Test for module three

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Test for module threeTest

    Test for module three


    1. You shouldnt l______ when other people speak at meeting. 2. I h_____ writing long compositions. 3. Did you w______ the match yesterday? 4. She is a very famous r______ from CCTV. 5. Thank you. Dont m______ it.

    6. Id like to have a g______ of juice. 7. He s______ to be angry last night. 8. We should p______ for our lesson.

    9. My mother c______ my homework everyday. 10. L like her voice. It s______ pretty nice. 二、英汉词组互译15

    ,最新消息_______________ 2.带某人参观___________________ 1

    3.小心____________________4.持续做某事___________________ 5.讨厌做某事____________6.同意某人的意见_________________ 7.比赛得分________________8.要……_______________________ 9.向下看___________________10.早饭吃了……_______________ 11.似乎____________________12.需要做某事_________________ 13.喜欢做某事_______________14.记得做过某事______________



    1. There isnt______ in todays newspaper.

     A. something new B. nothing new C. anything new D. everything new 2. Maths is_____ difficult for me_____ learn well.

     A. too, to B. neither, nor C. so, that D. either, or

    3. WeiFang is good at drawing, _____ she?

     A. does B. is C. doesnt D. isnt

    4. How many times_____ he____ to the Great Wall.

     A. have, gone B. have, been C. has, gone D. has, been

    5. Can you tell us______?

     A. when did he come B. when he came

     C. when does he come D. he came when 6. Can you tell me _____ you were born, Betty?

     A. who B. what C. when D. that


7. The little child walked for a long time. He had to stop_____ a rest.

     A. have B. to have C. having D. to be have 8. I asked him_____ it, but he didnt.

     A. how to do B. to do C. how doing D. do 9. We would like_____ a model plane.

     A. make B. to make C. making D. made

    10. You need_____ a rest at home.

     A. clean B. cleaning C. to clean D. cleaned 11. They decided_____ the West Farm next Sunday.

     A. to visit B. visiting C. visit D. visited 12. I want to pass the test, but I hate_____ a test

     A. have B. has C. had D. having

    13. Remember_____ your umbrella because it is cloudy outside

     A. take B. taking C. to take D. took

    14. Thank you for_____ us around the city.

     A. take B. taking C. to take D. took

    15. I agreed_____ with him.

     A. talk b. talking C. to talk D. talked 四、 用括号中做给动词的适当形式填空。10

    1. We try________ (make) a new bike.

    2. They decided_________ (find) a job.

    3. Its difficult________ ( study) English very well. 4. Keep_________ ( speak) English every day.

    5. My grandpa enjoys_________ ( fish) on weekends. 6.Thats the end of the programme. Thank you for______ (listen) 7. Wed like_________ (thank)you for your e-mail. 8. Please remember_________ (look) out of the red light. 9. Its time for class, please stop_________ (talk) 10. He began________ (mend) his computer after he had a little rest.

    五、 英汉互译。20


     Our teacher often tells us not ______ ______ ______ ______ strangers.


     Last week we_______ _______ _______ an English newspaper. 3.我不先关电台?但我还要做作业。

     I didnt want _______ _______ _______ the radio.



     Dont_______ _______ at me ,Both you and me are workers. 5. 你愿意和我一起去看电影吗!

     _______ you like _______ _______ to the cinema with me? 6,走的时候别 忘了关灯。

     Please remember_______ _______ _______ the light when you leave.

    7 他们喜欢看足球比赛。

     They _______ _______ football watch.


     That baby_______ _______ when he saw his mother. 9,你需要马上回家。

    You_______ _______ go home at once.


     He _______ me_______ for about 2hours.


     I didnt _______ _______ _______ _______ next.


     Mrs. Smith _______ _______ by plane.


     I_______ _______ _______ _______ a sports reporter. 14,谢谢你送我的孩子回家。

     _______ _______ _______ _______ my child home.


     The population problem may be the_1_one of the world today. The worlds population is growing_2_. Two thousand years ago, there were only 250 million people_3_ the earth. Four hundred years ago, the number was_4_ 500 million. But at the beginning of the_5_ century, the worlds population was about 1,700 million. In 1970, this number was 3,600 million. In 1990, the number was five billion. A_6_ report says that the world population will_7_ six billion by the

    thend of the 20 century. This is just ten_8_after it_9_ five billion. People say that by the year 2010, _10_ may be seven billion. ( )1. A. great B. greater C. greatest D. greating ( )2. A. faster and faster B. fast and fast

    C. fastest and fastest D. faster and fast

    ( )3.A. in B. on C. at D. for


( )4. A. nearly B. more C. almost D. over

    ( )5. A. twenty B. twelve C. twentieth D. twelfth ( )6. A. USA B. UN C. PRC D. PLA

    ( )7. A. past B. pass C. passed D. passes

    ( )8. A. weeks B. months C. seasons D. years

    ( )9. A. get B. gets C. reached D. reach

    ( )10. A. this B. its C. one D. it


     Can we live without salt? Salt is very important to us. We need salt in our food. Animals need it too. Most of the salt in our country comes from the sea. People dig very big pools and let sea water in. When the sun dries(弄干)up the water, people can get salt from the ground. The salt is white, clean and beautiful.

    ) in Sichuan. A salt well is much like a There are a lot of salt well(

    water well. People bring the well water up to the ground and then dry it in big jars(坛子) over fire. In this way they get salt. We can also get salt from salt mines( ). A salt mine may be found under the ground. Some years ago, people in Jiangxi found a big salt mine and soon opened it. People here need salt from other places no more.

     In the northwest of our country, there are many salt lakes. Some of the lakes are very big. The salt in a big lake will be enough for our people for centuries.

    ( )1. we cant live without salt, so_____.

    A. we need more B. it is very important to us

    C. We have to drink sea water D. there is salt in all our food ( )2. We get most of the salt from______.

    A. salt lakes B. seawater C. salt wells D. salt mines ( )3. People in Sichuan get salt from_____.

    A. jars B. fire C. salt wells D. water wells ( )4. Not many years ago, a big salt mine was found and


     A. in Sichuan B. in Jiangxi

     C. in the northwest D. beside the sea

    ( )5. The best title(标题) of the article is________.

     A. salt B. Why We Need Salt

     C. Salt is Important D. We Need Salt



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