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August 2004

Western Appalachian Region News

    From your New Regional Director…..

     After two years of study and debate, the voting members of the Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol thapproved a new set of By-laws on the April, 24 2002 in Albany, NY at the Spring Officers Meeting. There is

    one section that is especially important to ALL patrollers in the Eastern Division. Section 4.3 states….

     “The Region Director shall be elected by a direct vote of the Active Members in such Region as provided in

    Sections 5.2 and 5.3.”

    In the past the Regional Director was elected by the Section Chiefs and Patrol Directors of the Region. This section of the By-laws has been referred to as the “One patroller, one vote” provision over the past two years of

    the development of the By-Laws.

What does this mean for you? This year, approximately one-half of the 15 Regions will hold elections this fall for

    Region Director and the other half will do the same next year. Next year, most likely your OEC refreshers, you will be handed a ballot and asked to cast it in favor of your choice for Region Director. In the new Western Appalachian By-laws that were adopted at the August 7, 2004 meeting in Indiana, PA, an Election Committee

    was formed to assist with this process. The Region Director that you elect will have a direct effect on how the Division operates and provides programs to all patrollers in our Region. The 15 Region Directors now form the

    Eastern Division Board of Directors who are charged with running the Eastern Division.

On a similar note, the terms for the Southern Section Chief and the Eastern Section Chief are both up in March

    of 2005. Our Region will be using the new Election Committee and proceeding with those elections as we have done in the past. Check the Western Appalachian Website for further updates.

     Whether it is an election for your Section Chief or the Regional Director, your vote has a direct impact on how

    the Eastern Division operates. If the membership participates fully in the election process, we will have a very strong Division that is truly “member directed”. If Patrollers do not participate in the process and the provided ballots are not cast, our Division structure will reflect this. The Eastern Division has been able to rewrite our by-

    laws through the direction of the National office with the understanding that we may choose our own course of governance as long as member satisfaction and program delivery goals are being met. If the National Board feels these goals are not being met, they have the ability to change our structure to one that they feel does meet these goals. All indications are that the new structure would not include an individual member’s ability to vote for

    Division officers. With regard to your vote, it truly is a case of “use it or lose it”.

    As we transition to the new form of governance, it is important to note that outgoing Division Director Jerry Sherman and his staff have left the Division in excellent shape. It was his guiding vision that was the driving force behind the newly adopted by-laws. I look forward to serving the Western Appalachian Region and I will

    strive to work hard to bring you the best that I can provide for you concerning the availability of Programs and

    delivery of those programs to the Western Appalachian Region. All I ask is that you do your part and cast your ballot when it is your turn to vote.

     S. E. Schopfer

Western Section Guy Lombardo Section Chief

     Hello to the Western Section 238 strong as of last year’s registration. If you have not heard by now the Eastern Division and the Region have gone through many changes since the annual Division meeting held in Albany NY last week in April. We (the Division) have adopted a new set of By Laws that is very divorced from what we have lived by for many years. If you have not read the new By Laws please go to the Eastern Division web page Anything you may want to know about the Division you will find at this site. For the Region the Web page is please bookmark both sites as you will in the coming months have to refer to these two web pages for very important news and information. I have just completed my term of six years as Region Director of the best Region in the Eastern Division and now have handed the baton to a very capable person Mr. Steve Schopfer from Ski Sawmill. We are outstanding and it was you not me that brought up the Region to be respected by others. My every lasting thanks for making my job

    so much easier. For the next two years I will be your Section Chief and my attitude has not changed. I will always have the "Open Door Policy” as I did as RD. My office is always open to all.

    As I said there have been many changes with the new By Laws but one of the most important changes that will affect every one in the Region is something I and others have advocated for many years. “ONE PATROLLER

    ONE VOTE”. What this means is a patroller that is in good standing (all requirement met) will have a vote for

    their respective Section Chief and also the Region Director when their term schedule comes due. You may recall that for many years the only ones that could vote were the Officers and the Patrol Director. The first offices that

    will come up this year are the Southern and the Eastern Section Chief positions. Next year it will be the Region Director and the Western Section Chief. The Section Chiefs new title is now Region Delegate, but the job and

    duties remain the same. The big change is the 15 Region Directors of the Division now have an added duty in

    addition to running the Region, they now are the Board of Directors for the Division. This is a very demanding job that encompass many trips to Division for board meetings to set polices. Thankfully, we are in good hands with Steve. In closing, again allow me to stress that I have not change mentally with my thoughts for you the patroller. My door will always remain open. Thank you.

