David J Gurzick Resume

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David J Gurzick Resume David J Gurzick Resume

    David Gurzick


    3665 Singleton Terrace

    Frederick, MD 21704


To combine my experience and education in system engineering with my talents and passion for technology to create world-class solutions


Hood College Instructor of Management, Dept. of Management and Economics Aug 2006 Present

     Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Management and Economics June 2005 Aug 2006

I began teaching during the summer of 2005 as an Adjunct Professor at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. This past August I was promoted

    to Instructor of Management and now serve as a full-time equivalent member of the faculty of the Department of Management and Economics.

Since joining Hood, I have taught over 500 students in 22 course sections and have received a cumulative average 4.67 rating in response to

    the end of semester student evaluation question, “Overall, the quality of teaching was excellent” (on a scale of 1-5 with 5=strongly agree).

    I also consult in the medical research, biotech, visual media, and financial services fields through Khaki Software LLC.

Selected Recent Consulting Projects:

    ; Designed and developed the technical infrastructure and visual interface for the Fieldtrip online community (a digital media site for

    sharing and discussing videos taken by cell-phone cameras). This work is sponsored by grants from the National Institute for Child

    Health and Development, the Robert Deutsch foundation, and Nokia. Technologies used include, Flash, C#, SQL Server

    2005, and MySQL.

    ; Created a prototype application for the detection of “Threatening Images” in CT Scans. This system employed artificial intelligence

    techniques to uncover and identify patterns taken from scanned luggage. Technologies used include C#, SQL Server 2005, and


Sonum Technologies, Inc. Director of Research June 2005 May 2006

     Director of Software Engineering Nov 2002 June 2005

Sonum Technologies is a venture-backed firm that is pioneering the development of natural language processing and speech interfaces.

My role at Sonum Technologies was to lead a team of developers in designing and building natural language processing algorithms as well as

    sample applications that showcase the technology. I led the programming effort and served as chief architect for all system design decisions.

    On the business side I was a key contributor to the preparation of the corporate business plan, patent applications, marketing materials, and


Selected Projects:

    ; Led the creation of an application subsystem that allows for natural language processing through patented algorithms and a custom

    designed development framework. Technologies used include C#, Visual Basic, MS SAPI, SQL Server 2000, MS Access, and XML.

    ; Managed the research and development efforts focused on creation of a speech recognition system. Developed visual analysis

    tools to aid in algorithm development and created speech to text prototype SR engine, including training subsystems and both real

    time and file based identification capabilities.

    ; Designed and led the programming of sample applications that demonstrated the capabilities of the Sonum natural language

    processor. The sample applications included a financial accounting system, a data organization and retrieval program, and an

    automated personal assistant (email, contacts, tasks, and appointment management). Performed demonstrations of the applications

    for venture capitalists and investors. Technologies used include C#, ASP .Net, MS Access, and XML.

    ; Developed a benchmark system for ascertaining the accuracy of speech recognition engines. Employed statistical models in the

    creation of custom reports. Produced custom training systems and correction subsystems that increased recognition rates by 25%.

    Technologies used include C#, Visual Basic .Net, IBM ViaVoice, and XML.

ExpoExchange, LLC (Now Conferon, Inc.). Software Engineer June 2001 Nov 2002

ExpoExchange is America's leading provider of registration, housing, and sales lead management services to the tradeshow and convention


As a software engineer I was involved in both new system development and external system integration. I led the rollout of new custom built

    software packages including pricing strategy, company wide training, hosting coordination, and service contract design. I was involved in

    technical strategy meetings and served as an expert in Microsoft technologies and Internet development.

Selected Projects:

    ; Designed and developed a kiosk and web based system for the management of continuing education units. Created a web based

    administration system to facilitate at-show management. Technologies used include ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, C#, WSC, MS

    Access, and XML.

    ; Led integration of the ExpoExchange corporate registration system with an event management system acquired through company

    merger. The solution provided seamless access to information across multiple SQL server databases residing in separate domains.

    Technologies used include SQL Server 7.0 / 2000 (stored procedures, triggers, and custom views), XML, Visual Basic, C++, and

    Windows scheduled tasks.

    ; Created a development platform for the rapid construction of self registration systems for use at-show. The platform included a

    series of customizable components that encapsulated core system functionality and provided a consistent graphical design.

    Technologies used include Visual Basic, ActiveX controls (custom built and 3rd party), SQL Server 7.0, and XML.

