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Graded Unit 2doc4545,Unit

    Graded Unit 2: Investigation

Stage 1: Planning

Title of this project:

    Employee incentive Investigation of the communications industry in Hohhot.

Student Name: Ye sha (叶莎)

Human Resource Management

Student Number: 20081305023

HND Number: 095111696

Object of the project

    As a Human Resource Management student, I want to use learned theory that

    Investigation Employee incentive of the telecommunications industryI want to know

    whether this theory really apply in this industry. The telecommunications industry in the application of this theory and found what the problem is those aspects needs to be corrected. As a human resources manager, on what was needed on incentives. These results will help me to improve my professional knowledge and practical ability, to improve the ability of future work.

    The company's development and staff development are closely linked. Staff motivation can make employees feel the work by the company attaches importance to enhance the enthusiasm, motivation and material incentives honors as the way to improve employee motivation and employee incentive system can understand people thinking, to develop a more rational incentives. So for a company Incentive is very


    I hope that this survey found that some new data, so you can better prove the authenticity of the content of my investigation. Through this investigation I hope to find some better incentives and data, this can help business manager’s better decision-making information to enable managers to change the irrational incentive

     system, to create a better incentive system.

Statement of the issue and why choose this issue

    I will choose the incentive theory for this investigate. First of all, I will introduction about incentive theory. Incentives stimulate people's behavior is the psychological process. In business management, motivation can be understood as corporate enterprises through the creation of staff needs to meet the conditions to stimulate a

    variety of potential business people and the efforts of motivation, to produce a specific behavior to achieve organizational goals in the process. Mainly for employees of this theory, it belongs to the company's internal customers.

I choose incentive theory, because I very interest this theory. I want to know the

    incentive theory how to use of a company. The effect of incentive theory whether have included these factors: employee’s incentive can improve staff motivation and

    productivity. Employee’s incentive can also help enterprises to train more talents for enterprise development ready. This reason that why I choose incentive theory.

The choice of business and why choose the business.

     In this investigate,I chose the telecommunications industry because we all do without it. We all need each day by telephone, short messages and communicate with others. With the global economy, foreign telecommunications companies began development in China. Those with a high level and rich experience in business management, technical personnel, and foreign companies will inevitably become the main objective of the recruitment. Therefore, the telecommunications industry to retain talent should be formed for the purpose of reasonable incentive mechanisms to avoid the loss of

     business talent.China Mobile is China's largest telecommunications company, so I want to use to investigate the Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile's employee incentive system of the telecommunications industry.

    The source of information for the investigation and why selected

    In order to better investigate staff motivation in the Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile's application, I will collect from the company about two aspects of information:

First, I want to collect on the Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile employee

     Each month Completion of work objectives motivation methods of information.

    employees give Praise and reward. In this message, I hope the investigations and they do not use Target goals incentive method. Target goals incentive method is each month Completion of work objectives employees give Praise and reward. If they applied this method, they are what kind of goals to motivate employees. For example, monthly service goals, operational objectives of each month, the monthly new customer goals. At the same time, the staff is willing to accept Target goals incentive method. If employees are unwilling to accept, then the company should be how to make a change. When companies use this method, the staff really has been inspired. The employees are motivated to work harder to improve efficiency. In addition, the staff achieve the target, the company what form will reward employees. For example, bonuses, vacation, go out training opportunities.

    Secondly, I would like to collect Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile is using incentives to motivate employees honor information. Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile is named by quarter outstanding staff, excellent team, service stars, business star. In the selection of outstanding employees, the company has ever done was fair and equitable treatment of every employee.

    I have been selected these information because that I want to investigation Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile is workable incentives for employees, employees of these incentive measures are considered to be reasonable. In the implementation of incentive measures is whether to do for every employee fair. At the same time, I want to embody in the survey need to change those incentives.

    Collect information about Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile with the effects of incentives.

