Autumn Term 1 Newsletter 2013 - Uley Playgroup

By Raymond King,2014-11-16 22:27
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Autumn Term 1 Newsletter 2013 - Uley PlaygroupTerm

    Autumn Term 1 Newsletter

    ththWednesday 4 September Friday 25 October

    Dear Parents,

    We are looking forward to seeing children and their families again, and to welcome all of our new children to Uley Under 5s. We hope they will have lots of fun, make some friends and enjoy learning new things.

    We would also like to welcome back: parent helper Barry McGee, who will be volunteering with Uley Under 5s whilst studying for a childcare qualification (Good Luck Barry!); staff members Hannah Kordula and Sophie Tansley who will be returning from maternity leave in November, plus Paddy and Hilary Weeks, who visit us once a week to enthral the children with their lovely storytelling.

    Each child will have a Key Worker who will be their primary carer at Uley Under 5s. This will include liaising with a child’s parents and being responsible for observing, assessing, supporting and recording that child’s development in a personal Learning Journal as required by the Early Years Framework. There will not be any changes to Key Workers already assigned to children attending Uley Under 5s. Key Workers will be allocated to new children over the summer, and parents will be advised of their Key Worker before their children start in September.

    The Early Years Framework also requires us to provide regular reports to parents of children’s progress, and we will present these at least twice a year during pre-arranged meetings with parents. The reports will be based on the observations recorded during playgroup sessions, supported by the Development Matters guidance materials. The first reports for 2013-14 will be presented in November.

    During the first term, we will be helping the children to settle into routines and exploring various themes such as All About Me, My Family, My Holiday and My Favourite Things. Activities will focus on helping us to get to know each other, and to help the children celebrate their similarities and differences.

    Sessions will usually follow the following timetable unless we want to take advantage of special visitors, events or unusual weather, etc.:

9.00 Doors open

    9.20 Registration and Wake-and-Shake

    9.30 Focus Activity plus free play inside and out (weather permitting)

    10.20 Tidy-up time

    10.30 Whole group time (story, nursery rhymes, counting rhymes, etc)

    10.40 Toilet / Wash hands

    10.45 Snack (we would appreciate it if each child could bring a piece of fruit to share)

    11.00 Singing / Seasonal activity (i.e. gardening, festivals)/ Visitors and free play 11.30 Tidy-up time

    11.40 Show and Tell / story

    11.50 Whole group discussion (what did children do/like)

    12.00 Home time for younger children. Free choice for older children.

    12.20 Wash hands

    12.30 Lunch

    1.00 Home time!

    We like to try and keep Thursday afternoons for the children who will be moving on to school in September, using the time to focus on particular skills such as the alphabet (letter recognition and writing), counting (including number recognition and writing) and self-awareness through group discussions of topics such as friendship, helping others, etc.

    Show and Tell is always a very popular feature of our routine, when children bring something from home to talk about with the whole group. We would appreciate it if you could encourage your child to choose one small item (such as a toy, a book or a game), keeping their most precious belongings safe at home.

A Warning!

    We like to encourage the children to enjoy their time at playgroup to the full, which may result in them getting grubby, muddy and wet. We would therefore appreciate it if they could wear clothes that will weather all situations, along with a pair of named wellingtons to keep feet dry during water play or walks in the orchard. Fingers crossed that this lovely weather will continue into September! If it does, please provide a hat and sun cream (both labelled with your child’s name).

A Thank-you!

    Many thanks to all the parents who returned our questionnaires. We will spend part of the summer break analysing your views and planning how to make Uley Under 5s even better.

An invitation!

    Please don’t be shy. If you would like to help just have a word with Nicola. We are always grateful for an extra pair of hands to help with displays, preparing resources, packing away, washing up, making the tea or sharing a particular interest/skill with the children. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dates for your diary nd2 September Inset Day th4 September Playgroup returns following summer break th9 September Committee meeting, venue to be confirmed. All welcome please speak to any

    member of the staff or committee for details.

    Date tbc Visit to Uley school reception class th7 October Inset Day

    stw/c 21 October Festival celebrations including Halloween and Diwali.

    th25 October Last day of term


    ; Fees are due at the start of term when the invoices are issued.

    ; Nursery Education Funding forms should now have all been handed in. If yours is still

    outstanding please hand to Amy ASAP.


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