    AWARDS Wendy Thompson, Awards Advisor

     ( The Western Appalachian Regions has established a "Region Award" that is to be given annually to any patroller in the Region for "outstanding" work in any field. See the web site for award applications.

The review committee is comprised of the three Section Chiefs and the Awards Advisor of the Region. In the

    event a “tie breaker” is needed, the Regional Director will be the tie breaking vote. In no way should this Award be interpreted as an award that would not be "strong enough" to submit to Division or NSP.

    The Region is not in competition with established awards. If you believe you have a person deserving of this Award or any other award, please contact me.

All patrols should have a person designated as "Patrol Awards Advisor" who would be the contact person of

    each patrol in the Region. If you have not assigned this position to one of your patrollers, Please do so and pass the name on to me.

Remember, just because we actively participate in patrol activities from September through April, awards are

    continuing and someone can be nominated throughout the year.

Southern Section Marty Silverman, Section Chief

     Hidden Valley

    Hidden Valley added a magic carpet to the beginner hill last season. The Hidden Valley Ski Patrol golf fundraiser thwill take place on Saturday Sept 18. More details on the golf outing can be found on Hidden Valley Nordic Hidden Valley Nordic has increased their roster from 3 patrollers just two years ago to 8 this past season. They are now covering the Northwoods Trails across Route 31 from Hidden Valley. Jerry Timcik will provide more details. Wisp The Wisp is putting in a new $2 million pump house to make way for future trail expansion and make way for the development of the recycling whitewater course. This is part of the new Adventure Sports Center that the State is going to start constructing this fall. They are starting to clear some trails along the west ridge from Possum. Canaan

     Canaan’s candidate OEC course started on July 31 and will continue through till Dec.05, 04. Scheduled opening

     date is Dec.04, 04, and closing will be last weekend in March. Canaan will have an EMM (Senior OEC) clinic on

     Saturday, February 5. Bob Snoby, Bryant Hall and Doris Rollins will run the clinic.

     Bill Fryman, of Canaan Valley was named the Eastern Division Outstanding Alpine Patroller. Bill has been a fixture in our region, patrolling at both Canaan and Wisp patrols. He is heavily involved in the senior and certified programs and was the winner of the Tyler Davis outstanding instructor award several years ago. Bill also volunteered at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002. Congratulations Bill.

     Instructor Development Barbara Sindler

    Are you interested in teaching skiing, tobaggan handling, OEC skills, avalanche, etc. to other patrollers? Then the

    Instructor Development course is for you. This course gives an overview of how people learn and what makes for

    effective teaching. It is a prerequisite for anyone who teaches within the National Ski Patrol system. We have an

    eager group of wonderful instructors just waiting to share their skills. Gather 10 people in your area or nearby and

     we will be happy to set up a course for you. Just let me know.

PSOC Patrollers Become Foreign Exchange Patrollers by: Brian Younkin

    “Travel to Serbia and Montenegro and work with the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia and Montenegro” said Aleksander Dozic. Dozic is a member of Serbia’s Mountain Rescue Service and currently a graduate student at Penn State. For the past two

    seasons, Dozic has patrolled with PSOC Ski Patrol, learning OEC techniques and rescue procedures as taught by the NSP. He shared this information with his native mountain rescue unit and the invitation was born. Not wanting to let this opportunity

    pass, fellow patroller Tom Brunner and I quickly jumped at this opportunity. After obtaining passports and packing our bags, Tom and I set out for a flight that would leave New York in the evening and place us in a different and unfamiliar destination by


We arrived at our destination, Belgrade in Serbia and Montenegro, in a tired and jet lagged state. At the airport, members of the

    Mountain Rescue met us Service who were very helpful and friendly. Tom and I took the first day to walk around Belgrade

    before heading into the mountains. Belgrade is a beautiful city that shows conflict of the past and promise of the future.

    Within the city itself several buildings show the scars of United Nations military operations during the 990’s, while other new

    buildings welcome this summer’s European Basketball championships. Unfamiliar with the whole story of the United Nations (with the United States) involvement during the 1990’s, I was treated as a friend by everyone I met.