    ; Selected as lead architect and technical manager for development of a custom registration solution for the Consumer Electronics

    Show (rated the largest tradeshow in the United States and Canada as ranked by Tradeshow Week). Authored feasibility reports,

    integration plans, a user experience workflow, master design document, and technical addendums to the sales contract.

Plural, Inc. (Now Dell Professional Services) Software Developer May 2000 June 2001

    Plural is a Microsoft technology oriented Internet consulting practice and a recent Microsoft solution provider of the year.

At Plural, I worked in a programmer / analyst role to create web based solutions for non-profit and corporate customers. I worked directly with

    clients to understand their needs and translate those needs into technical architecture solutions. As a software developer, I assisted and led

    portions of the development, testing, and maintenance of these solutions.

Selected Projects:

    ; Lead architect and developer for the DC Central Kitchen website ( and Kitchens, Inc (

    web portal. The website has been featured on the Oprah Angel Network and in The Washington Business Journal. Technologies

    used include ASP, WSC, Visual Basic, 3rd party components, and SQL Server 2000.

    ; Lead developer for the implementation of an nCompass Resolution (now Microsoft Content Management Server) system for a major

    nationwide hotel chain to serve as their main corporate intranet. Technologies used include nCompass Resolution 3.1 / 4.0, Site

    Server 3.0 (content replication services, LDAP, personalization and membership, search), ASP, and SQL Server 7.0.

    ; Spoke at company wide events on .Net Enterprise Server products including development best practices, architecture

    recommendations, and pricing considerations. Served as technical expert at numerous sales meetings and client meetings.

    ; Member of research committee to review and gain experience in Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 during its beta releases.

    Conducted office wide technical briefings and was a featured speaker at Microsoft Direct Access. Provided development and

    technical support to Qwest in their creation of the Apptimum Commerce Services E-Commerce Platform.

Litton/TASC Computer Specialist Intern May 1999 Aug 1999

TASC is one of the world's premier providers of information management and systems engineering solutions for the federal government. TASC

    is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrop Grumman.

As an intern at Litton/TASC, I was involved in the development of a commercial telecommunications security system prototype and the creation

    of a lab environment for use by the project.

Selected Projects:

    ; Developed system security and access control management subsystems for a commercial telecommunications security system

    prototype. Programmed custom interfaces, DES encryption algorithms, user authentication schemes. Technologies used include

    Visual C++, MS Access, and Oracle 8.0.5.


    Ph.D. Information Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (expected Aug. 2009)

    M.S. Computer Science, Hood College, 2003

    B.S. Computer Science, minor business administration, Frostburg State University, 2000


     MCSD Microsoft Certified Solution Developer with additional certifications in Visual C#

     MCP+SB Microsoft Certified Professional in Site Building

Professional Memberships:

    Association of Information Systems (AIS), in special interest group on Human-Computer Interaction (SIGHCI)

    Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)

    Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), in special interest group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI)

    American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T)

Technical Knowledge:

    Programming: Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET, Visual Basic, VBScript, VBA, VB.NET, Visual C++, C/C++, C#, Java,

    JavaScript, COBOL, Assembly, Pascal, LISP, Prolog, ASP, ASP.NET

    Presentation: HTML, DHTML, CSS, Director, Lingo, Flash, Photoshop, ActiveX Controls, .Net WinForms, .Net WebForms

    Logic: COM, COM+, .NET Framework, CLR, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, MSMQ, MTS, Web Services

    Data: SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, DBF, LDAP, MSDE, XML, XSL, XSD, ADO, ADO.NET

    Platforms: Commerce Server 2000, Site Server Content Replication Services, LDAP, Personalization and Membership,

    Search), Content Management Server, Microsoft Exchange, IIS (Web, FTP, Mail), Visio, Microsoft Office

    Operating Systems: Windows 95/98, NT 4.0, 2000 Professional, XP, 2000 Server, 2000 Advanced Server,

    Small Business Server 2003, Windows Server 2003, Windows CE 2.11, CE 3.0 (PocketPC), Mac OSX

    Networking: TCP/IP, Ethernet, IP, OSI, Telephony, Wireless Networking, Peer to Peer Networking

    Linguistics: Computational Linguistics, Phonetics, Cognitive Modeling, Natural Language Processing,

     Speech Recognition, Finite State Automata, Bayesian Methods

    Advanced Concepts: N-Tier design, Windows DNA, Web Services, Extreme Programming (agile software processes), Genetic

    Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Pattern Identification and Reduction, Speech Recognition,

    Speech Interfaces, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Handwriting Recognition, Mobile Applications, Data

    Mining, Social Network Analysis, GIS

Patents Pending

    Ford, W. R., Gurzick, D. & Newman, M., Surface Structure Generator. Published March 2007. Applicaton #:20070067155, Kind: A1,

    Class: 704009000.



