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    &historique_txt=Since 1991, Lapierre’s marble has been specializing in <b>custom made cutting</b> of such refined products as marble, granite, onyx, quartzite, slate, etc… and providing various <b>quality tiles</b>, all contained within our specifically designed premises. There are over 60 colors to choose from that have been procured worldwide. We also provide you with everything required for your <b>kitchens</b> and <b>bathrooms</b> furniture, appliances, fittings, accessories.

    Our new building reflects both our commitment to innovation and investment in high tech <b>digital machines</b>, which allow us to guarantee high quality products from conception to completion.

    We do not only operate in Saint-Martin- we export our professionalism and ? savoir-faire ? throughout the <b>Caribbean region</b> and we take care of the <b>installation</b>.

    <b>Lapierre’s marble has a focus on the future and is client oriented.</b>


Lapierre’s Marble

    Hope Estate - 3 rue des Caraibes - Grand Case

    97150 Saint Martin - French West Indies

    Tel: +(590) 590 87 32 49

    Fax: +(590) 590 29 45 96


    &realisations_txt=We offer refined, high quality, resistant, durable and environmentally friendly products. Thanks to our

    <b>"savoir-faire"</b> and <b>high technology</b>, we bring them to your homes for your comfort and well-being.

    Granite kitchens, marble bathrooms and stairs, travertine floors and pool coping, to name only a few possible options…for those who enjoy more <b>exclusive creations</b>, we can suggest innovative and designer ideas.

    For more information about product characteristics including colors and packaging, visit our soon online <b>CATALOGUE</b>. Contact us for more specific and/or unique items and options.

&services_txt=<b>CUSTOMIZED DECORATION</b>


    * Measuring on-site before production

    * Customized cutting

    * Packaging

    * Delivery to the port

    * Upon arrival of the pallets, a team is sent on-site

    * Installation of fragile items by our professionals

Our team is also specialized in:

    * tiles installation

    * wall clipping installation, mosaÃ?c

    * fixing ( scratch, breakage )

    * re-polishing and glossing of floors and counter tops * renovation for MEGA-YACHTS

    &design_txt=- Marble, granite, natural stone, travertine, slate, quartzite, precious stone, quartz, techlam, onyx, shell stone from all over the word. . .

    <b>Great stock</b> of slabs, tiles, borders, mosaic. . .

    - <b>Kitchen</b> : furniture, fittings, accessories, appliances, sinks, wine cellar, NEW and UNIQUE : furniture in massive stone!... - <b>Bathrooms</b> : furniture, fittings, accessories, sinks, bathtubs, showers, drainers, toilets…

    - <b>Stairs</b> in marble, overhanging stairs in stone - PVC stretched ceilings

    - Spa, hammam, saunas

    - Glass tube home elevators

    - Indoor decoration: chairs, lights, window shades, sofas - Outdoor decoration: fountains, statues, pebbles, banisters, lawn - Sculptures

    &international_txt=Come and visit our art gallery specialised in beautiful <b>SCULPTURES</b>. Several local artists use copper, granite, natural stone, metal and recycled items to create unique pieces exposed in a sophisticated and contemporary showroom.


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    + BNP Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthélémy

    + Cartier

    + Salon de coiffure Jacques Dessange

    &contact_txt=For further information, please fill in your details and we will contact you shortly.

    Mr and Mrs Lapierre


Lapierre’s Marble

    Hope Estate - 3 rue des Caraïbes - Espérance, Grand Case 97150 Saint Martin French West Indies

    Tel: +(590) 590 87 32 49

    Fax: +(590) 590 29 45 96

Email: <b><a












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Mr and Mrs Lapierre


    <b>ROUXEL TRAVAUX - SMPM:</b> Specialized in custom made Caribbean woodwork: they make doors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards, parquet, gates, window shutters. They work Mahogany, Andiroba,É tropical wood adapted to Caribbean climates.

    <b>FRANKE: </b>While best known for its Kitchen Sinks, Franke offers ceramic, stainless steel sink,

    waster dispenser. For kitchens large or small, traditional or contemporary, there is a unique design

    to enhance your decor and suit your lifestyle.

    <b>NEWMAT: </b>PVC stretch ceiling systems permit the installation of ceilings that can be either flat

    or created in a variety of shapes. NEWMAT, the ceiling that combines aesthetics, mobility and

    high quality, is founded on a strong concept which allows you to express your creativity. The

    PVC stretch ceiling system can create curves, angles, domes, and other various shapes.




    &titre4=Art gallery








    &realisations4_txt=Swimming Pool


    &realisations6_txt=To measure


    &realisations8_txt=Sitting room

&boutique=Acces to the shop


    href="http://www.gobeach.com/cupecoysunsets.htm" target="_blank">-

    Rainbow Beach Club in Sint-Maarten</a>

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    &references_txt14=<a href="http://www.lockrum.com" target="_blank">- Lockrum</a>

    &references_txt15=- West Indies Mall in Saint-Martin &references_txt16=- Bank BNP Saint-Martin & Saint-BarthŽlŽmy

    &references_txt17=- Jewelry Store Cartier in Saint-Martin &references_txt18=- Hairdresser Jacques Dessange in Saint-Martin &references_txt19=- Lot 98 Ð Low Lands in Saint Martin &references_txt20=


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