    The first day ended with a 300 km car ride to the ski resort of Kopaonik. Kopaonik is the largest ski resort in Serbia with 521 meters of vertical and over twenty lifts. During our week at Kopaonik, Tom and I experienced great skiing conditions with snowstorms at the beginning of the week followed by warm sunny days. Due to the height of the mountain (2017 meters), we were often above the clouds that blanketed the surrounding valleys. However, an occasional cloud would create brief periods of very low visibility on the mountain. The four season resort community around the ski area provided lodging and après-skiing

    activities for vacationers.


     As Fall approaches, we again begin the process of preparing for the upcoming season. The importance of refreshing our skills cannot be overstated. For most of us, we have not applied any of our skills since March and will not begin doing so until November, at the very earliest. This is an eight month period during which we probably do not devote a great deal of thought as to first aid and other aspects of patrolling. It is easy to become rusty over such a period of time and vitally important that we each “shake off” that rust in order to perform at the same level as last season, if not at a higher level. The process begins with the refreshers. Please take the time to properly prepare for the refresher by reading through the materials and familiarize yourself with the new OEC materials (remember, there have been a number of updates in the past few years). If you do not have the most recent OEC manual, consider ordering it now, as we are all expected to be familiar with the changes in the standard of care in treating injured persons. Do not simply go through the motions at each of the refresher stations but try to learn a few new things and do not hesitate to ask questions of the instructors, either during the session or afterwards. Another way to continue this process is to become involved in the candidates’ OEC course. Even if you are not an instructor, there is always a need for patients and other types of help throughout the course. Your skills and confidence will be reinforced and you will probably learn something new. The next step to increase your proficiency level is to become an instructor. Most instructors will tell you that they have learned a great deal more through teaching and every patrol has a need for more capable instructors. Once the season begins, consider helping with the candidates in on the hill training programs, again to reinforce and improve all of your on the hill skills. Also consider taking one or more of the elective courses that NSP offers within the region annually. Finally,

    consider enrolling in the Senior Patroller Program. You will be challenged to improve a number of skills and will leave with a much higher level of confidence. A number of improvements have been made to the senior program over recent years and it is an excellent way to improve your skills.

    Changes are inevitable and changes are constant, including those in the manner in which we treat patients, handle toboggans and perform our other duties. We owe it to ourselves and especially to those who depend on us in a time

    of need to adapt to these changes and to continue to improve our skills. Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable season.

SENIOR EMM CLINICS Bob Snoby, OEC Senior Training

    ththJanuary 9 Seven Springs 8:00AM January 16 WISP 8:00AM

     thth January 30 Hidden Valley 8:00AM February 5Canaan Valley 9:00AM (SATURDAY)

     thth February 13 Hidden Valley 8:00AM February 20WISP 8:00AM

     th thFebruary 26Seven Springs 8:00AM March 6 Seven Springs 8:00AM (Final Evaluation)

To sign up please call Bob Snoby for an APPLICATION PACKAGE.


***It is recommended that candidates attend at least three clinics.

    ***All candidates must be working on Senior Electives

What is takes! By Ken Schweinsburg Regional OEC Administrator

     Have you really ever thought about who and what is behind the OEC refresher? You have to commit a few hours of your time each year and when you have completed it you just go home. What a drag to have to go this thing every year for a few hours. You could be home, golfing, swimming, doing something constructive but no, you have to attend this annual refresher. Why, because it’s mandatory! Each year in May, I give out general assignments to our Instructor Trainers. These assignments are to write one scenario using topics and guidelines outlined by our National Refresher Committee. (They are the ones that setup the study guide each year) The Instructor Trainers forward they’re written scenario for my review to make sure the criteria and content meets the requirements set forth by OEC Administrator. Once this is done the first Refresher in the Region happens in early July. All Administrators, Instructor Trainers, and anyone else who is involved up to this point must attend and a

     workshop/refresher is presented under my supervision.

