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    Role Profile

    Job Description

Job Title Marketing Communications Officer

    Directorate or Region Jordan Department/Country Jordan

    Location of post Jordan Pay Band H

    Manager, Marketing Full time 2 year Fixed Reports to Duration Communication Term Contract

Purpose of Job:

To support Marketing and communication work in the effective delivery of external and internal

    communications, brand management and media generation and monitoring. In addition to supporting

    the Teaching Centre and Examinations & Programmes teams in achieving corporate, regional and country objectives.

     Moreover the post holder will to support the operational aspects, delivery and financial management of

    British Council Services for International Marketing services in the Jordan. This to be done through

    supporting the delivery of client and partnership funded activities with the aim of:

    - Positioning the UK as a leader in international education.

    - Contributing to the growth of UK education both in the UK and in the Jordan.

    - Building strategic partnerships in the UK and in the Jordan.

Context and Environment:

The British Council MENA Marketing Communication team works within a regional and global team to

    deliver effective internal and external communications, marketing support and to build staff and

    customers understanding of British Council brand and values.

Moreover, The British Council’s social enterprise initiative will package an offer of UK assets, working

    in partnerships with the public, private and philanthropic sectors, leading to significantly enhanced impact and market penetration. As the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, the British Council works with various public and private organisations

    across the world to build mutually beneficial relationships. The Education UK department has traditionally been responsible for fostering links between UK and local education institutions. Currently

    it is replaced by the Services for International Marketing department which will provide the following seven core services to UK and local educational institutions:

1. Education marketing intelligence.

    2. Tailored support and consultancy services. (Tailored research and intelligence)

    3. Translational education services. (SIEM is a global British Council service and we will work closely with MENA region)

    1 of 5 Resourcing team September 2010

4. Partnership and relationship brokering.

    5. Exhibitions.

    6. Direct marketing services.

    7. Services to agents. (including training)

    Your role is to support the Marketing Communication Department and to support the delivery of Services for the regional International Marketing regional project.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

    Media Relations

Marketing & Communications

To achieve impact for the British Council in Jordan through effectively assisting in managing internal

    and external communications of all British Council services, products and activities

    ; Providing administrative support to the Marketing Communication Manager

    ; Media Relations: Communicating with media contacts to promote British Council projects and

    helping to deliver accurate, timely and positive coverage about British Council events and

    services. The post holder with the Marketing Communications Manager will be expected to

    maintaining a local network of media relationships.

    ; Online communication and Social media: Working with local web master to update Jordan’s

    web pages and British Council social media platforms, social networking sites, e-newsletters

    and other digital applications.

    ; To provide support to the design and printing processes according to British Council standards

    and guidelines, including writing and proof reading content in English and in Arabic.

    ; To share knowledge of British Council Jordan programmes and activities in-country, across the

    region and in the British Council global network.

    ; Market research and evaluation: supporting the Marketing Communication manager with market

    research activity, assisting with scorecard, and knowledge management of customer

    information including maintaining the contacts database.

Services for International Marketing

    1. Providing operational support for project management and delivery of British Council Services for International Marketing services offered in the Jordan.

2. Providing administrative support to the Manager, Services for International Marketing.

3. Supporting the delivery of agreed targets

    ; Meeting agreed business targets for the country and supporting the regional targets for BC SIM

    2 of 5 Resourcing team September 2010

; Ensuring compliance with corporate finance and HR standards.

    ; Securing all key performance indicators as agreed each year

External Client Support

    ; Support the transition from Education UK to Services for International Marketing ; Support the maintenance of existing relationships with local and UK institutions ; Support the building of new partnerships

    ; Achieve positive feedback from internal and external clients on delivery

Internal Client Support

    ; To support internal communications to ensure staff are kept up to date, internal communications

    within Jordan are positive and effective in raising country profile. This includes monitoring the

    newsletter, arrange for staff meetings logistics, and act as a backup for scorecard input. ; Support the achievement of agreed financial and non financial targets.

    ; Manage and sustain relationships with local Teaching Centre, Exams and Projects teams. ; Obtain positive feedback from internal clients on delivery of agreed services.

Other important features or requirements of the job

    The post holder will need to be flexible in terms of international travel and weekend and evening work.

    Candidates must have a work permit in Jordan Please specify any passport

    and/or nationality requirement

    Requirements Child Protection

    Person Specification

    Assessment Behaviours and skills Essential Desirable stage

     Short listing &

    Behaviours Being accountable ( More Interview


     Putting the needs of the team or

     British Council ahead of my own

    Making it happen (More Short listing &

    demanding): Interview

    Challenging myself and others

    to deliver and measure better


     Short listing &

    Shaping the future Interview

    (essential): Exploring ways in

    3 of 5 Resourcing team September 2010

    which we can add more value Short listing &


    Working together (essential):

    ensuring that others benefit as

    well as me

    Creating shared purpose Short listing

    (essential): creating energy

    and clarity so that people want

    to work purposefully together

     Short listing &

    Connecting with others (More Interview

    demanding): Actively

    appreciating the needs and

    concerns of myself and others

    Skills and Knowledge Marketing and Customer Short listing &

     Interview Services (Level 1)

    Communications Skills Short listing &

    Interview (Level 2)

     Computer Skills (Level 1)

     Knowledge of the local Short listing

    education sector

    Proven ability to support Short listing

    relationships in the

    education sector to

    achieve business targets

    Experience Marketing Communication Experience of providing Short listing &

     Interview (Brand and Media) advice and consultancy in

     education or business

     Budget management support analysis or development.

    Office administration

    Qualifications University degree or in a

    Marketing or Business-related


    4 of 5 Resourcing team September 2010

Requirements English Proficiency test IELTS General score 6

Submitted by Hana Arafat Date 21/05/2012

5 of 5 Resourcing team September 2010

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