My View on Studying Abroad

By Pedro Porter,2014-09-21 09:07
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My View on Studying Abroad

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     My View on Studying Abroad

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     My View on Studying Abroad


     The trend of studying abroad is going on vigorously in recent

     decades. Quite a few people hold that they can obtain more

     opportunities and create brighter career possibility when they are

     studying abroad. Despite those benefits we can get from studying

     abroad, for my part, not all the people are up to further their

     study abroad.

     There are several reasons necessary to be pointed out. In the first

     place, to the families, they have to shoulder considerable amount of

     loan to afford their children??s tuition, which may worsen the

     initially bad condition of living. In addition, the tremendous

     consumption abroad may pose stress to those students whose families

     are not very rich, so that some of them have to study on weekdays as

     well as take some part-time jobs out of their campuses. Thus, some

     students who can not relax properly may fall sick easily.

     Furthermore, the cultural discrepancy between other countries and

     our homeland is likely to exert inevitable pressures on the

     students. Some of those being abroad possibly do not get along well

     with others, which is apt to make them easy to get homesick,

     depressed and frustrated. As far as I know, there are quite a number

     of exceptions that students commit crimes when they feel



     Therefore, what we should do is to take reasonable attitude towards

     studying abroad according to our own condition rather than follow

     others blindly.


     My View on Study Abroad


     With the development of global economy, education is more and more

     globalized. An increasing number of students choose to study abroad

     for the sake of a brighter future. However, with the change of our

     national situation, studying abroad can no longer be a gateway to a

     better life in the future.

     There are several reasons indicating that studying abroad not the

     only choice. When it comes to studying abroad, we may first think

     about the large sum of money that must be put in. the money for

     commuting between school and home and the high education fee may

     make their family bear heavy burden. On the other hand, our

     government has concentrated on educational reformation in recent

     decades, which make the education accessible to every student and

     largely improve the quality of it. As the home education quality

     progresses and our national science and technology has rapidly

     developed, students can get higher education which is not inferior

     to that of other countries??. Besides, as not all universities in

     foreign countries will offer challenges to enable students to

     achieve academic success and personal growth, studying abroad is not

     so popular with the employers. The high investment of studying

     abroad may not get the equal reward.

     As a matter of fact, a degree of university abroad can no longer

     used as a golden key to a higher position in company or more income.

     It is wiser to spend less money and study harder in our own country.


     My View on Study Abroad


     These years have witnessed an increasing number of students going

     abroad to further their study. Thanks for globalization, studying

     abroad becomes easier and it is now a trend in modern time. Some

     parents hold the opinion that their children can learn more abroad

     because foreigners, especially people in Western countries, tend to

     be more open to exchange new ideas. However, in my point of view,

     the drawbacks of studying abroad should never be ignored.

     As is known to all, the expense of studying abroad is huge. Rich and

     poor, a family has to spend money on it. It can be a big burden for

     most average families. What??s more, it has no good for children to

     leave far away from their parents for a long time. Without mature

     minds, children will easily make wrong decisions that may lead them

     to step on the way of commiting crimes. Parents, as guides, should

     keep company with them and keep an eye both on their study and life.

     In addition, students studying abroad, who think and live in

     different ways, are deeply affected by foreign culture. It may cause

     the cultural conflicts, in which the native culture does not always


     According to the three reasons mentioned above, I firmly believe

     that studying aboard is not good for children to some degree.

     Although it has become fashionable, parents still need to think

     twice before sending children abroad.

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