What should be included in your Pre-Listing Package

By Philip Martinez,2014-06-19 17:23
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What should be included in your Pre-Listing Package

What should be included in your Pre-Listing Package?

     Anything and everything that will make the seller hire you to sell

    their home!

Information on You

    Letter of Introduction (Ch 1 Page 14) Personal Brochure

    Third party testimonials

    Last 50 transactions

    Copy of your Web Site

    10 Questions every Seller should ask Personal References and Resume It’s a Job Interview!!

    Information on Your Company Market Share

    Sales Records


    Copy of your company web site Reasons to List with me/company Company Comparison Chart

    Information on The Market Articles about Real Estate Absorption Rates

    Appreciation Rates

    NAR County Relocation Report eNeighborhoods Report

    Samples of your Marketing Marketing Plan

    Magazines you advertise in Listing page from Personal Web Site listing page

Just listed/Sold Card

    Service Guarantee

    Is House Ready to Sell ? Information on Pricing Dangers of Overpricing

    Staging your house to sell Helpful Hints to sell your Home Remodeling Information

    CLUE Report

    Photo of their house from space

    Information about Selling Listing Contract

    Commission Rate Filled out Sample Sales Contract

    Net Proceeds Sheet

Homework for seller

    Sellers Property Disclosure Lead Based Paint Disclosure Home Warranty Information Loan Information

    Copy of closing documents Utility bills for the last year Loan Verification Request Form Homeowner’s Association Information

    2 Keys

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