LNG 211 Practice Midterm

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LNG 211 Practice MidtermLNG 21

LNG 211: Practice Midterm

    Please read each of the ten sentences below. Each is a different untransformed pattern. Identify the verb by underlining it. Label the verb as “B,” “L,” “I,” or “T.” Identity the pattern by number.

    1. After school, Elaine went to the movies. label __I___ pattern __6___

    2. After the meeting, John named Alice as his VP. label __T___ pattern __10__

    3. During their engagement, Frank gave Jane a pianoforte. label __T___ pattern ___8__

    4. Grammar never seems fun to me! label ___L__ pattern ___4__

    5. Heather is in the corner by the door. label __B___ pattern __1___

    6. I parked the car on top of the shrubbery. label __T___ pattern ___7__

    7. Jessica considered the class stimulating. label __T___ pattern __9___

    8. Someday I will be an English teacher. label ___B__ pattern __3___

    9. Someday, you may become an English teacher too! label ___L__ pattern __5___

    10. Yesterday, Joseph was silly about the test. label __B___ pattern __2___

    Please read each of the ten sentences below. Each is a different transformed pattern. Identify the verb by underlining it. List all of the transformations. Identity the pattern by


11. Doesn’t your dog ever sleep?

     transformations?__doauxiliary; interrogative; negative____ pattern ___6__

12. How insightful this talk seems to its audience!

     transformations?__exclamatory________________________ pattern __4___

13. Isn’t the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco?

     transformations?___interrogative; negative________________ pattern __1___

    14. It is Tolkien who has always been my favorite author. (2 clausesboth same pattern)

     transformations?__it-cleft_____________________________ pattern __3___

    15. Wasn’t Clark Gable once considered Hollywood’s sexiest actor?

     transformations?_passive; interrogative; negative________ pattern __10___

    16. Wasn’t Patrick frightened by the grammar test?

     transformations?__ passive; interrogative; negative ______ pattern ___7__

    17. We were not awarded the contract for that book.

     transformations?__passive; negative____________________ pattern __8___

    18. Were they angry with you or with him?

     transformations?__interrogative_________________________ pattern ___2__

19. What a fabulous skater she became!

     transformations?__exclamatory__________________________ pattern ___5__

    20. Why did the janitor repaint the blackboards green?

     transformations?__interrogative; do-auxiliary_______________ pattern __9___

Be able to define:

    linking verb determiner preposition headword

    prescriptivism imperative adjective exclamatory adverb indirect object object complement direct object subject complement intransitive verb active voice transitive verb passive voice qualifier

    modal cleft sentence auxiliary expletive

    indicative objective case subjunctive possessive case tense subjective case aspect there transformation case emphatic sentence

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