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     Junior3Unit1---5 试题及答案 苑新国



    do sth. by doing sth.

    ask for sth./ ask sb.for sth./ask sb. to do./ask sb. not to do study for/ work for

    practice/practice doing sth./writing practice what about/how about (not) doing sth?

    read aloud to practice pronunciation

    learn a lot from / learn from./learn by oneself/learned/learn to do sth.

    improve my speaking skills

    in English speaking country/ spoken English

    sometimes/sometime/some time/some times

    too--- to do/ not ---enough to do/ so---that/ such---that understand/see/catch/follow


    the best way to do sth.

    specific suggestions/suggest doing/suggest that ---(should )do Memorizing the world helps a little.


    find it easy to do sth./find sth/sb,adj/find sb doing sth./find sth.

    Join the club./join in= take part in

    get excited about/ to do

    end up with sth/end up doing /begin with sth. make a survey=do a survey

    make sb do sth.=get sb. to do /make oneself.done spoken English / in English speaking country

    make mistakes/by mistake/mistake---for

    get do sth.=make sth.done=have sth.done/get sth. Adj.

    forget/forgetful/unforgettable/forget to do/forget doing Why dont you do sth.?=Why not do sth.?

    maybe=perhaps=probable/may be

    first of all

    Its easy/important/necessary ---for sb. to do sth./Its kind/friendly---of sb. to do sth. To begin with,/to tell you the truth.

    be afraid /frightened /terrified to do /of /that --- have fun/trouble/difficulty/problems/a good time doing have fun with---

    Its fun to do---

    decide to do =make a decision to de =make up ones mind to do=set ones mind to do

    The best way to improve your English is to join a club. a second =another/the second/two seconds

    unless=if ---not= without

    deal with=do with

affect ---=influence---=have an effect on ---=have influence on ---

    be angry with/about=be annoyed with/about =be mad at worry about=be worried about

    Time goes by = As time goes on

    see sth. /see sb. doing/ be seen to do/be seen doing

    stay/keep angry

    each other / one another

    last for long

    regard---as=keep---as= look on---as

    get lost=be lost

    enjoy doing

    complain sb.about sth./complain to sb.about sth have sth to do./have sth. /have sb/sth.doing/have sth.done

    be strict with sth.

    changeinto /put---into/changeable/much change/changes/change ones mind

    Its ones duty to do sth.

    with the help of---=with sbs help

    something worse/nothing new


    lets not do sth.

    Instead of doing/ instead


    break off/break out/ break into/break up/break open think about/think of/think over

    later on

    laugh at

    take notes

    make up/make into

    try/do ones best to do

    look up---in a dictionary



    do sth by doing---

    I learn English by listening to the tapes. 现在完成时

    have/has done---

    He has ever studied with a group.

    have /has----done---

    Has he ever studied with a group?

    have/hasnt done---

    He hasnt studied with a group?


    already. yet. ever .never .so far. just. in/during the last/past two years. recently. in recent years.

    Before, for a week=since a week age. since last week.


    have/has been to ----

    He has been to Beijing twice.

    have /has goneto---

    Where is he? He has gone to Beijing. have/has been in---

    We have been here since a week ago.

    He hasnt been here for a week.


    come/ .arrive/.reach./get to --------be here/be in go/leave------be away/be away from--- die----be dead



    join----be in/be a member of

    open---be open

    close---be closed

    wake up---be awake

    go to sleep/fall asleep---be asleep

    finish/end---be over

    begin/start---be on

    get married---be married

    get up---be up

    make friends----be friends

    fall ill---be ill

    break off/break down/break into/break up He came here a week ago=He has been here for a week 现在完成时的五种同意句型

    He bought the book a week ago.=

    He has kept the book since a week ago= He has kept the book for a week=

    A week ha passed since he bought the book.= It has been a week since he bought the book.= It is a week since he bought the book. I.、用所给词的适当形式填空。

    1.We study English by____________(listen) to the tapes.

    2.What about ________(read) _______(loud)__________(practice) ________(pronounce)?

    3.It improves my______________(speak) skills. 4.Some students have more _____________(suggest). 5.He is _____________(bore) with the _________(bore) story.

    6.The book is __________(help) to me. 7.He get __________(excite) about the __________(excite) story.

    8.We ended up ___________(sing) a song . 9.He speaks too _________(quick).

10.Its_________(amaze) how much it helped.

    11.I enjoys_________(learn)English .

    12.My teacher is very________(impress)

    13.He can__________(easy) become unhappy.

    14.They have many_____________(disagree).

