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    Module4 A Social Survey---My Neighbourhood

    Period 1 Introduction &Reading and Vocabulary

    Dngchen senior high Feng Xuede

    Teaching Goals

     1 Knowledge and Skills

    1) Train the students speaking skills .

    2) Develop the students reading ability .

    3) Learning some new words .

    2.Process and Strategies

    1) Train the studentsspeaking skills through individual and pair work .

    2)Train the studentsreading ability by dealing with some reading activities . 3. Emotion and values

    1) Try to raise the students cooperation awareness in their study by pair or group work .

    2)Request the students to love their homeland ,their hometown . Teaching Key Points

    1 Encourage the students to talk about buildings .

    2.Help the students make sense of the whole passage .

    3 Help the students improve their reading ability .

    Difficult Points

    1 Lead the students to talk in class actively .

    2 Deal with some difficult language points .

    Teaching Tools

    Some pictures , the multimedia & a blackboard .

    Teaching Procedure

    Step1 Lead-in and Introduction

    1. Shoe the students some pictures to let them say their impressions of the pictures are .

    2. Read about the homes of the two students and take some notes . 3. Talk about their own home.

    Step 2 Pre-reading

     Background knowledge of Xiamen . Show them some pictures to let them guesss where it

    is .(Give them some hints )

    Step 3 While-reading

    1 Read the passage quickly and choose the correct answers .(Show the questions on the screen )

    2 Read again and judge whether these statements are true or false . 3 Detail reading Read the passage carefully,then fill in the chart .(Show the chart on the screen )

    Then check the answers with the whole class .

Step 4 Language Points

    Explain to the students some important and difficult language points . 1 Its been six years since we last saw each other .

     It is/has been +some time +since clause

    2 And this is the first time Ive visited your hometown .

     This /It is the first/second/last time(that)clause. 3 This is one of the most attractive places Ive been to .

     The attributive clause after the est form of the adjectives often usa the Perfect Tense . 4 Pretty hot and wet in the summer

     Pretty adv. It means quite or rather . adj. It means beautiful . 5 Now were leaving the business district and approaching the harbour .

     approach vt It means arive in sone place or sometime in a short moment . 6 So they tell me .

     So +S + be /do /can

     So + be / do /can +S

     S + V + so

    Step 5 Summary and homework

     1 Summarise what they have learnt in this class .

     2 Assign the homework .

     1) Finish Activity 3 and 4 on page 33 .

     2)Write a description of your hometown .

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