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    1. Go on a date

    Shall we grab a beer after work? My schedule is wide open after.

    Can we make it 10 pm ?

    Let me check my schedule/ timetable You look like a million dollars 你真好看

    Can I buy you a drink?

     Would you like to hang out with me? I'm gonna pick you up at 8:00.

2.flatter sb?

    You look like a million dollars 你真好看

    She's a ten.

    He's cute

    梦中情人 my perfect lady

    白马王子 Mr charming

     Babe magnet

    She give me those puppy-dog eyes 卖萌

    He is a muscle man. 他是个有肌肉的男人。

3 . They have chemistry

    click with someone 同样常被老美用的是 have chemistry 这个片语。例如,They were clicking. 这句话你也可以说成 They have chemistry. 这句话你可以理解成两人之间有某种奇妙的化学反应?也是指两人来电的意思。

    We were just having some fun.

    You are a match made in the Heaven.

3. How to turn down an invitation?

    I’m otherwise engaged. / My schedule is pretty full.

     She turned me down. I got a fake number last night

You are not my cup of tea.

Can I have your number?

    ----I'm sorry we weren't really looking for anything to happen, I have a boyfriend.

    ----So she has a boyfriend, what is your situation?

     喵了个咪” Why, dog my cats, they must have a house full of niggers in there every night for

    four weeks to have done all that work…”

    What’s your zodiac sign?

    Born under Pisces/Aries/Cancer/ Leo/ Virgo/ Libra/ I think my character fits the description very well. 4 How to break up?

    I'm over you.


    I had a falling out with my boyfriend.(我不理我男朋友了。)

    Damn-it boy 该死的男孩

     We decided to break up. To be more precise, he dumped me.

     That's a heart-breaking story.

    If our relationship is going to end, I don't want it to end up like this.;如果我们真的要分手?


5 .The ways of blind date are diverse

    Introduced by parents or friends

    Blind date party

    blind date television programs

     (1) What’s your view on blind date?

    (2)Advantages and disadvantages of blind date.

    (3) give some advices about the blind date

    (Attention: help them take a sound attitude towards it.)

Do you think blind date programs have high authenticity and reliability?

    What reason do you think will make you go for a blind date? A parents urged B curiosity and freshness C friend introduction D you need a spouse to get

    married E only to get rid of empty F follow the stream G

    If you go for a blind date, what aspects do you most value? A appearance B family background C economic foundation D education background E

    career F moral quality G character H depend on feelings

Tips on date

    Dont be late

    Choose a good place/ the right clothe

    Dont always chitchat.

I don't want to be the third wheel..

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