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Job Title: Director of Communications

    Job Summary This person’s main responsibilities are Website and graphic design for in house documents and


    Hours: Full time (40 hours a week) 9:00 A.M. until 6:00 P. M. (Monday Thursday)

     9:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. (Friday)


Must maintain confidentiality and trust in all church matters

    Must be courteous and tactful in all relationships

    Ability to supervise volunteers

    Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, Power Point, electronic communications, and graphic design Have general knowledge of office machinery

    Have knowledge about computers, printers, and computer network

    Must be able to be bonded

    Must exhibit professional attitude and attire

Accountability: Accountable to and supervised by the Business Administrator


    Prepare Worship Bulletins for church services and oversee bulk mailing of weekly bulletins

    Design and/or keep updated all church publishing brochures (items for New Member Packets, Educational

    Brochure, Every Member in Ministry Booklet, the Quick Guide, Wedding Booklet, etc.)

    Design & format information for the Website and keep updated with current information and changes

    Welcome Center Power Point Presentations



    For the Communications Director position:

    Works with church staff / lay leadership to create specific guidelines for articles, establish who sends out press releases/announcements (and to whom), set formats for print and electronic media (layout & design)

    1. Communicates with the church staff and lay leadership re deadlines and guidelines for submissions. (Encourage

    the CD to stick to them.)

    2. Compiles articles, data (stewardship, attendance, etc), pictures, graphics, etc. for all print and electronic

    communications (bulletins, newsletters, flyers, brochures, e-mails, website, etc).

    3. Responsible for proofreading all general announcements for content, clarity, and spelling AND BREVITY (All

    too often "submitted articles" are dissertations, aren't they?)

    4. Works with the Volunteer Coordinator (i.e., church secretary!) for collating and mail prep.

    5. Coordinates with post office (mass mailings), printer (brochures, flyers, banners if done outside the church office),

    equipment and paper suppliers, webmaster, newspapers and radio stations to ensure that everything flows

    smoothly and in a timely manner.

    6. Will this person be responsible for PowerPoint presentations for committee meetings and/or worship?

    7. MUST have a solid working knowledge of MS Publisher, MS Word, PowerPoint, and/or other desktop publishing



    Director of Communications

    January 2007

    Reports to: Executive Assistant

    Position Title: Director of Communications

    Purpose: The Director of Communications is responsible for branding and messaging for Christ Church United

    Methodist, both internally and externally. This person will take ownership of what needs to be communicated to the

    community on behalf of the church and the communication to the congregation and staff within the church and will choose

    the most appropriate form of communication to accomplish that goal.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    1. Works closely as staff liaison with the Communications Ministry team to develop new methods of communication

    through a variety of media.

    2. Works closely with the entire program staff to develop methods of communication for each area of ministry to design

    and print in-house brochures.

    3. Oversee/supervise first floor receptionist and communications assistant

    4. Responsible for church-wide monthly newsletter

    5. Coordinates web-site with webmaster

    6. Coordinates set up and printing of weekly bulletin announcements

    7. Special project publication work will include but is not limited to: funeral bulletins, annual stewardship packet,

    Membership directories, Lent and Advent opportunities

    8. Plans and coordinates annual communications calendar

    9. Sets and oversees annual budget for communications department

    10. Responsible for keeping the appropriate paper and card stocked as needed

    11. Continuing education in needed areas.

    12. Attend staff meetings & perform other duties as required

     Skills Desired:

     Team builder, team player, & motivator.

     Excellent verbal & written communication skills.

     Capable of bringing vision to reality.

     Enthusiasm, energy, & drive.

     Dedication & commitment.

     Spiritual maturity and desire to grow.

     Experienced in people management, team management, and delegating & accomplishing

     tasks through others.

     Good organizational skills.

     Beliefs compatible with CCUM & UMC doctrines, procedures & theology.

    Education Desired:

     B.A. in Communications related field plus 2 years of experience or Masters Degree in Communications related field.

    I have read the above job description and am in agreement with providing the duties as outlined above

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