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    Civilization goes together with me

    If you lost today, you didn't fail on the whole, because of willing come again tomorrow.

    If you lost money, you didn't fail on the whole, wasn't in the bag because of the value of the life.

    If you lost civilization, you had already thoroughly failed, because you have already lost the true meaning of doing the person.


    The civilization goes together with me

    The good rite habit is a kind of the personality, thoughts and feelings that capital can convert into one personal internality, will influence one personal life development. Along with the social development and the progress, the human relations associates to add more multifarious, the rite of various situation is more and more high to people's request, the rite becomes the important sign of one personal accomplishment and social civilization day by day. The rite relates to personal, business, nation, must be careful, can not be rude. Therefore, study the demand of rite that time generation, is also the demand of socialism spiritual civilization construction, is also the demand that our high school student grows up.

    Civilization the embodiment is on the daily language and the behavior bearing first. When you meet a teacher, guest in the school, should smile regards, say hello on one's own initiative. Don’t say

    gutter language, not sarcasm stroke. The lesson doesn't pursue a

    dozen to make, the top and bottom building doesn't jostle each other; In the dining room meal can obey discipline, aware of self to line up; Science arranges a good daily timetable and goes to bed on time, don't stay up.

    Civilization more importantly still the embodiment is customarily studying. Because a person of civilization, not only is a behavior civilization, but also need to have a good study habit. For example before the lesson dry run; Have a class to with concentration attend lecture, frequently at the thinking, actively participate in a discussion, brave to speak, the after school hard completes each section homework and writes work the whole etc., probably these you can not also all attain, but as long as you can insist becoming and every moment remind yourselves, you will do it.

    People often say: Sow an activity, then will harvest a kind of habit; Sow a habit, then will harvest a kind of personality; sow the personality, then will harvest a kind of destiny. When a person developed good civilization rite habit, his personality magic power then will promote. Take a wide view Chinese and foreign of successful personage, might it not is such! So make us sow seeds the seed that the civilization rite is well used to so much, and often sprinkle to infuse, be an excellent high school student, achieve our life of fascinating .Please the classmates the knowledge beginning is from

    the study rite and gradually develop to talk polite, handle affairs to have the good habit that the proper restraint, behavior has norm, make great effort to be a civilization person who understands accomplishment, polite instrument; From the self-respect, self-renewal, self-confidence, self-discipline beginning, gradually develop love classmates, love teacher s and love parents and love nearby of person, love the people's emotion ;Own clothes, tools and implements from the love beginning, gradually develop to love own lesson table chair, love classroom, love school, love family, love home town and the feelings of loving the motherland; From obey a system in the classroom discipline, school beginning, gradually develop the habit of obeying the social ethics and national law ;Own classmates and class is collective to start from the concern and the incorporation, and for of much contribute, gradually become collectivistic idea and character.

     Classmates! Let us go to move, don't make civilization appeared on the paper, let it stimulate around us, make the civilization omnipresent, let us be civilized host, let "the civilization goes together with me"!

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