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    The American War of Independence

     To British-American Society and Culture

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    The American War of Independence

    Abstract The American War of Independence, refers to the period from 1775 to 1783 when the Boston people in Lexington fought with the English army until the English army signed at the Treaty of Paris to surrendered to the Americans.

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    The American War of Independence refers to the period from 1775 to 1783 when the Boston people in Lexington fought with the English army until the English army signed at the Treaty of Paris to surrendered to the Americans, the British North America, the 13 colonies against British colonial rule. It is also called the North American war of independence or said the American Revolution. It is not only a war of national independence but also a war of the bourgeois revolution.

    The war is mainly to fight the British Empire because of the economic policy, but afterwards, because of France, Spain and the Netherlands joined the war against the British Empire, making the war far beyond the scope of the British North America. At the same time, many Indian people both war.

    British colonial North American continent began the east coast. They are the first colonies in Virginia. In all they build 13 colonies. England started in her American colonies of natural wealth for economic interests outside. Natural serious

    dissatisfaction holds colonies. Britain's King George III Highhandedness fanning the flames and finally resulted in England and her 13 colonies of war between.

    At the beginning of the 17th century, the British began to set colonies along the Atlantic Ocean and in order to increase the state revenue; they exploited the people there savagely. Then, inch by inch, events against Britain began to appear, and in 1770, the British army shot at the residents living in Boston. This made the colonial people become angry, and a fierce struggle for independence was on the way. British colonies in North America in the 18th century gradually prospers, and began to seek and develop its own economic independence, to reduce the dependence of Britain. However, this has caused the British authorities, because the British colonial authorities hope to continue as it is cheap raw materials supplier and commodity markets, therefore, dumping British authorities began to take many high-pressure policy to hold by the free development of crowded colonies. British authorities first issued a decree, not to the west development, the colonists and ban its own notes, for the sin of the instrument and dissolution, this makes the colonists will feel strong dissatisfaction, and launched a massive demonstrations. However, the British authorities for

    not only, more in 1773 on March 5, British shot in North America against the British authorities tyranny, created "Boston residents Boston tea", makes the squeals colonies. In 1774 British authorities issued by the five more intolerable ", "the law of contradiction between intensified. In 1774, except on September 5, Georgia, 12 colonies of 56 representatives chosen representatives meeting was held in Philadelphia first continental, through the declaration of will, and to establish China association. New England's a militia organization. The delegates Massachusetts named j. Hancock safe for chairman of the committee and named Hancock safe for chairman of the committee.

    In April, 1775, the first shot for independence began in Lexington, which was the prologue for the American Revolution.

    The war can be divided into three parts. The first stage was between the year 1775 and 1778, it was a defensive stage in the north, and the British army was in a better position.

    The second stage was between the year 1779 and 1781.It was mark by the Great Victory in Saratoga, and it was a stage of strategic stalemate. During this period, the main battlefield was moved to the south, and though the Americans were outnumbered and weaker, they defeated.

    The third stage was between the year 1781 and 1783.This time, it was a stage of strategic counteroffensive.In November, 30th, 1782, and the two sides signed on the Treaty of Paris. In Sep.3rd, 1783, the Britain acknowledged the independence of America formally.

    American independence war in world history for the first colonists protectorate gained independence and defeat in the war, the international assistance to 8 years of time, 300 million population of over 800 million people beat the powers in Britain, to a great extent inspired American colonies of other people, and promote the Latin American war of independence, the United States, after the independence from Britain in its economic and military rapidly and soon jumped to one of the world's major powers.

    The American war of independence is the first large-scale world history of colonial struggle for national independence war, its victory for the British Empire, the colonial system an opening for national liberation war set up colonies. The war of independence is a bourgeois revolution, it overthrew the British colonial rule, created the United States of America, and put the firstborn of feudal colonial past, renews succession law and service limited slave system, the contract

    tax is basically abolished. Thus liberating the productive forces and the development of American capitalism is opened wide roads.

    The American war of independence, the victory of Europe bourgeois revolution plays a role. The American war of independence, not solve the land problem solving problems, no slavery in the United States after independence makes occupy in two different types of economic development, the way that ultimately led to the American civil war.

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