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    MBS Integrated Heating Solution


    An Armstrong MBS_____ Integrated Heating Solution shall be installed. The MBS shall be a factory assembled packaged system and comprise of a series of interconnecting modules which will contain all of the sub-systems required to provide primary Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) to the building at seasonal efficiencies of up to 94%. The MBS provides the benefit of a single source of accountability for performance of the components as an integrated system.

    The modules, which are 620 mm wide, are easy to manoeuvre and can be transported through narrow access single doors. On site, minimal work is required to the MBS before it will be up and running for space comfort heating; only 1 gas pipe connection, building supply and return water piping, cold water supply for make-up, flues as well as electrical power to the integrated control panel are required on site. As an option BMS interface connections would be required as well.

    The entire system shall be tested in the factory as a unit to confirm the equipment performance prior to shipping. The integrated controller shall also be factory tested with all sequences and alarms simulated. All pipework shall be insulated with foamed nitrile rubber sections (class 1 surface spread of flame) and pressure tested in the factory before shipping.


    The MBS shall include boilers, pumps, isolating valves, strainer, gas meter, chemical dosing pot system, make-up water system, and interconnecting piping with air vents, drain cocks and test points.

    Fully modulating low NOx gas fired condensing boilers with aluminum heat exchangers and premix burners shall be incorporated in the modules. The boilers shall be CE approved to meet the requirements of the EC Gas Appliance Directive, Boiler Efficiency Directive, EMC and Low Voltage Directive and shall be tested and certified to EN483 and EN677 for use on Natural Gas and LPG.

The intelligent twin head pump for duty/standby operation incorporates Armstrong’s variable flow control

    technology which will constantly adapt to changes in the distribution system characteristics and shall maintain a constant ?T across supply and return. The integrated controller shall ensure minimum flow rates are maintained at all times.

    A pressure controlled electronic fill unit shall be incorporated to automatically fill the entire system to the pre-set cold fill pressure. The fill unit shall incorporate a WRAS approved RPZ valve suitable for class 4 contamination risks, a solenoid valve and pressure transducers. An expansion vessel with removable EPDM diaphragm shall be provided loose for connection to the return header via a hose and isolating valve.

    The boiler gas isolating valves shall incorporate a self-acting thermal mechanism to close the valve in the event of fire. An in-line, turbine type gas flow meter shall be fitted in the gas header to ensure compliance with part L. Safety valves shall be fitted to each boiler supply pipe and a plugged gas purge valve shall be fitted to the end of the gas header.

    An IP54 integrated controller shall house the PLC controller and relays. The controller shall incorporate a door mounted 145mm touch-screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) for all necessary user interface functions. The integrated controller shall be pre-programmed with project specific data for easy start-up and commissioning. On start-up a read only screen shall display external temperature, flow set-point, flow temperature, return temperature, ?T, boiler output, pump output, system pressure, pump discharge pressure

    and room temperature. The initial screen shall also display boiler status, pump status, system status, filter clean status and fill valve status. System hours run and individual pump hours run shall also be displayed. Alarms, data trending and event logging of 2000 events shall also be displayed on the touch-screen HMI.

     Armstrong Integrated Limited S. A. Armstrong Limited Wenlock Way 23 Bertrand Avenue

     Manchester Toronto, Ontario

     United Kingdom, M12 5JL Canada, M1L 2P3 T: +44 (0) 8444 145 145 T: 416-755-2291

     F: +44 (0) 8444 145 146 F: 416-759-9101 ? S.A. Armstrong Limited 2011

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    A second screen (which is password protected for field adjustable parameters) shall provide access to input time, night setback and holiday settings and virtual hand/off/auto/night setback and time extension buttons. Subsequent screens shall be password protected and shall give access to mode/system set-up, PID set-up, frost protection, clock set-up and reset and restore default screen.

    The logic controller shall be based on Flash style memory; older style EEPROM style memory shall not be acceptable. Keypad based interfaces, LCD readouts and LED displays shall not be accepted. The integrated controller shall perform online self-diagnostic testing of the CPU(s), RAM and flash memory. No data shall be lost during power supply interruptions.

    The MBS integrated controller shall be capable of both hard-wired and serial communications with the BMS. BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, Trend, TCP/IP and GSM modem are offered as options. Clearly marked terminals shall be provided for BMS interface and the various field-mounted devices.

    The MBS system shall be commissioned by an approved Armstrong Service Partner and shall be provided with a comprehensive technical manual that includes technical information as well as installation, commissioning and servicing instructions. Commissioning shall include final checkout, adjustment and start-up.

    A four (4) hour on-site operator training session on the operation and maintenance of the MBS shall also be provided.


    The manufacturer shall have a minimum of 25 years manufacturing and application experience and shall be responsible for the proper pressure and flow in the entire system.

    The packaged system manufacturer must hold an ISO 9000 and 14001QA certification, or approved equal.

    Acceptable manufacturers include Armstrong, or approved equal. Equal and alternate manufacturers must submit a request to bid in writing to the owner, or owner’s consultant prior to tender closing. Alternate bids

    must be entered with savings over base bid. The manufacturer must provide the following information for consideration prior to entering a bid:

1. Energy performance

    2. Equipment selection data

    3. Control sequence of operation

    4. List of similar installations with references

    5. List of deviations to the specification

     Armstrong Integrated Limited S. A. Armstrong Limited Wenlock Way 23 Bertrand Avenue

     Manchester Toronto, Ontario

     United Kingdom, M12 5JL Canada, M1L 2P3 T: +44 (0) 8444 145 145 T: 416-755-2291

     F: +44 (0) 8444 145 146 F: 416-759-9101 ? S.A. Armstrong Limited 2011

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