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1.参照下图以“ Great Changes in My Hometown ”为题用英语写一篇短文描述家乡小镇所


     Great Changes in My Hometown

     I used to live in a small town with trees all around. There was no tall building and the only street was narrow. Just outside the town there was a river. You can see differe

    nt kinds of fish swimming in the clear water. People here lived a simple life.

     Great changes have taken place here. You can see tall buildings big department stor

    es and factories everywhere. Different kinds of cars and buses are running in the big streets. But with the development of the industry we have fewer trees. Air and water pollut

    ion is becoming more and more serious. We must do something to stop pollution and make our town even more beautiful.

    2. 描写近年家乡的变化(Changes in our Hometown)

    In the past ten years, great changes have taken place in our hometown. Take my family for example. My parents contacted others mainly by sending them letters in the past, but now we call long distanced at home. And once my parents listened to radio for news and other information, but now we watch the news and other programs on TV. Another big change is in the housing conditions. When they got married about ten years ago, my parents lived in a small room crowded with furniture, but now we have moved into a big new three-room apartment.

    In short, changes in our hometown in the past ten years have brought us comfort and convenience.

    3. My hometown has been changing during recent ten years.

    First, it has more and more tall buildings, the roads and streets in our hometown are becoming wider and wider. There are more shops with all kinds of things.

    Second, people in our hometown can take part in many interesting entertainment activities which were not been thought of before.

Third, almost everyone can enjoy a better life than before. People can

communicate much more easily and enjoy better clothes and food.

In a word, my hometown has changed a lot

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