february-2011-minutes2doc - University of Virginia Health System

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february-2011-minutes2doc - University of Virginia Health System

    Minutes of the Medical Center Employee Council

    February 10, 2011

    McKim Hall Auditorium


    Call to Order Tracy McFadden

    Approval of Minutes

    Employee of the Month Melissa Frederick The Employee of the Month for November 2010 is Sandra Watkins, Transporter Specialist.

    Guest Speaker Angela Davis Angela provided information on the Day of Service, which will be a part of the UVA President’s

    Inauguration week: The Inauguration week will be April 13 th17, with the Day of Service taking place on April 16. Cavaliers Care of the Madison house is currently thin the process of seeking volunteer sites for the day of the 16: The next step will be for

    volunteers to have the opportunity to sign up for projects, either as a group or individually. The

    website to register to volunteer is: More

    information about the volunteer opportunities is included in the attachment below.

    The Day of Service will start with a breakfast kickoff in which there will also be the opportunity to

    donate to a food drive at the kick off site (info on the food drive is provided in the attachment below).

    The groups will then work throughout the morning at various sites, and then have a celebration lunch.

    thThere are other ways that groups or individuals can participate without doing so on the day of the 16.

    Everyone is encouraged to think outside of the box for ways they can serve their community, whether

    it is something like a book drive, reading to the elderly, etc. For those that take on projects like these,

    the service can be registered at the Day of Service registration website, and will then be documented as


    service provided in relation to the Day of Service/President’s Inauguration.

    Food Drive.docVolunteer Opportunities.doc

    Senior Leadership Updates Jim Amato

    Jim provided a Health System update:

    ; Meetings should be taking place between all managers and employees regarding the changes

    in relation to FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)

    ; Patient Satisfaction: Team based approaches are currently being piloted

    ; This is a TJC (The Joint Commission) commission year, and a visit is expected

    ; CVC was very successful, and the MC exceeded this year’s goal. Over the last 10 years, UVA

    and MC employees have donated over 3.9 million dollars to the campaign.

    Question: Will there be an engagement survey this year?

    Answer: Roby Hunt from HR stated there will be a survey this year, and they are planning to use a new

    vendor that will allow them more flexibility in the frequency of the surveys.

    Old Business and concerns Tracy McFadden

    brought forward via email and Teresa Ideas were brought forward via email about Has been sent in for review.

    Culbertson things that could be done to enhance

    employee wellness, health and exercise.

     ; Walking clubs (routes through the

     hospital for late shift employees)

     ; Encourage people to take the stairs:

     paint murals in stairwell areas, signs

     by elevators to demonstrate calories

     burned by taking stairs, etc

     ; One up, two down campaign to


    encourage use of stairs

     ; Walking maps with distances of

     routes, for areas in and outside the


     ; Small hotel type gyms throughout the

     hospital: staff could use badge to

     access the rooms that could include

     treadmills, bikes, free weights, etc

The covered walkway at the corner of the Claude When will the construction on the sidewalk

    Moore Med Ed Building which connects MR-5 to the between the South Garage and Jordan Hall be McLeod Hall Terrace will be completed 2/15/11. complete? (question via email)

Has been sent in for review. Further concerns about the quality of the food

     and service for evening meals.

    They have looked at the possibility and have Are there plans to have more than one PTO researched the option, but the decision was made not cashout? (question via email)

    to implement at this time.

The room is projected to be finished in approximately When will the nursing mother’s lounge that is

    3-4 months. to be located in the hospital be completed?

     (question via email)

    These concerns continue to be sent on to Anne Further concerns in regard to how the new Broccoli for review. Employees are encouraged to pharmacy and medical vendors are not

    also share their specific examples with Anne. appearing to offer the same coverage as the

     previous vendors. (question via email)

Service currently runs every 8 minutes between the Could an additional bus be added at 6:30 at

    stadium and the hospital, so at this time another the stadium, especially during the winter

    shuttle will not be added. Since the service is so months? The buses are often very crowded frequent, if a bus is full, the next bus isn’t too far and some employees have to wait for another


    bus. (question via email) behind. Although many would like the extra run, it

     would add an expense that is not budgeted.

     thUpdate re: the new stoplight at 11 St and The work