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Book II Unit 2

    7. 1. must have seen the tickets for tonights play 2. must have

    been here many times

    3. may have gone bad

    4. may not have received the present

    8. 1. Nancy was glad to have quit her part-time job before her final exams.

    2. Arent you ashamed to have

    eaten all the fruit in the basket?

    3. We are really grateful to have received so much care during our visit here.

    4. Henry was foolish to have

    trusted such a liar.

    9. 1. The public noticed that since

    that local official left,

    his position had been

    vacant for a couple of


    2. Seeing the girl looking around helplessly on the platform, the young porter asked politely if she needed any help.

    3. I recognized your companion the minute he appeared at the door. He looked just as you had described. 4. We didn’t bother to find a hotel, for my good friend invited us to stay in her house and put a luxurious car

    at our disposal. 5. While the professor was turning the suitcases inside out to find his glasses, his wife was sitting comfortably in an armchair watching the whole scene.

    6. I turned my back on her because she expected me to treat her like a queen.

    10. 1.seeing a doctor as soon as

    possible 2.working for

    another hour 3.

    buying a new car

     4. going to the cinema

    5.having been to New York

6.quitting my job

    7.speaking it 8.

    being recognized 9.

    spending all that money 10. losing my job

    11. A formal letter of acceptance : kind invitation will be pleased to attend

     A formal letter of refusal: be held at the Holiday Inn they are unable to attend due to a previous engagement

    I. 1. shiny 2. snowy 3.dirty 4. windy 5.

brotherly 6. lovely 7.


     II. 1. swarm into the long sleeper train 2. shut the window in my face 3. a terrible blow to my dignity

    4. cut sb short sharply 5. turn ones back on sb 6. a state not to be described 7. look around helplessly

    8. be of service to sb 9. be entirely at sbs disposal 10. turn sth inside out

    III. 1. D 2. J 3. G 4. A 5. H 6. K 7. B 8. E 9. C

10. F 11. I

    IV. 1. to 2. platform 3. swarming 4. if 5. sharply 6. face

    7. blow 8. official 9. short 10. bother 11. on 12. treated 13. described

    V. Passage 1 BDDCB Passage 2 CADBD


    VI 1. an invitation 2. the 2

    floor 3. another famous writer 4. beaming 5. the writers


    Exercises for PRETCO I.

Section A BDBCA

    Section B BCCBB

    Section C 11. familiar 12. poets 13.endlessly 14. made 15. Combinations


     21. had lived 22. will be turned 23. to be invited 24. sleeper 25. Having been

    26. foolish 27. less 28. helplessly 29.

    luxurious 30. impatient

    III 1. 1963 2. $ 1.8 billion 3. color cosmetics 4. mens skin

care 5. 1-800-MARY KAY/


     6. weapons 7. Benjamin Franklin 8. 2,000 million 9. 365 10. ones closed car

    IV 1. 他突然插进一则粗俗不堪的笑话?使当

    时的庄严气氛丧失殆尽。 2. 他在遗嘱中安排


     3. 这些旅客是和一些商人一起来的。 4. 他毫不费力地帮他妹妹解出了这道数学题。

     5. 订婚启事





    V Dear Mr. John Smith,

    We are sorry we cannot

    immediately send you the catalogue

    and price list for which you ask in

    your letter of March 10. Supplies

    are expected from the printers in

    two weeks and as soon as we

    receive them, we will send you a


    Yours faithfully,

    Mary Wang

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