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    Support Team Intro Email

    Delivery Mechanism: Email with Principal/Support Team Quick Guide docs attached Delivery Date: April 27

    Delivered By: Garfield-Humboldt Network Principals

    Subject: Chicago Public Schools Roster Verification Overview

    Dear Support Team:

    As you are aware, CPS is actively preparing for implementation of REACH (Recognizing Educators

    Advancing CHicago) Studentsour new, comprehensive teacher evaluation system. I am writing to request your assistance in a critical component of that preparation: ensuring that our records matching students to teachers are fair and accurate. To do this, we are undergoing a roster verification process. We need you to participate to determine if the information we currently have in our system accurately captures the instructional relationships between teachers and students. You have been identified as a support team member to support our school and teachers contribution to this effort.

To prepare for roster verification, please follow the steps listed below.

    1. Review the attached Principal/Support Team Quick Guide document.

2. Attend the Principal and Support Team Roster Verification Kickoff.

    Garfield-Humboldt Network’s Kickoff session is:

    Date Time Location

    Tuesday, May 8 3:00 5:00 pm Tilton Elementary

    223 N Keeler Ave

    At this face-to-face session, you will learn about the roster verification process and your role and

    responsibilities. You will also have an opportunity to begin the school setup process with the

    guidance of the facilitators. Attendance is mandatory.

3. Support teachers throughout the entire roster verification process. This entails: ?a. Ensuring that rosters displayed in the BFK;Link solution are correctly set up and include all of

    the teachers and courses within the school by May 15.

    b. Supporting teachers as they verify their class rosters and monitoring staff progress toward

    completion by June 4.

    c. Reviewing and submitting final class rosters, which are due by June 15. Principals are

    responsible for the final approval of teacher-confirmed rosters.

    Questions? If you have questions about the roster verification process in general or training sessions, please contact me directly, or Jacare Thomas at More

    information about roster verification will be shared in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to enhance our data quality.


    First and Last Name


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