What year was the red slash added to Coast Guard Cutters

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What year was the red slash added to Coast Guard Cutters

     What year was the red slash added to Coast Guard Cutters?


The CGC TAMPA was struck by a torpedo and sunk.

    What war did this happen in? WWI

What year did the Coast Guard’s motto “Semper Paratus” appear on the CG Ensign?


    What year did the Coast Guard become a “multi-mission” service, having the two jobs of providing for the common defense as well as collecting revenues? 1July1797

How many Battle Streamers has the Coast Guard earned?


What are the three key words in the Commandant’s direction?

    People, Readiness, & Stewardship

    How far should the tip of the ODU Belt extend beyond the buckle? 2-4 inches

    What type of bracelets is authorized to be worn with the CG uniform? Medical & POW/MIA

How many rings many be worn per hand?

    You can wear one ring per hand, with the exception of Wedding Rings Sets.

    What type and diameter of ear rings the authorized for women while in uniform? Plain Gold, Silver or Pearl (1/8 1/4 inch diameter) Diamonds may be worn with Dinner Dress Uniform.

    All personnel E-4 and above are required to wear this on their uniform, what is it? Collar Devices

The CG is made up of a wide variety of units. What are the four primary types of CG units?

    They are Cutters, Small Boat Stations, Air Stations, & Marine Safety Units

    Where is the Coast Guards administrative and operational command and control center located?

    Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC

What are the four recommendations the PIO may suggest?

    Capt’s Mast (NJP), Court Martial, Dismissal, and Admin Action (CG 3307)

What is the maximum bulk men’s hair can be?

    1.5 inches

How many directorates is CG Headquarters made up of?

    EPME Manual states 11 it should be 13 with G-D & G-X.

Which pay grades are required to complete the EPME AQE?

    Pay grades E-3, E-5, E-7 are required to complete the EPME AQE to be eligible for advancement.

What rank is an E-7 in the Air Force?

    Master Sergeant

    Enlisted Employee Review (EER) factors are required to have a CG-3307? Any factors that contain a 1, 2, 7 or negative mark in conduct

What is the maximum length a beard can be if authorized?

    ? inch

    How many years of service does one red service stripe denote? At least four years of service

    What is the maximum amount of Breast Insignias allowed to be worn at one time? Two (Cutterman Pin, Coxswain Pin, etc)

    How far should ribbons/ medals be centered above the left pocket? ? of an inch

The first Coast Guard chiefs were keepers of these?

    Life Saving Stations

Who was the first MCPO-CG of the Coast Guard?

    BMCM Charles Calhoun

What year were E-8 and E-9 pay grades established?

    E-8 and E-9 pay grades were established by Public Law 85-422 in May 1958.

What are the seven core values of the Commandant’s Quality Award?

     Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Information & Analysis, Human Resources, Process Management, & Business Results

    After an award is approved, how long does the awarding authority have to present it to the recipient?

    5 years

Which uniform item is not authorized to wear with the ODU?

    A. Garrison Cap, B. Low Quarters, C. Windbreaker or D. Wooly Pulley Sweater. The Garrison Cap is not authorized to be worn with ODU

    How wide should the cuff be when the ODU sleeves are rolled? It should be rolled approximately three inches wide and two inches above the elbow.

How many stars does the MCPO-CG have?

    Three star over top of an anchor with a super-imposed shield.

What is color of sunglasses are authorized?

    Plain Black, Gold or Silver Frames with Plain Black Lenses (Mirrored Lenses are not Authorized)

A female’s hair can touch but not fall below what?

    Shirt Collar

What is the rank of an E-5 in the Air Force?

    Staff Sergeant

What type of collar device is required to be worn with ODU?

    Metal Collar Devices are required to be worn, cloth are optional.

     Put these awards in order by precedence. CG Achievement Medal, CG Good Conduct Medal, Sea Service Ribbon, Team Commendation, CG Commendation Medal, CG Unit Commendation.

    The correct precedence order is: CG Commendation Medal, CG Achievement Medal, CG Unit Commendation, Team Commendation, CG Good Conduct Medal, and Sea Service Ribbon.

How many units report to CGHQ?


What angle are the service stripes on the Bravo Jacket?

    Stripes should be at a 45 degree angle 2 inches above the cuff.

    What medal will allow a CG member to receive 10% more in retirement pay as long as they received the award with extraordinary heroism?

    If an enlisted member receives the CG Medal and the award citation states that they received it with extraordinary heroism they are entitled to 10% more in retirement pay as long as they stay enlisted, retirement pay still maxes out at 75% of basic pay.

How many awards does a Silver Star denote?

    A Silver Star indicates that you have received six awards.

What is the minimum number of medals/ribbons you can wear?

    If you have less than three awards you are required to wear them all, if you have more than three you are allowed to wear your top three, any combination of your favorite nine awards, or all the awards you have earned

     The Dinner Dress Blue Jacket uniform is optional for what pay grades?

     It’s an optional uniform E-4-O-3 and mandatory of O-4 and above.

What does the acronym STAAR stand for?

    Spread out, Transfer, Avoid, Accept & Reduce

What type of financial approach does the CG use?

    Zero Based Budgeting

What are the three watchwords in the Commandant’s direction?

    People, Readiness, & Stewardship.

Who was the first CG pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean?

    LT Elmer F. Stone

    How many points for the SWE would you have for following awards: 1 Navy Achievement Medal, 1 Commandant’s LOC, 1 CG Good Conduct & 1 Navy Good Conduct?

     4 Points total, Navy Ach Medal 2 points, LOC 1 point, and CG Good Conduct 1 point.

What size star is worn on the CG Achievement Medal? th A 5/16 Gold Star or Silver Star for 6 award

What size Breast Insignia is worn with Dinner Dress Blue?

    Miniature Breast Insignias are required.

    What is authorized to be worn on the Gold/ Silver Life Saving Medal to denote a subsequent award?

    A Gold or Silver Bar for civilians who receive it and a Gold Star for Military Members.

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