw conclusions.



     Act I Act II Act III Act IV Act V

    You can choose to do Hamlet or Ophelia alone, or you can have several lines for several different characters (indirect characterization). Try to invent a new or fresh approach to the assignment!

    From Tim Averill

AP Literature and Composition

    C. Shumaker

    Hamlet Fever Chart Evaluation Form

    Name ____________________________________________________

Originality of Format (1-20) __________

    Use of the Text: # of citations (1-40) __________

    Presentation: Art, Construction, Neatness (1-20) __________

    Clarity and Demonstration of Thesis (1-20) __________

TOTAL POINTS __________

    From Tim Averill

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