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    Saying Farewell and Seeing Off

    ?.Teaching objectives :

     By the end of this unit, the students are expected to be able to 1. say the parting words to the partner;

    2. comprehend and use basic words and expressions related to the parting words; 3. say farewell properly in appropriate situations.

    ?. Teaching methods: Lecture, explanation, multimedia playing, discussion and retelling.

    ?. Teaching hours: 6

    ?. Teaching procedures

    Step 1 Revision and homework checking

     1) Review key point of last section

     2) Students answer the question about what does the conclusion of business mean.

    Step 2 Background information:

    1) If you see people off at the airport, then you can say “have a nice trip!” and so on. It is impolite for people to leave abruptly without saying anything, especially for business partners.

    Step 3 Warming up exercises

     1) What useful expressions can you remember when you receive a business partner?

     2) What may you say to your business partner before his departure?

     3) What may your business partner say to you before his departure? Step 4 Introduce some key expressions used in saying farewell and seeing off and make students do the sentence drills and retell it after each situation. 1) Saying good-bye

    It’s very nice of you to come all the way to see me off.

    It’s a pity I am leaving you tomorrow.

    Here we are saying good-bye to you and all the friends present. I’ll hope to see you again at some time in the future.

    2) Wishing someone to stay longer

    We are sorry to see you go.

    Can’t you stay a little longer?

    We wish you could stay in Changsha longer.

    3) Thanking for entertainment

    Thank you for your great kindness and thoughtful consideration for us during our stay here.

    You have been very considerate and helpful I can’t thank enough.

    We appreciate everything you have done for us.

    Your help makes our stay here successful. Thank you very much. 4) Goodbye and good wishes

    Have a good journey. Mr.××

    Good luck and have a good trip, Mr.××

I wish you every success.

    Bye, Bon voyage.

    Step 5: Watch the movie Harry Potter and stone and Forrest Gump. Make a dialogue

    in which you are saying goodbye to somebody (anyone it could be, your business partner, classmate, friend, even enemy and any place it could be). The farewell could be sad, happy, excited, etc. Try to add stories in your farewell, at least you shall say sth. about the time you spent together, the feeling of being together, the time for next time meet, the wish you give to her\him.

    If you do not like \ finish this topic, you can make one about reunion. Supposing that

    you meet sb. that you didnt see for 20 years, make a dialogue in this situation as to who he\she is like, in which situation you meet, your feeling, the reasons of your departure, what happened during the departure, etc.

(Next class)

    Step 6 Demonstrate the key words and expressions in Situational Dialogue before listening to it.

     Considerate 考虑周到的

     Cooperation 合作

     Extend 给予!提供

     Productive 多产的

    Step 7 Listen to the Situational Dialogue for three times and show students the transcript.

    (Anderson Cooper is going back to Canada tomorrow. Jason Li can’t go to see him at

    the airport since he has left for another important business. So he is calling to say goodbye to Mr. Cooper.)

    Li: I am calling to say goodbye to you. Anderson. I am very sorry I can’t see you off tomorrow. What time are you leaving?

    Cooper: I’ll catch the Southern Airlines Flight 118 tomorrow morning.

    Li: Is anything I can do for you?

    Cooper: no, thank you. Tina has arranged everything for me. She will pick me up and send me to the airport tomorrow morning.

    Li: that’s fine. Do let us know if we can help you in any way.

    Cooper: you have been very considerate and helpful.

    Li: by the way, the following job for executing the contract will be mainly taken by Tina, so if there are some problems, you can contact with her.

    Cooper: I see. I wish the transaction will go smoothly as what have be conducted between us. I believe we’ll have a good cooperation and our trade relationship will be extended.

    Li: so do I. hope to see you at the next trade fair.

    Cooper: I look forward to coming here again.

    Li: take care, goodbye.

    (The next morning, Tina Zhang takes Anderson Cooper to the airport and sees him off)

    Zhang: here we are. Mr Cooper.

    Cooper: thanks. I have to say goodbye now. But before that I’d like to say it is really a pleasant and productive trip. Your company has left me a very good impression. I think our cooperation will be a very successful one.

    Zhang: thank you, Mr. Cooper. You are playing a very important role in the cooperation. I am really happy for having worked with you for a few days. Your visit will help to promote the friendship and understanding between us. You will come here again, I hope.

    Cooper: I wish I could stay a little longer, but I have got lots to do back home. I look forward coming here again. And I hope some day you will come to Canada for a visit. Zhang: thank you. Good bye and have a nice journey!

    Cooper: thank you! Bye bye.

    Step 8 Role Play Discussion: make a dialogue according to the next situation, before coming to the stages, students have 5 minutes to discuss with each other. After that, some students will be called in pair to be on the stage to give the performance, and be given comments upon their advantage and disadvantage.

    Situation: Ms. Peterson and Mr. Wang are saying goodbye to each other at the airport after signing the contract.

    A: You are Ms. Peterson, the purchasing specialist of SMT Company. You need to: say goodbye and thank for the kind entertainment. Glad that a new contract is concluded. Invite Mr. Wang to come to Canada for a visit. Tell that the plane is taking off soon.

    B: You are Mr. Wang, the sales representative of Laiwu Yuyuan Foods Co. Ltd. You need to: hate to lose Ms. Peterson. Hope to have more cooperation in the future. Promise to visit Canada and wish to see each other at the next trade fair. Wish a good journey.

    Step 9 Assignment

    1) Review the key points of this section

    2) Prepare the topic: what are the differences between Chinese and western cultures in the parting words?

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