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SECTION 09580 09 58 00 - USG Design StudioSECT

SECTION 09580 / 09 58 00 Product Specification


    Decorative Grid & Wire-grate Panels



    A. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and

    Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specification Sections, apply to this Section. 1.02 REFERENCES

    A. ASTM C635, Standard Specifications for Metal Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile

    and Lay-In Panel Ceilings.

    B. ASTM C636, Recommended Practice for Installation of Metal Suspension System for

    Acoustical Tile and Lay-In Panels.

    C. CISCA Ceiling Systems Installation Handbook.

    D. High Recycled Content (HRC) Classified as containing greater than fifty percent total

    recycled content. Total recycled content is based on product composition of post-

    consumer and pre-consumer (post-industrial) recycled content per FTC guidelines. 1.03 SUMMARY

    A. This Section includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. Metal suspension systems

    2. Trim and accessories

    B. Related Sections include the following:

    1. Division 9 Section 09250 Gypsum Board

    2. Division 9 Section 09511 Acoustical Panel Ceilings

    3. Division 15 Sections Mechanical

    4. Division 16 Sections Electrical


    A. Samples: Submit actual samples and technical data for suspension system main tees

    and cross tees for review.

    B. Shop Drawings:

    1. Reflected ceiling plans: Submit ceiling suspension system layout indicating

    dimensions, lighting fixture locations, and related mechanical components.

    2. Assembly drawings: Indicate installation details, accessory attachments and

    installation of related lighting fixtures and related mechanical system components.

    3. Manufacturer’s Data:

    a. System Details: Submit manufacturer’s catalog cuts or standard drawing

    showing details of system with project conditions clearly identified and

    manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions.

    C. Maintenance Data: For finishes to include in maintenance manuals.


    A. Deliver acoustical metal pans, suspension system components, and accessories to

    Project site in original, unopened packages and store them in a fully enclosed,

    conditioned space where they will be protected against damage from moisture,

    humidity, temperature extremes, direct sunlight, surface contamination, and other

    causes. Inspection: Promptly inspect delivered materials, file freight claims for damage

    during shipment, and/or replacement materials, as required.

    B. Storage: Store in manner that will prevent warpage, scratches, or damage of any kind.

    Prevent interference to/by other trades and any other adverse job conditions due to

    storage locations or methods.

    C. Handling: Handle in such a manner as to ensure against racking, distortion, or physical

    damage of any kind.


    A. Source Limitations for Acoustical Metal Pan Ceilings: Obtain each set of acoustical

    metal pans and exposed suspension systems from one source with resources to

    provide products of consistent quality in appearance, physical properties, and


    B. Fire-Test-Response Characteristics: Provide acoustical metal pan ceilings with

    surface-burning characteristics complying with ASTM E 1264 for Class A materials as

    determined by testing identical products per ASTM E 84 by UL or another testing and

    inspecting agency acceptable to authorities having jurisdiction.

    C. Seismic Standard: Provide acoustical metal pan ceilings designed and installed to

    withstand the effects of earthquake motions according to the following:

    1. Standard for Ceiling Suspension Systems Requiring Seismic Restraint: Comply

    with ASTM E 580.

    2. CISCA’s Recommendations for Acoustical Ceilings: Comply with CISCA’s

    ―Recommendations for Direct-Hung Acoustical Tile and Lay-in Panel Ceilings

    Seismic Zones 0-2.‖

    3. CISCA’s Guidelines for Systems Requiring Seismic Restraint: Comply with

    CISCA’s ―Guidelines for Seismic Restraint of Direct-Hung Suspended Ceiling

    Assemblies—Seismic Zones 3 & 4.‖

    4. UBC Standard 25-2, ―Metal Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and for Lay-

    in Panel Ceilings.‖

    D. Pre-installation Conference: Conduct conference at Project site to comply with

    requirements in Division 1 Section ―Project Management and Coordination.‖Installer

    Qualifications: An experienced installer who has completed metal pan ceiling systems

    similar in material, design, and extent to those indicated for this Project and whose

    work has resulted in construction with a record of successful in-service performance. E. Source quality control: Manufacturer will provide test certification for ceiling system as

    required to meet industry performance standards specified by various agencies. F. Pre-installation Conference: Conduct conference at Project site to comply with

    requirements in Division 1 Section "Project Meetings."


