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Part two

    Mini presentation about 5 minutes

    In this part of the test you are asked to give a short talk on a presentation topic. You have to choose one of the topics from the two below and then talk for about one minute. You have one minute to prepare your ideas.

    What is important when preparing for an interview?

    ; Good first impression

    ; Reducing stress

    ; Knowing the company

Strategies of giving a mini-presentation:

    1. Understand the question and its related subtopics. 2. Try to subdivide subtopics into smaller ones.

    3. Use variety of strategies to extend talk. These

    strategies are:

    a. Paraphrasing the idea, explore it in details or give suggestions and wishes.

    b. Giving example(s).

    c. Giving reasons, purpose, result or condition.

    d. Comparing the different issues

    4. Use the time wisely.

5. use openers, transitions and summaries.

The common expressions with regard to

    giving opinions:

    1. Giving strong opinions

    a. I firmly believe that

     Im absolutely convinced that b.

    c. Its my belief that

    d. Its quite clear that

    e. Im certain that

    f. It’s my considered opinion that

    2. Giving Neutral opinion

    a. I think that

    b. In my opinion that

    c. Its my opinion that

    d. As I see it,

    e. As far as I’m concerned

    f. From my point of view

    3. Giving a Tentative Opinions

    a. It seems to me that

    b. I would say that

    c. As far as I’m able to judge

    d. I think it would be fair to say that


    a. First of all, we must bear in mind..

    b. At the outset

    c. To begin with

    d. Firstly secondly thirdly Finally..

    Giving an example: a. let me give an example b. for example,

    c. to illustrate this point, let us consider

    d. A case in point is..

    Stating preferences: a. Id rather than

    b. I prefer.. to

    c. I tend to favour as apposed to

    d. has an advantage over. in that

    e. The main advantage of is that


    Due to because of .. owing to stem from

    So that. In order to with the

    aim/purpose of

    Therefore, as a result, result in, so

    If.. other wise, as long as

Comparing (see notes before)

    I think there are three things to consider. First, good impression is important. Actually, you might find many ways to do this. For example, it is suggested that you

    dress neatly and properly. Always

    remember to arrive on time and being confident. This will leave the interviewer a good image.

    Next, dont feel stressful. Frankly, everyone

    might be under stress before interview, but it will do no good. The alternative is to be relaxed and have a good nights sleep. Im

    sure you will do great.

Third, it is necessary to know your company.

    Do some homework about company so that

    you can be well-prepared for the questions. You may get these stuffs about the company on the Internet or newspapers.

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