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    Module 1 Words and expressions











    add up

    calm down

    have got to be concerned about

    go through set down

    a series of on purpose in order to at dusk

    face to face no longer / not … any longer suffer from get / be tired to

    pack (sth) up get along with fall in love join in







    because of come up

    at present make use of such as

    play a part (in)

    transport prefer

    persuade graduate finally schedule organize journey attitude reliable ever since be fond of care about change one’s mind make up one’s mind give in as usual at midnight




    destroy shock



    right away as if

    at an end in ruins dig out a (great) number of








    educate beg



out of work

    as a matter of fact in trouble

    turn to

    lose heart

    come to power set up

    be sentenced to

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