    A. Environmental Limitations: Do not install decorative grid and wire-grate panels until

    spaces are enclosed and weather-proof, wet work in spaces is complete and dry, work

    above ceilings is complete, and ambient temperature and humidity conditions are

    maintained at the levels indicated for Project when occupied for its intended use. PART 2 - PRODUCTS AND MANUFACTURERS


    A. All manufactured by USG (United States Gypsum Company, USG Interiors), Chicago,

    IL, USA, in compliance with applicable ASTM Standards.

    1. DONN? Brand GridWare? Suspension System [Delete if not used]

    2. DONN? Brand WireWorks? Open-Cell Ceiling Panels [Delete if not used]

    3. DONN? Brand WireWorks? Open-Cell Forms Panels [Delete if not used]

    2.02 MATERIALS

    A. DONN? Brand GridWare? Suspension System – Commercial quality, cold-rolled steel,

    hot dipped galvanized coated; finish paint color (Flat Black), (Flat White), or (Silver

    Satin); punched only every 24‖.

    1. Main Tees: 1-1/2‖ High x 144‖ Long

    a. (GWDX 15/16‖ Face), (GWDXT 9/16‖ Face), or (GWDXW 1-1/2‖ Face)

    b. Painted 360 degrees.

    2. Cross Members: 1-1/2‖ High

    c. (GWDX-224 15/16‖ Face x 24‖ Long), (GWDX-424 15/16‖ Face x 48‖

    Long), (GWDXT-224 9/16‖ Face x 24‖ Long), (GWDXT-424 9/16‖ x 48‖

    Long), (GWDXW-224 1-1/2‖ Face x 24‖ Long), or (GWDXW-424 1-1/2‖

    Face x 48‖ Long)

    d. Painted 360 degrees; quick release cross tee ends for positive locking

    and removability without tools; with exposed chromate clips, field

    painted to match grid color finish (left unpainted).

    3. Wall Moldings: 9/16‖ Face x 1-1/2‖ High x 144‖ (GWM-9)

    a. Finish paint color (Flat Black), (Flat White), or (Silver Satin).

    4. Field Touch-up Paint Kit: color to match finish selected on Grid from USG

    Interiors (USG), Chicago, IL.

    5. End Cap/Finish Edge Trim: DONN? COMPASSO? Suspension trim; (2-1/4‖ high),

    (4‖ high), (6‖ high), (8‖ high), (10‖ high), or (12‖ high). [Delete if not used]

    6. Wire: Hanger Wire (12 ga.), galvanized or as noted on drawings

    7. Recycled Content: Not less than 25%.

    ****************************************************************************** DONN? Brand GridWare? Suspension System – Commercial quality, cold-rolled steel,

    finished/ painted … System can be used with DONN? Brand WireWorks? and /or Wireworks Forms open-cell wire panels or left empty. If left empty grid can be configured in 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 4’, 4’ x 4’, or any combinations.


B. DONN? Brand WireWorks? Open-Cell Ceiling Panels 24‖ x 24‖ – Commercial quality,

    1/8‖ wire grate steel, and finish paint color (Glossy White), (Chrome), or (Custom

    Colors). Installed into and compatible with DONN? Brand GridWare? 2’ x 2’

    Suspension System only.

    1. Panels (open-cell wire grate): (1‖ x 1‖), (2‖ x 2‖), (3‖ x 3‖), or (4‖ x 4‖) cells.

    2. Recycled Content:

    a. Donn Brand WireWorks: High Recycled Content (HRC) not less than 100%.

    b. Donn Brand GridWare: Recycled Content not less than 25%.

    C. DONN? Brand WireWorks? Open-Cell Forms Panels 24‖ x 24‖ – Commercial quality,

    3/16‖ articulated wire grate steel, and finish paint color (Glossy White), (Glossy Red),

    (Glossy Black), Chrome), or (Custom Colors). Installed into and compatible with

    DONN? Brand GridWare? 2’ x 2’ Suspension System only.

