6B Unit 1 Who is younger

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6B Unit 1 Who is youngerWho,Unit,who,WHO

    6B Unit 1 Who is younger? 周末练习 2


    一、 按要求写词。,10分!

    1. heavy(比较级) 2.met(原形)

    ) 4.children (单数) 3. twin(复数

    5. centimetre(缩写) 6.gald(近义词)

    7. whose(同音词) 8.thinner(原形)

    9.big (比较级) 10.old(反义词)


    1、去散步 2be the goalkeeper

    3 遇见她 4how old

    5 看起来一样 6have a chat

    7 比我小一岁 8on Monday morning

    9、和我一样高 10my cousin Jack


    ( )1. fatter, this woman or that woman? A.Who B.Who's C.Whose

    ( )2.My parents and I often go shopping Saturday evening. C.on

    ( )3.Tom's hair is longer than . B.her C.yours

    ( )4.Do you have brothers sister? No, I don't.

    A.anyand B.anyor C.someand D.someor

    ( )5.Shall we go to the music room? I want the piano. B. to buy C. buy

    ( )6. Mr Wang have lunch at school yesterday?

    Yes. He often lunch at school.

    A.Doeshave B.Dohad C.Doeshas D.Didhas

    ( )7.They had English party last week. It was

    interesting party.

    A.ana B.anan C.anthe D.thean

    ( )8.The twin brothers look , but they are in different .

    A.the sameclass B.sameclasses

    C.differentschool D.the sameclasses

    ( )9.Look, the girls under the big tree. A. sat B.sitting C.are sitting ( )10.I'm 13 years old and Liu Tao is 14. So . A.he's younger than me B.I'm older than him C.he's one year older D.I'm as old as him


    1. My brother is two years __________(old)than me. 2. Tom is as ________(fat) as Jim.

    3. Is your sister __________(young) than you? Yes,she is. 4. Who is ___________(thin),you or Helen? Helen is. 5. Whose pencil-box is __________(big),yours or hers? Hers is. 6. Mary’s hair is as __________(long) as Lucy’s.

    7. Look,they are _________(have) a chat.

    8. Last Saturday,I _________(go) to a zoo with my friends. 9. Su Hai usually ______(go) to school at seven o’clock.

    10. Nancy often __________(go)to bed at nine twenty in the evening. 五、II栏中选出与I栏中句子相对应的答语。,10分!

    I II

    ( )1.Lily has a twin sister. A.No, a little shorter. ( )2.Which one is heavier? B.Five years old. ( )3.Do they look the same? C.The red one.

    ( )4.How old is she? D.It's on the first of June. ( )5.Is he as tall as his father? E.No,they don't. ( )6.When is Children's Day? F.Yang Ling is.

    ( )7.Here's a book for you. G.Really? That's interesting. ( )8.Is this your ruler? H.He's in the classroom. ( )9.Who's shorter than Helen? I.Thank you.

    ( )10.Where's Mike? J.No, it's hers. I think. 六、句型转换。,10分!

    1.This is my new watch.(提问)

    _________ _________ is this ?

    2Tom is 160 cms. Lily is 160 cms.(同义句)

    Tom is _______ _______ _______ Lily.

    3.Do you look the same ?(肯定回答)

    Yes, ______ ______.


    My brother is three ______ ______ ______ me .


    thIt is the 8 of September. Lily is very excited because it is her ten years

     old birthday. She’ll have a birthday party at home. Look! She is now in a n

    ew blouse. She looks so pretty today. There is a big birthday cake on the tabl

    e. Many of her friends are coming. There are lots of birthday presents on the

    sofa. Ann gives her some American stamps and French stamps. They are very

     beautiful. Yang Ling gives her a rubber. It’s a triangle. Look at that red purs

    e. It’s from Nancy. How nice! Lily likes her presents very much!

    ( )1. When’s Lily’s birthday?

    thA. It’s in August. B. It’s on the 8 of September.

    thC. It’s on the 10 of July.

    ( )2. How does Lily feel today?

    A. She feels very excited. B. She feels very hungry.

     C. She feels very tired.

    ( )3. Where does she have her birthday party?

    A. At school. B. At home. C. In the classroom. ( )4. What does Ann give Lily as her birthday present? A. Some American stamps. B. Some French stamps. C. A and B. ( )5. What shape is the rubber?

    A. It’s a triangle. B. It’s a star.

     C. It’s a circle.

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