At the July Instructor Trainer Refresher each scenario is presented to the group. Everyone rotates through the stations. The

    Instructor Trainer that designed and wrote the station presents it to the group and is open for constructive criticism. After

    much discussion and revision the stations are reevaluated and changes needed are made. These changes have to be rewritten again in to the scenario format for the general use of the Instructor for individual refreshers at the Patrol level. As the OEC Administrator, I review the content and the delivery of the material but the ideas and creativity come from our Instructor Trainers. Now this brings us into August and it is time to present this to the Instructor troops, who in turn present it to the patrollers. The time taken to present this refresher packet to the patrollers goes from September through November and then it is time to start skiing. Gee, and along I thought this was just a winter activity.

     I have really condensed this down but as you can see there are many faces and a lot of hours behind those few precious hours you have to commit to each year. So, this year when you are at the refresher or any training event think about who

    and what are behind the time that is be given to you to make you a better patroller. Say, thank you!

     Remember you need to bring your OEC card, F/A belt, completed study guide, instructor activity form (if you are an instructor) and a good attitude to the Fall Refresher. I would like to thank everyone involved in any of the OEC programs for you dedication and enthusiasm to make these programs work. The programs are only as successful as those who present them. Thank you!!

    Eastern Section Doug Sisabaugh, Eastern Section Chief

    I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the folks in the Eastern Section. My name is Doug Sinsabaugh and I am filling the remainder of Steve's term. My home patrol is Mountain View, located near Edinboro, Pa. I have been a patroller since 1987 and Patrol Director at Mountain View from 1991 until taking this position. I also manage operations at this little community ski area. I have spent most of those years skiing at Peek and Peak as a secondary patrol. Many years ago I went through all of the instructor training courses so I

    could begin teaching classes at my area and build the Patrol to handle all of the shifts. Until that time myself and three other patrollers skied there and covered all of the hours of operation. We now have 21 patrollers and

    instructors working each year to build the patrol even stronger. I am also an IT and work with the OEC classes

    here and at Peek and Peak. Peek and Peak is in Western NY about 45 minutes North of us and we do all of or training and refreshing together. Because Western NY Ski areas are so close to us I seldom venture South to ski. I will try to change that this winter and visit the areas in this section and meet as many of you as I can.

    Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you need help with anything. I am looking forward to meeting, and

    hopefully skiing with many of you this winter.

    My Address is: 23301 Plank Road Venango Pa. 16440 Telephone 814-398-8326

     Region and Patrol Contact Numbers

    Region Director Steve Schopfer - 800-326-9571 Western Section Chief Guy Lombardo 412-751-3660 Eastern Section Chief Doug Sisabaugh 814-398-8326 Southern Section Chief Marty Silverman 412-687-4059 Alumni Advisor Brian Reed 304-372-4163 Avalanche & Mt. Travel and Rescue Advisor Dave Shaffer 304-242-3062 SAM@OVNET.COM

    Awards Wendy Thompson Leadership Development Louise Waszak 724-541-5231 Certified & Legal Advisor Bill Cline 814-443-4491 Risk Management John Greiner 724-834-0300 Instructor Development Barb Sindler Historian Bill Kozlovich 724-439-6402 Lift Evac Advisor Tyler Davis

    Nordic Advisor - Jerry Timcik 814-443-1568 OEC Administrator Ken Schweinsburg 724-539-8415 OEC Senior Training Bob Snoby 814-539-3490 S & T Advisor John Toth 703-437-0597

    Student Patroller Bart Gabler

    Region Medical Officer Jim Brady 724-443-3267 Newsletter - Lael Simmons 724-327-8338 Web Master - Jim Blauch

    Blue Knob Ski Patrol Gregg Jones 814-736-3991 Boyce Park Ski Patrol Pat Boccardi 412-795-2329

    Canaan Valley Ski Patrol Mike Chaney

    Hidden Valley Nordic Ski Patrol Dave Shaeffer 304-242-3062

    Hidden Valley Ski Patrol Dave Kuckenbrod 814-255-8671

    Laurel Hill Nordic Ski Patrol Ray Nylander 412-664-9039

    Laurel Mountain Ski Patrol Scott Graham 724-238-7758

    Mountain View Ski Patrol Laura Slezak

    Mystic Mountain Sk i Patrol

    Penn State Outing Club Ski Patrol Ted Hovermale 814-280-2418 Seven Springs Ski Patrol Dick Barron 800-423-2223x 7814

    We’re on the Web! Ski Sawmill Ski Patrol Michael Richardson

    See us at: Willowbrook Ski Patrol Tim Stawovy

     Wisp Ski Patrol Mark Halsig




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