the last of the Mohicans!11

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the last of the Mohicans!11 the last of the Mohicans!11

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    The last of the Mohicans

    The last of the Mohicans, was written by Cooper,J.F, which I have read was

    published in 2009. James Fenimore Cooper(1826-1851) had a remarkably boring,

    wealthy existence. His parents were shrewd and ambitious, easily acquiring money and power. Thus he was exposed early on to the finer pleasures of life. Cooper was

    famous for depicting scenes and natural scenery.In "the last of the Mohicans", he made full use of hidden unknown threat of dense forests, as well as the mysterious Indian lifestyle, to render the romantic color.Under his pen, Indians roamed the forests and grasslands, are endowed with the magnificent colors.Structure of this book sophisticated content vivid story, tension, suspense and heavy, the fate of the characters changing, in-depth step by step, fascinating.This is the book for one hundred years to the world wide to circulate, enduring a main reason.In 1993, the United States Warner Brothers based on the book new shoot film of the same name

    in the blockbuster movie world, caused a sensation, and the same year Oscar Award nomination, this also shows, Cooper works in contemporary people remain popular. The book is called "the last of the Mohicans", is because of a sad sad tone.Honest, brave the Mohicans Uncas and beautiful and kind of Cora's death, is also not a

    deeper meaning; as they die, their mind the kind of virtue and pure feelings also disappeared, leaving only the shrouded in America the greedy, cruel malice and evil. The Last of the Mohicans took place in the midst of the French-Indian war.

    Specifically, it focused on one battle in a war that lasted for many years. This was the last and most important conflict over French and British possessions in North America. Unlike the earlier wars, which began in Europe and spread to America, this struggle broke out solely in America in 1754, and was not settled until 1763. For this reason, Indian involvement in the conflict was incredibly high. And I appreciate the story very much. Two daughters of Munro, Core and Alice, went to find their father.

    Heyward was an officer of Munro, and he went together with the two girls. He loved Core very much, but Core didnt like him. In their travel. some dangerous things


    Before they set out , Magua, an Indian, who were their guides, was a bad guy in fact. But Magua really wanted to kill them. Because he thought that his nationality would be the leader of the whole world. After walking a little, Magua drew out sword and wanted to kill them. And his companions showed up and fought against Englishmen. At the time of nearly die, three Mohicans appeared. And they saved Cora, Alice and Heyward. Magua and his companions went away. And Core and others would get lost if they hadnt a guide. So the Mohicans went together with them. Fortunately, the two girls met with their father. But the blessed moment was so limited. And for the sake of safety, the two girls must go away to avoid being killed during the seven years battle. Certainly, Heyward and three Mohicans went with them. Cora and Hawkeye(one of the Mohicans, he was brought up by the Scout, Zeng Aqing) fell in love with each other. Meanwhile, Alice and Uncas(the son of Scout) also fell in love. But they were discovered by Magua. They went away by ship. Magua followed them. They escaped into the waterfall. Unfortunately, Magua also arrived there. Magua wanted to burn the two girls to die. And Hawkeye survived. He, Uncas and the Scout wanted to save them together. Hewkeye went firstly. That time, they negotiated with Magua and his leader. Finally, the leader agreed to let Cora go. And Alice had to marry with Magua. Hewward would be burned. Alice was taken away by Magua. This time, Uncas struggled with Magua. And Uncas was threw down to the diff. And Alice volunteered to die with him. Because Uncas was son of the Scout. The Scout was mad ,and fight against with Magua. In the end, Magua died. And Hewkeye married with Cora, and lived with the Scout.

    I think the Mohicans are very brave and friendly. When their friends were in trouble, they tried their best to save them. When they met the strange peopleCora, Alice and

    Hewward, they volunteered to help them. All of them are full of love.

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