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    After the shock market crash, the big firm in which Mr. Plants worked has gone up. As a result, he lost his job. Without this well-paid job, he really cannot afford his housing loan. So his had to move to another house that located in a dismal area. Today Mr. Plants with his two Ex-staffer Rip and Ruby who used to live with him together driving towards the intending Plants

    house. And our story begins here

(in the car, driving)

    MI dont think it will be too bad. Maybe you guys will fall in love with it at the first sight. Rp: No way. That is impossible, I promise you, Boss. Can you imagine a house without TV? Rd: Please stop yelling. You are not going to the hell. It said we can have a butler if we have the house.

    M: Yeah man! Here we are!

(get out off the car)

    M That seems like not bad, isnt it?

    The wind swept. The brand of Plants falls down. The Zombies lawn appeared.

    Rp: Did I just see The Zombies lawn?! Oh man, be careful!! Maybe you will find a zombie just in you bedroom.

    Haaaaaaa (zombies laugh )

    M: Dont be afraid! Calm up! It gonna be okay. It must be someone in there. Rd: Come on,! Its your phone rang. You scared me!

    MReally? Haha, I’m sorry its telephone exchange.

    Crazy doctor come out.*& %)( JHGYT%^*&*%

    RPIs that mean we got a housekeeper who cannot talk?

    (In the bathroom, Rip is ready to bed when a man with a white face suddenly appeared.) Rd: ah!!!

    M action

    Rd: Are you kidding me? Did you ever see a man still use MASK when he has already been 40? Please be like a man, okay?

RP action nana

to newspaper zombie

    Rd: Bro, I really dont know what can I say anything now. The green one? Is that from benthal? How many MASKS are you going to make tonight!! Dont read the newspaper anymore!

    Newspaper zombie

    Rd: How dare you could be angry with me? I totally cant stand staying with you. You really need

    to calm down alone now.

    (Let the newspaper zombie out, and said to Dad)

    Rp Hey Plant! Still up?


RD and M: There is a zombie in our room!!

    RP: I know!! I saw one either, It is with the red balloon!! RD RP and M: OH NO! Any body know what can we do now?! Zombie AHHHH;;I know you can let me eat your brain……


MEverything is all right finally.

    So they began their poor but happy life here with the butler who can not speak a word. Maybe they

    are happier than the rich life they used to live .But all of you have forgotten —— zombies are


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