Where are they now a very partial listing of former students of Mr

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Where are they now a very partial listing of former students of Mr

    Where are they now: a very partial listing of former students of Mr. Smith who have gone on to study or be employed in an area supported by the Sports Medicine Program. If you know of someone to be added please email me.

Robin Chipp KL '03- Nurse, Valley Medical Center

Shelby Gehring KL ’03- Studying Physical Therapy at University of Puget Sound

Crystal George KL '03- Registered Nurse

    Carmay Isaac-Jones KW '03- Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training from the University of Northern Colorado, Currently pursuing Master's Degree at Portland State University

    Kristen Leetz KL '03- Participated in Crew for UW, now working in Seattle Mariners front office

    Ashley Miller KL '03- Bachelor's degree from WSU-Kinesiology/Athletic Training, Employed by WSU as a Research Coordinator applied to Nursing School for Fall “09

    Aaron Egbert KW '04- Studying Exercise Science at Washington State University

Matt Hague KW ’04- Playing baseball in the Pittsburgh organization

Mike Miko KW '04- Puyallup fire fighter

    Jacob Kjelland KL ’05- Graduated from Chapman University-Premed. On a medical internship in Guatemala for the ’09-’10 school year then hopefully to medical school

Jake Salazar KL '05- Corpsman in the US Naval Reserve

    Miriam Smith KW '05- Studying Physical Therapy at Eastern Washington University

Devin Snyder KL ’05- Bachelor’s Degree from CWU in Exercise Science

    Robert Bernard KW '06- Licensed Massage Practitioner, Owner of My-O-Myomassage

    Shawn Frazier KL '06- Studying Exercise Science at Washington State University

Tahnee Schubert KW ‘06- Personal Trainer, Bally’s Fitness

    Kristen Shaver KW '06- Licensed Massage Therapist, Renton Technical College

    Sarah Stockwell KL '06- Swimming and studying Exercise Physiology at the University of Indiana

Alex Watanabe KL ’06- EMT CWU

    Amanda Attaway KL '07- Studying Exercise Science and playing soccer at Grand Canyon University

    Chelsea Beckwith KW ’07- Studying Sports Medicine/Athletic Training at the University of Montana with plans for physical therapy school

    Emily Clarke KL '07- Studying Athletic Training at Washington State University

    Tim Dillow KW ’07- Enrolled in the X-Ray Tech Program at Bellevue Community College

Vinny Fuoco KW '07- Personal Trainer 24 Hour Fitness in Kent

Amber Anderson KL ’08- BCC X-ray Technician

Lindsay Hubbard KL ’08- Studying Chemistry at UW

    Kyle Hagen KW ’08- Enrolled in Fire Academy Mountain View Fire District

    Michael Henrich KL ’08- Volunteer Fire Fighter/WMT Mountain View Fire District, VB coach KJVB

Randi Rowland KL ’08- Studying Fire Science at CWU

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