    15.We are in __________(agree) that he studies hard. 16._______(educate) is an important part of our _________(develop) 17.He is ____________(probable) a _________(success) man. 18.We should keep our__________(friend)forever.


    1.Its easy to get_________(lose) in a new place.

    2.I was ________(impress) by what our teacher said in class just now 3.We decided ________(not tell) him the bad news. 4.The question is hard for me__________(understand). 5.I___________(learn) a lot from him already.

    6.________you ever__________(study) with a group? 7.We asked students about the way__________(learn) more English. 8.__________(memorize) the words of pop songs also helped a lot. 9.We practice____________(run) to keep healthy every day. 10.He finds__________(watch) movies__________(frustrate). 11.How did the ________(learn) learn_________(learn)English? 12.It wasnt easy for me ________(understand) them.

    13.I started ________(write)my own sentences_______(use)the grammar. 14.He has trouble ________(make) complete sentences. 15.The best way to learn English is _______(join) an English club. 16.When I came , I saw her__________(read) in the room 17.The last meeting this term won’t __________(last) for long.

    18.Its our duty________(try) our best________(deal) with each challenge. 19._________(not worry) about your problems.

    20.I am afraid________(go) out at night.

    21.Why________(not invite) Tom to come to the party. 22.He is always _________(help) me with my lessons. 23.In English_________(speak) countries, he cant understand__________(speak) English. 24.We get much ____________(write)________(practice). III、选择

    ( )1.He sings well, because he has a beautiful________. A.voice B.sound C.noise D. sounds

    ( )2.We cant ________the pronunciation right.

    A.get B.make D.Both A and B

    ( )3.He has got _______ A in an English Test.

    A. a B. an C. x D. the

    ( 4.)Please ______in a dictionary.

    A.look up it B. look it for C. look for it D.look it up ( )5.Most people speak English as _______language.

    A.another B.a second C. the second D.Both A andB ( )6.What do you think ______doing?

    A. are you B. did you C. you are was

    ( )7.I will go shopping ________it rains tomorrow. A. if B. as if C. unless

    ( )8.He was seen __________ every day.

    A. read read C. reading D.reads

    ( )9.People ______ angry for years.

    A. keep B.stay C. become D. Both A andB

    ( )10.They are twins,_______, they look different. A. but B. while C.however

    ( )11.They decided________ to each other again. not to talk B.not talk C. not to talk D.tallked to ( )12.Our teacher is strict_____ us _____our study. A. in, in B. with, in C. in, with D.with,with ( )13._______young children, we should always complain________our school.

    A. As, for B. As, about C. About , about D. To, for ( )14.We should regard problems ________challenges. B. for C. as D. by

    ( )15.He has _______work to do, so he feels ________tired A.too much, too much B.much too,much too

     C.much too, too much D.too much, much too

    ( )16.Lets ________the challenges_______.

    A.face to ,instead B.face,instead C.face to, instead of face, instead

    ( )17.He mistook Tom_______Jim _______chance.. A. for, by B.for, for C. by, by, for

    ( )18.He will come _____.

    A.later on B.after a week C. soon D.BothA and B ( ) 19.I ________my cat for two days.

    A. havent seen B. have seen C. saw D.see

    ( )20.Have you ever been to French? Yes, I ________there last year. A. have gone B. went C. have been D.go

    ( )21.How long ________you________the book? Since last week. A. did, buy B.have, bought C.have , had D.have, borrowed ( )22.Where is Tom? He _________to America.

    A.has gone B. has been C. went going

    ( )23. He ___________ China since a week ago.

    A. has been to B. has gone to C.has been in D.went to ( )24.Great changes _________during the last two years. A.have changed B. has changed C. have been changed D.has been changed

    ( )25.______the bus _______? Yes, it arrived an hour ago. A. Did arrive B.Has, arrived C. Will, arrive D.Does, arrive ( )26.It ________a week since he _________here. A. has been, came , came C. is , comes D.Both A and B

    ( )27.Has the train arrived? No, it _________in an hour. A. has arrived B. arrived arriving D.arrives ( )28.The question is ______for me to answer.

    A.easy enough B.enough easy C.not enough easy D.such easy ( )29.The problem is ________for us _______. hard, to answer it B. too hard, to answer C. too hard, answer hard, that answer

    ( )30.There is an old saying, Its never _______old to learn.

    A. enough B. very C. too

    ( )31.There are all kinds of bikes, so I cant decide _________. buy which one B. to buy what one C. what to buy D.which one to buy ( )32.I dont know _______ the computer.

    A.what to use to use C. what to use it can I use ( )33.He wants to _________The Party.

