Configuring AIX Clusters for High Availability

By Carol Diaz,2014-12-03 16:53
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Configuring AIX Clusters for High Availability

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    IBM Software Technology Support Handbook Group Document Revised: 10/12/2010 Product(s) covered: IBM Systems Director

    Abstract: Cluster configuration using Director plug-in:

    Configuring applications to be highly available requires a great deal

    of knowledge about the application, and PowerHA SystemMirror

    plug-in itself. As a result, creating a successful configuration can be

    challenging for novices. This white paper describes how the

    PowerHA SystemMirror Director plug-in can be installed, and how

    a cluster can be configured and managed using both the GUI and

    CLI. Examples and screenshots are provided at each step. This

    white paper should serve as a quick reference for anyone who

    would like to configure a cluster.

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     AIX System Director, system Mirror, O/S: Keywords: PowerHA, cluster management, resource group management, plug-in configuration

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