    1. Panels (open-cell articulated wire grate): (Weave 3/8‖ articulation), (Ripple 3/8‖

    articulation), (Small Wave 2‖ articulation), or (Big Wave 6‖ articulation).

    1. Recycled Content:

    a. Donn Brand WireWorks: High Recycled Content (HRC) not less than 100%.

    b. Donn Brand GridWare: Recycled Content not less than 25%.



    A. Examine substrates, areas, and conditions, including structural framing to which grid or

    panels attach or abut, with Installer present, for compliance with requirements specified

    in this and other Sections that affect ceiling installation and anchorage and with

    requirements for installation tolerances and other conditions affecting performance of

    acoustical panel ceilings.

    B. Proceed with installation only after unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. 3.02 PREPARATION

    A. Measure each ceiling area and establish layout of acoustical panels to balance border

    widths at opposite edges of each ceiling. Avoid using less-than-half-width panels at

    borders, and comply with layout shown on reflected ceiling plans.


    A. General: Install grid members to comply with ASTM C 636 and seismic requirements

    indicated, per manufacturer’s written instructions and CISCA’s ―Ceiling Systems


    B. Manufacturer’s reference: install in accordance with manufacturer’s current printed


    C. Drawing reference: Install in accordance with approved shop drawings and locate

    ceiling in accordance with main tee dimensions relative to elevations. D. Drop ceiling applications:

    1. Lay out ceiling area as indicated on reflected ceiling plan before any installation.

    2. Hanger wire installation: Secure hanger wires to upper structural elements and

    space hangers so that each hanger wire supports a maximum of 16 sq. ft. Lay-

    out as reflected and dimensioned in reflected ceiling plan.

    3. Space main tee members a maximum span of 48‖ on center.

    4. Space cross tees as indicated on reflected ceiling plan, usually 24‖ and/or 48‖.

    5. Install bracing wires to suspension members and to supports without attachment

    to metal formwork, steel decks or steel deck tabs.

    6. Install trim, and similar accessories as necessary and as applicable to meet

    project requirements where indicated on drawings.

    7. Install wearing soft gloves to reduce transfer of oil to finished framing members.

    8. Install mains and tees as to align joints in a straight parallel/perpendicular fashion

    as indicated on reflected ceiling plan. Fit all joints tight and flush.

    9. If cross tee’s chromate clips are to be field painted, paint after installed but before

    panel installation.

    10. If installation of grid is not wall to wall, but free style, install trim before panels.

    11. If grid is terminated at walls or not complete 24‖ modules, care should be taken

    as panels have cutting limitations.

    12. Trim WireWorks Panels and Forms Weave panels as needed with hacksaw or

    linesman’s pliers. Forms Ripple, Small Wave and Big Waves can only be cut

    parallel to the inner design wires, NOT perpendicular.

    13. Install panels by dropping down into grid frame from above.

    14. Remove all manufacturer-applied temporary protective coverings, clean and

    touchup minor finish damage. If parts were damaged, remove and replace as


    15. Upon completion, clean all exposed surfaces of decorative suspension grid

    including trims and edge molding.

    3.04 CLEANING

    A. Clean exposed surfaces of grid members and panels, including trim and edge moldings

    after removing strippable, temporary protective covering, if any. Comply with

    manufacturer’s written instructions for stripping of temporary protective covering,

    cleaning, and touchup of minor finish damage. Remove and replace ceiling

    components that cannot be successfully cleaned and repaired to permanently eliminate

    evidence of damage, including dented and bent units.

    Safety First!

    Follow good safety and industrial hygiene practices during handling and installing

    of all products and systems. Take necessary precautions and wear the appropri-

    ate personal protective equipment as needed. Read material safety data sheets

    and related literature on products before specification and/or installation.



    The text material contained herein is intended for use as product reference material by archi-tects, engineers, other design professionals, contractors, building code officials, or other compe-tent construction industry trade factors having an interest in the selection, specification and use of products manufactured by the subsidiaries of USG Corporation. It is intended solely as tech-nical support incident to the sale and use of our products.

    These materials may be printed and/or transferred electronically as needed by the user. Modifi-cation of this information is the sole responsibility of the Design Professional. Any unauthorized duplication or reuse of the material contained herein is a violation of law.


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