    A. join B. join in C.take part in D.take part

    ( )34.Getting up early to read _________ me learn a lot. A. helpings B. to help C. helps

    ( )35.I find it ________ to stay at home alone at weekends. A. diasppointing B. disappointed C. to disappoint D.disappoints ( )36.Our class began _______a funny story and ended _______ singing a song. A. with, up B. up, with C. up , up D.with, with

    ( )37. I couldnt finish my work in time , ________you helped me. A. if B. unless C. though D.without

    ( )38.It is raining hard, lets stay at home _______.

    A.instead B. instead of C.take place D.take the place ( )39.Noone can ________the friendship between Korea and China. A. break off B.break up C. break into D.break down ( )40.Many Chinese students find______difficult to learn English grammar. A. it B. it is C. that D.Both A and B

    ( )41.When I was on the way home , I saw a little boy _______. A.cry B. to cry C. cried D.crying

    ( )42.I often see her _______in the morning every day. B. reads C. to read D.reading

    ( )43.Its impolite to laugh_______ the people ______trouble. A. at, with, in C. about, in D.with, with

    ( )44.He took my book________. mistake B. for mistake C. on mistake mistake ( )45.I am sorry that I cant _________what you said.

    A. catch B. follow C. understand D.All above

    ( )46.I think he missed the train.______.

    A. I think not B. I am afraid not. C. I dont believe so D.I dont think

    ( )47.I _________him _______my good friend.

    A. regard, as B. consider, as C. treat, as D.All above. ( )48.He has many hobbies, _________playing football, playing basketball and so on.

    A. for example B. for instance C. such as D. All above

( )49.He _____________Beijing for a week , he will be back in a week.

    A. has been to B. has gone to C. will go to D. has been in ( )50.He will come ______next week.

    A.some time B.sometime C.sometimes D.some times ( )51.Before doing something, we should think of ___________. A. good something B. worse nothing C. something easy D. something worse

    ( )52.Compare yourself ______other people, you will find your problems arent terrible.

    A. from B. to C.for D.about

    ( )53.He cant walk ____even speak,__________he has become very successful. A. and, and B. or, and C. and, but D.or, but IV、句型转换

    1.He has been learning English for six years. ?同意句?(否定句)

    He has been learning English ________six years_______. _______ _________ has he been learning English? 2.What about listening to the tapes? ?同意句?

    _______ ________ listening to the tapes?

    ________ _________ listen to the tapes?

    ________ _______ ________ listening to the tapes? _______ __________listen to the tapes?

    3.Lets listen to tapes,_______ ________?

    4.I study English by working with friends. ?提问?

    ________ ______ you study English ?

    5.The question is too hard to understand. ?同意句?

    The question is not_______ ________ to understand. The question is _______ hard________ I cant understand.

    This is _________ a hard question ______ I cant understand.

    6.He has already been here for a week.(一般疑问句)?否定句?

    _______he ________ here for a week _____?

    He ________ been here for a week________.

    7.Why dont you join an English club? ?同意句?

    ________ ______ join an English club?

    8.I decide to make lots of grammar notes. ?同意句?

    I _______ _______ ________ to make ____ _____ _____ grammar notes. I ______ ______ ______ ______ to make ______ _______ grammar notes. 9.I dont know what to do with the problems. ?同意句?

    I dont know______ _____ ______ ______ the problems. 10.I will help you if I am free. ?同意句?

    I will help you _______I am busy.

    11.What he said affected me a lot. ?同意句?

    What he said ________me a lot.

    What he said________ _________ _________ ______ me a lot. What he said _______ _________ __________me.

    12.Most of us have been angry with our friends. ?同意句?

    Most of us have been ________ _______our friends.

    Most of us have been _______ _________our friends. 13.As time passed, they became friends again. ?同意句?

    As time________ ________ they became friends again. 14.With his help, I finished my work on time. ?同意句?

    _______ ______ ______ _____ ______, I finished my work on time. ________ his help, I couldnt finish my work on time.

    15.He is afraid to take the math exam. ?同意句?

    He is ________to take the math exam.

    He is _______ ______ taking the math exam.

    16.Watching TV too much is boring. ?同意句?

     ______ boring to watch TV too much.

    17.I got to know what mistakes I made.(同意句)

    I________what mistakes I made


    1.The question is too hard for me to answer it. 2.He decided to study hard late on.

    3.No one likes to be laugh .

    4.The little boy has trouble to reach the kite in the tree. 5.You can look up them in an English and Chinese dictionary. 6.You are late again, please dont make any excuse.

    7.I really dont know how to do with the waste paper.

