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By Tommy Brooks,2014-09-26 09:38
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    Department of Communications

We’d like to highlight some of the major success of FY of 2011-2012. Our Face Book

    page launched in March was a resounding success. Project Coexist has already we have been “liked” 14,347 times on FB. Our Twitter account has 1600 followers as of today (April 10) and we are receiving 4000 inquires per month on “request more information” option. Our online presence has shown a continual progression which we expect to continue at a steady rate for over the next year (FY 12-13).

    Our creative team developed an eye-catching logo, which was prominently displayed on our posters announcing the press conference. Business cards have been made with a simplified logo for all our staff. Our stationary both digital and paper, carry the logo in order to continue developing our brand name.

    Our Press conference which was held at our Syracuse Headquarters set the tone for our relationship with the media and the general public. We proactively served wine and hors d'oeuvre before the conference which proved to be effective. The reporters which initially seemed hurried and disinterested underwent a perceptible change after second and third glasses of merlot.

    Increased interest was shown by Al Jazeera, CNN, BCC and the major news agencies from every part of the world. At least a dozen media representatives were in attendance. Also academic, International NGO and community leaders eagerly listened to our launch, which laid out the compelling need, our formula for success, and the riveting accounts of our company officers who shared the exciting vision of all we are going to accomplish in the field of conflict resolution. The question-and-answer session was lively. Our representatives gave agile responses to the many questions brought up by both the media and public in attendance.

    Among the challenges we faced over the last year were breaking into the very crowded online media market with a distinctive name, image and logo. It turns out that there are other organizations with similar names. We distinguished ourselves by using “Project”

    Coexist since “Coexist” as a stand-alone word is already taken. Likewise our logo

    underwent modifications to individualize it as distinctive. Looking to the future our motto is not to prepare what to do if a media storm breaks out. Instead our view is to prepare

    for “when” the media storm breaks out. The Union Carbide handling of the Bhopal India accidents and the British Petroleum’s mishandling of the Gulf oil-rig accident are cases in


    Our press team is training spokespersons who are prepared for handling media events for the many possible eventualities which may develop over the course of our endeavors. Although our organization maintains the highest level of ethics and training, we have basic press releases prepared for every imaginable form of employee misconduct (bribery, corruption, abuse etc.) which may be adapted according to need.

    We will be holding company-wide workshops on how to handle press-ambushes for staff who are not spokespersons to maintain a suitable level of preparedness. The communications department is also reached out to all the major media agencies in order to maintain an ongoing spirit of goodwill and cooperation.

    We have produced a world-class, color brochure (e-version and paper) which is ready for distribution as of today. It will be sent out in mass to all of our constituents and potential friends and supporters next week.

    In December 2012 we have planned a fund-raising event which will be a dinner at the Syracuse Oncenter. Again all the major press agencies have been invited. Live music will be performed by volunteers from the SU Department of music. The suggested donation will be $ 50 per person. To augment the fund raising a dance contest will be held at the same event. Participants will be drawn from the SU faculty and Syracuse community leaders.

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