    Heckle, R., Lutters, W., & Gurzick, D. (2008). Network Authentication using Single Sign-On: The Challenge of Aligning Mental

    Models, Computer-Human Interaction for the Management of Information Technology (CHIMIT). San Diego, CA, USA.

    Gurzick, D., Lutters, W., & Boot, L. (2008). Rethinking Recruitment for Adolescent Online Communities, Internet Research 9.0 (AoIR). Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Gurzick, D., Ozok, A. A., & Morris, B. (2007). Online Communication & Baby Boomers: Current Use, Preferences, and Future Expectations, Americas Conference on Information systems (AMCIS). Keystone, CO: AIS Press.

Gurzick, D., & Lutters, W. G. (2006). From the personal to the profound: Understanding the blog life cycle, Extended Abstracts of the

    ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) (pp. 827-832). Montreal, Canada: ACM Press.


    Baker, L., Sonnenschein, S., Sullivan, C., Boot, L., & Gurzick, D. (2009). Engaging Adolescents in Discussions About Their

    Education Through an Internet-Based Multimedia Community. Paper presented at the Society for Research in Child Development

    (SRCD), Denver, Co, USA. (Accepted: In press)

Boot, L., Baker, L., Sonnenschein, S., Gurzick, D., & Sullivan, C. (2008). The Fieldtrip Project: Teens’ Cellcam Films Balanced

    Authenticity and Expertise to Spark Online Peer Discussions to Increase Engagement in Education. Paper presented at the International conference on Ubiquitous Learning, Chicago, IL, USA.

    Gurzick D. (2008). Designing Deeply Engaging Online Communities for Adolescents. Third International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology (DESRIST) (pp. 427-428). Atlanta, GA, USA.

Gurzick D. & Ford W. R. (2006). Using Pattern Reduction to Accommodate Variability of Expression in Natural Language Processing.

    Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS).

    Gurzick D. & Ford W. R. (2005). Managing Expression Variability in Natural Language Processing, Advanced Speech Technology Symposium, New York, NY.

    Ford W. R. & Gurzick D. (2005). Cutting Edge Techniques for Better Speech Analytics. SpeechTek Conference, New York, NY.



    Gurzick, D., White, K., Lutters, W. & Boot, L. (2008). Examining moderator use of activity-tracking in a nascent online community for

    adolescents. Annual meeting of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). Washington, D.C., USA.

    Gurzick, D. (2007). Managing a Web of Identity. Presentation given at the Public Practices, Social Software workshop at the Conference on Communities and Technologies, East Lansing, MI.

    Gurzick D., Douglas D. & Lutters W. G. (2007). Designing for Discussion: Evaluating Media Provocation for an Early-Adolescent Online Community. 29th USM Graduate Research Conference, Baltimore, MD, USA.

    Gurzick, D. (2006). Improving word prediction with reality TV. 28th USM Graduate Research Conference, Baltimore, MD, USA.

    Gurzick, D. (2005). Are we bringing the water cooler to the desktop? Instant messaging at work. 27th USM Graduate Research Conference, Baltimore, MD, USA.

Invited Presentations

    Gurzick, D. (2008). The science of advertising in online social networks, Keynote Presentation given at Campaign: Digital. Frederick,

    MD, USA: Greater Frederick Advertising Federation.

Lutters, W., Gurzick, D., & Boot, L. (2006). Media as an inter-generational bridge: A cross-disciplinary exploration. Education and

    the "Whole Child": An Interdisciplinary Workshop, Baltimore, MD, USA.

Non-Refereed Technical Reports

    Douglas, D., Gurzick, D., & Lutters, W. (2007). Designing engaging online media for adolescents. Poster presented at the UMBC Summer Research Fest, Baltimore, MD, USA.

Kurlick, N., Gurzick, D., & Lutters, W. (2007). Analyzing the blog life cycle. Poster presented at the UMBC Summer Research Fest,

    Baltimore, MD, USA.

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