    8.He was angry at me about what I said to him just now. 9.The boy got annoy, when he saw the impolite behaviour. 10.Did you ever studied with a group? No, never. 11.What about reading aloud practicing reading skills? 12.As students, its our duty protecting the environment. 13.He makes his lessons lively by use computers. 14.He wants to improve his English, but, he doesnt know what to do.

    15.I found a boy read a book at the corner when I passed by. 16.Has he finished his homework already?

    17.How long have you bought the book?

    18.He has been here since a week.

    19.You wont succeed if you work harder.

    20.Why not finding an interesting book to read. Unit2

    used to do/be used to do/be used for doing/be used to doing go to sleep=fall asleep

    be patient to do/with---

    in the end=at lase/at the end of /at the ending of--- to ones surprise/amazement/be surprised/amazed to do/do sth in surprise

    even though=even if/as if =as though

    no longer=not any longer/no more =not any more take pride in=be proud of

    pay attention to doing

give up doing/stop doing

    a waste of time/waste paper/waste ---doing He used to be late ,didnt he ?/usednt he ?

    He usednt /didnt use/to be late.

    Used/Did he to be late?

    wait a minute./wait for---to do /cant wait to do

    be interested in=take an interest in play the piano/play soccer

    be on the school team

    with the window open./with the lights on/with much work to do/with his coming/with the work

    finished/with book in hand

    my biggest problems/the biggest problems/one of the biggest problems is

    My biggest problem is that Im too busy.

    be busy doing/with

    sb.spend time doing=It takes sb.time to do sb.spend ---on takes-----to buy=sth.cost sb.---

    make you sressed out/make his class lively so much/many/few/little/ such a little boy move to /move into / be moved /be moving It seems that---/---seem to do/ seem adj. cause a lot of trouble

    a boy of eight=an eightyearold boy

    cant afford to do/ cant afford sth

    to do this .

    as well/as well as/

    look after/take care of/ car for

    get into trouble/be in trouble

    send him to a boysboarding school

    It was exactly what I needed.


    feel good about oneself

    as the saying goes

    help sb do/ to do/with

    a real experience/much experience/experienced 语法要点

    used to do

    I used to be afraid of the dark.

    Did --- use to do---?/Used ---to do?

    Did you used to be late for school? Used you to be late for school?

    usednt to do--/ didnt use to do---

    He usednt to get up late.

    He didnt use to get up late.

    used to do=always did---

He used to help me .= he always helped me.


    1.He is _________(friend) to me, so our _________(friend) will last forever. 2.He looks even__________(serious) and __________(funny)than before. 3.I am _____________(interest) in ________(play)sports than last year. 4.My _________(day) life is different from his.

    5.A __________(recently) conversation with me changed his life. 6._________(fortunate), he hurt his legs last week.

    7.His mother sent him to a ____________(boy) boarding school. 8.His mothers love helped him ________(feel) ________(good) about_______(he). 9.He has given up__________(smoke) since a year ago.

    10.His fathers _________(die) made him sad a lot.

    11.He has changed his mind ___________(give) up smoking. 12.The poor boy experienced a lot of__________(experience). 13.The experienced teacher has rich__________(experience) in teaching. 14.Its very difficult to make an important ____________(decide). 15.To my ________(surprise), the boy has make great progress. 16.He is the ________(exact) person that I am looking for. II、用所给动词的适当形式填空

    1.Look, the police_____________(run ) after a thief.

    2.I used_________(be) afraid ________(go)out at night.but now I am used_______(go)out at


    3.He used __________(be) a farmer.

    4.How about____________(not go) out at night?

    5.He came into the classroom __________(sing) a song.

    6.I am too busy_________(write) to my parents.

    7.I used to spend too much time_________(play) computer games. 8.I dont mind your___________(open) the windows.

    9.________(not worry) about things too much.

    10.It will make me ___________(stress) out.

    11.Its important for us ___________(study) hard now.

    12.Dont ask for trouble, until trouble ________(trouble) you. 13.We have much trouble ________(finish) our work in such a short time. 14.His mother cant afford __________(buy) him an e---bike.

    15._________(go) to college, he has to work hard.

    16.Would you mind ______(give) me a hand?

    17.She made a difficult___________(decide).

    18.He told us___________(not be) late for school.

    19.It was necessary __________(talk) with his mother.

    20.I _________(be) afraid of being alone, since my father __________(die) 21.I have tried to make my mother_________(pay) more attention to me. 22.I ____________(work) hard for an hour already.

    23.One of his students__________(be) here twice before. 24.No one is __________(terrify) of being laughed at.

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