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2002 NFPA 72 FIRE ALARM REVIEW REQUIREMENTS Please Comply with Comments Approval subject to field inspection Disapproved/Resubmit n J. C. Ellison Fire Protection Engineer Phone: (404) 371-4963 Project Name: Physical Address: Project No.: Date Received: Date Reviewed: Low Voltage Alarm/Unrestrict..


    Edward A. O’Brien, Director/Fire Chief Fire Marshal Division-Chief Jerry E. Wainright, Fire Marshal

    330 West Ponce De Leon Avenue, Decatur, Georgia 30030 Phone: 404-371-2776 Fax: 404-687-2430


     n Please Comply with Comments J. C. Ellison

    Fire Protection Engineer Approval subject to field inspection Phone: (404) 371-4963


    Project Name: Low Voltage Alarm/Unrestricted Contractor Information:

    Physical Address:

    Project No.:

    Date Received:

    Date Reviewed:

Please provide the following:

    I. Three legible, maximum D-sized sets of initial submittal or revised re-submittal drawings which


    1. Low voltage electrical contractor’s license number, name & signature on plan and

    permit application (see OCG 43-14-8.1; 121-2-.04(1), 2006 IFC 102.10.2 in 120-3-3, 2002 NFPA


    2. Plans drawn to an architect’s scale (preferably 1/8”: or ?”: 1’-0), and indicating on plan

    the building’s total area and height with square footage for the scope of work (see 120-3-3,

    2006 IFC 102.10.2, 907.1.1).

    3. Identification of all areas within proposed occupancy by intended usage (see 2002

    NFPA 72:

    4. Denoting full height walls, actual height of partitions, projection depth of ceiling

    treatments, actual height of ceilings above finished floors (for ceiling mounted notification

    devices), per 2002 NFPA 72:

    5. (See 2002 NFPA 72: Incorporating a legend which

    a) identifies by distinct symbols, manufacturer’s name & model number, the quantity

    and location on each sheet, of each device comprising this proposed

    alarm/detection system.

    b) distinguishes between all new, relocated and/or existing devices connected to

    this proposed system.

    6. Compliance with applicable provisions of each of the following:

     2000 N.F.P.A. 101 (LIFE SAFETY CODE), including Sect. 9.6: Fire Detection & Alarms,

    and also Occupancy Chapter, Sect. 3.4: Detection, Alarm, and Communication.

     1997 GAC 120-3-20 (GEORGIA ACCESSIBILITY CODE), including Sect. -.38: Controls,

    and -.39: Fire Alarms.


     2006 IFC, including Sec. 901.6 (testing & inspections) and 901.3 (permits).

     Device manufacturer’s installation specifications, per ’02 NFPA 72:4.4.4 and 2006

    IFC 901.4.2

    II. Revised re-submittal documents shall include each of the following:

Penetration protection of all fire rated wall and floor/ceiling assemblies, per

     2000 NFPA 101:8.3.6, and 2002 NFPA 72:A. (5).

     Product data for all equipment, each identifying specific models selected, per 2006 IFC 901.2.

     Equal number of devices provided in submittal documents/bill of materials and the number of devices shown on plans submitted for this system, per 2002 NFPA 72:

     Submittal documents which include compatibility documentation between FACP (Mfr: _______________ & model: ___________) and initiation devices from different manufacturer, per 2002 NFPA 72: 4.4.2.

     Detection of other fire protection system(s), per 2002 NFPA 72: 5.11.

     A Detailed Description of the system inputs, evacuation signaling, intended sequence of operations, ancillary functions, expansion capability limitations, annunciation characteristics, per 2002 NFPA #72: Description may be either narrative, table (see 2002 NFPA 72:A. (9) for sample), or graphical.

     Battery calculations and current draw details that specify capacity and number of batteries, additions/modifications, and that equal the device count given on the bill of materials and the number of devices shown on plans, per 2002 NFPA #72: (7).

     Annunciator details & cut sheets, per 2000 NFPA 101: Occupancy chapter, sect. 3.4.1.

     Both audible & visible notification devices, per 2000 NFPA #101: 9.6.3.

     Minimum 75 candela visible warning device throughout all common use areas, per ’97 Georgia Accessibility Code (G.A.C. 120-3-20-.39(3) (G)).

     Synchronization of more than two visual warning devices within the same field of view, per 2002 NFPA #72:

    III. Corrected plans, which include:

     Complete details of fire alarm system and equipment on plans, per ‘02 NFPA 72: &, including ceiling heights and candela selected for visual warning devices.

     Warning devices relocated to comply with placement requirements per ’02 NFPA 72: (also see areas).

     Smoke detection protection for control equipment in non-attended enclosure(s), per ’02 NFPA 72:4.4.5.

     Additional strobes/spacing to provide coverage per ’02 NFPA 72: 5.5.2, 7.4.2, and Table or

     Strobes within 15’ of the ends of each corridor, per ’02 NFPA 72:; verify non-

    obstructed sight-line(s) within corridor. All areas required to have a visual signal appliance shall be within 50’ of signal, per ’97 GAC 120-3-201-.39 (GHz).

     To schedule test/inspection, please call (in DeKalb); 404-371-3010; to schedule test/inspection for incorporated areas within DeKalb, please call 404-371-2611, per ’02

    NFPA 72:

     At time of inspection provide finished record of completion form Figure per ’02 NFPA 72:, owner’s manual, per ’02 NFPA 72:10.4, and equipment

    submittal which includes compatibility documentation between FACP (Mfr: _______________ & model: ___________) and initiation devices from different manufacturers, per ’02 NFPA 72:4.4.2 (see ’02 NFPA 72:4.3.1).

    IV. Miscellaneous: Provide or verify EACH of the following:




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