    Incentive system for a company is very important. Staff incentives can help companies to attract more capable people, and expand the company's development. At the same time, encouraging potential employees can also be developed to help employees work better. In addition, the company's incentive system to create a healthy competitive environment, promote employee initiative and creativity. Finally, a good incentive system can retain talent to the enterprise; employees are willing to sacrifice his life for the company. I would like to collect Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile in the use of incentive measures, able to produce these effects.

    I choose this information because that I want to branch manager of Inner Mongolia of China Mobile more decision-making information. Managers should spend a lot of time on staff motivation. Employees and business are inseparable. Only employee’s

    incentives to do well, people will have the enthusiasm and creativity of the work, will work harder.

Where collect information, choice of methods and reasons.

    For employee motivation methods information, I was by asking employees and to find internal documents the company gathered information. I use face to face method to employees, asking them to encourage the company currently used methods of thinking. Methods of motivation they have a new proposal, those methods need improvement. Meanwhile, I use Survey method to look up internal documents the

     company. For face to face method,I think people can get a real idea of the proposal

    can be communicated to management employees, so managers found inadequate

     incentive system. For Survey method to look up internal documents,I think that the

    file can reflect the true thinking of the company, with reliability.

     For the effect of incentives in Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile information,I

    send an email to managers and through a questionnaire circulated to every employee. I use sent an email method collect the role of incentives in Inner Mongolia Branch of

    China Mobile information. Because I think that managers can quickly send an email to read my investigation, and timely response to my question. Send e-mail can save both time and cost, to avoid trouble mailing a letter missing. For a questionnaire method, I think that the questionnaire issued to every employee the opportunity to participate in the investigation. This will be more comprehensive information. Same survey can be summarized incentive measures currently inadequate.

Statement of the criteria

    Standard to reflect the quality of business operations, management practices are reasonable. Similarly, the implementation of incentives may also need a certain measure. Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile under the incentive approach, I set the following four criteria:

;Implementation of incentive measures, the employees can actively work to deal

    with the problem, to solve problems will be timely, not to evade the issue, time

    for the company's interests. Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile in the

    implementation of incentive measures if such a result was obtained, which shows

    that their method is very suitable for staff motivation, employees are willing to

    accept such a drastic way. This standard will give the company the company to

    bring new customers, increase market share. If the company can not meet this

    standard, this will affect the company's image

;Through incentive methods, employees can complete tasks on time, achieve the

    company goals set. If the employee can complete the objectives, that method is

    very effective incentive to drive the staff enthusiasm. Instead, employees are

    often unable to finish the work objectives, work without passion. This shows that

    companies need to improve the incentive approach. Company to achieve this

    standard will bring the company huge profits, but also can establish a good

    corporate image.

;Company formed a healthy competitive environment. If the company achieves

    this standard, employees and staff have a good relationship. Work to mutual help and encouragement. The company did not meet this standard will affect the company's reputation, and affect the entire company's development

;Implementation of incentive measures, the more capable people willing to join

    the company. If the company will meet this standard brings more talent to help the company's development and enhance the company's appeal. The company did not meet this standard will make the future development of enterprises do not have room for development becomes smaller

Planning of the investigation

    Stage Time Event Resource

     Oct 19, 2010 Pick a topic of


    Oct 20, 2010 S et objective of


    Oct 21,2010 to Research the Paper, pen and

    Planning Oct25,2010 sources of the computer


    Oct 26,2010 to Oct Find the methods

    27 ,2010 for investigation

    Oct 28,2010 to Devise some

    Oct29 2010 criteria for


    Oct 30,2010 to Oct Write the report Computer , paper

    31,2010 and print fee 1

     Face to face ask


    Nov 6 ,2010 to Nov information about

    12, 2010 employee


    methods. Research

    internal document.

    Developing Nov 12, 2010 to Send an email to Computer, Nov 19, 2010 managers ask the paper ,design

    effect of incentives questionnaire fee

    information. :10Cost print

    Make questionnaire questionnaire fee

    to ask all employee Cost: 25 Nov 20 ,2010 to Write the report Computer Nov 26,2010

    Nov 27 ,2010 to Make evaluation

    Nov 30 ,2010 for investigation Evaluation

    Sep 1,2010 to Sep Write the report computer 10, 2010

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