By Gladys Lewis,2014-05-27 11:34
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    To Err Is Human

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     When we have done something wrong and are accusing ourselves, our friends always comfort us that to err is human and if only not to make the same mistakes next time, it is not a big deal. Then we are soon relieved and stop self-accusation. In the situation, we subconsciously believe that we are all human and we all make mistakes. It is inevitable to make mistakes in ones life no matter what he is doing, tough things or simple ones.

     Humans commit errors more frequently when they are dealing with tough tasks. Three weeks ago, Russian Mars mission Phobos-Grunt was stranded in its Earth orbit and failed to establish contact with spacecraft. In spite of the two years delay of the Mars mission in order to enhance

    its reliability, Russia came to nothing at last. And several months ago, a fatal bullet train crash occurred in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. Engineers, who are armed with profound knowledge, were and are still trying to improve the system, but no one dare guarantee that there is no accident in the future because everyone is prone to making mistakes, especially in the fields requiring high technology and high-precision. For a long time, human beings have gained great achievement in space exploration, electronic system and some other scientific fields. However, bad news on these fields, which largely result from human errors, sweep

the world from time to time.

    Except these demanding fields, mistakes can also be found in some simple tasks. Forgetting to bring something and writing down a wrong word in the exam are kind of small mistake. Human beings are not almighty; they would become tired and sometimes suffer from stress, nervous and bad mood, at the time they are inclined to do something wrong even if it is pretty simple, but the rate would be lower. Lower as it is, errors are still there.

     Fortunately, humans can make up for mistakes. When having done something improper, they learn a lesson from the mistakes and try not to follow the same old disastrous road. When they meet with the same difficulties next time, the probability of making mistakes is becoming smaller. Furthermore, humans can reduce rate of errors by preparing well for the coming problems. It is said that chance are in favor of who are ready for it. The more problems that may occur people can think of, the less errors they would commit at the end because of the pre-prepared solutions.

     Error is one of the things humans are prone to experiencing. We cant

    eliminate it but we can minimize the impact of it.

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