By Charlotte Tucker,2014-11-16 17:49
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Exam Procedures:

STEP 1 - NAME (Print clearly) _________________ ____________________________

    (first) (last)

STEP 2 Fill in your answer sheet, using a #2 scoring pencil, as follows:

; Your Student PID Number (excluding “A”)

    ; Your last name and first name

    ; Course ID in “subject” …… this is BMB 526 Exam #1

    ; Date …… 11/5/12

    ; Exam form in “period” …..this is form A

    ; By signing this coversheet for this exam, the student certifies that he/she has adhered to the policies of

    academic honesty in the performance of this exam.



STEP 3 - Read these instructions:

; Make sure your exam has 34 questions.

    ; Read each question very carefully. Choose the single, best answer and mark this answer on your answer sheet.

    No points will be added for correct answers which appear on the exam page but not on the answer sheet. ; No electronic or computational devices are to be used. Cell phones must be off (not on vibrate) and stored with

    your bags/backpacks/other materials.

    ; The proctors have the authority/responsibility to assign any student a different seat at any time, without

    implication and without explanation, before or during the examination, as they deem necessary. Accomplish

    any relocation quietly and without discussion.

    ; We will not answer questions of clarification. However, if you think there is an error on your exam, summon an

    exam proctor.

    ; When you finish, place all exam materials (except the tear sheet) into the manila envelope. When you leave the

    exam room, please turn in your envelope to the proctors. Once you exit the auditorium, please leave the area.

    Hallway conversations disturb those still taking the exam.

    ; There will be answer keys to this exam posted on the course website by 5:00 p.m. the day of the exam. You may

    wish to copy your responses from your answer sheet onto the answer grid on the LAST page of this exam so that

    you can check your results. You can tear off the last page and take it with you.

    ; We will close the exam promptly at 9:10 a.m. At the announcement of the examination end time, the

    examination and scantron and images (if provided as part of the examination) must immediately be placed into

    the manila envelope provided.

STEP 4 Wait until instructed to proceed with the exam!