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Case StudyCase,case

    Section IIICommunication Analysis [30 points]

    Question 41

    Case 1(7 points;5 points for the analysis;2

    points for overall language quality)

    1)In China;a visit to home always includes a mealAnd the guest always brings a relatively

    rich present to the hostAnd the present should be well wrapped or untouched

    2)In the west;a visit to home only means a meeting;not necessarily including a mealAnd

    the present is treated not as importantly as it is

    in China

    3)I acted in a way that was based on Chinese customs;So I felt the American way was very interesting(unusual)

    Question 42

    Case 2(1 0 points;8 points for the analysis;2

    points for overall language quality)

    1) On the topic of hospitality;the Chinese

    stress is on warmth and demonstrating friendshipThey take the guest to a famous or

    luxurious restaurant to have a very good (expensive) meal to show their

    hospitalityAnd the Chinese are used to

    having a big meal. The more dishes they put

    out;the greater the warmth and friendship they show.

    2) In western countries;people stress on

    freedomThey give the guest great freedom to choose their own foods And westerners tend

    to have only one main course and some juice or dessert;which is viewed as casual in the eyes of the Chinese[Note ! If the student

    answers that Western people have only three courses;this is also correct!]

    3) Lin lived in American surroundings and should have adjusted himself quickly to the new world(1ifestyle)He should have known

    the custom there first;and felt more at ease in

    Mike’s home

    Question 43

    Case 3(13 points;11 points for the analysis;2

    points for overall language quality) 1)In China;when people host someone;they

    put the guest in the place of honor to show

    hospitalityThey try to take care of the guest;

    and try to make the guest feel comfortable and

    at ease

    2)In America;people tend to give the guest great freedom and treat a guest more casually;

    naturally and truthfully.

    3)Zhang Tao knew he was a guest;and

    thought in terms of Chinese expectations of

    hospitalityHe thought Bill should treat him courteously instead of setting rules for him.

    4)Since Zhang Tao lived in American surroundings;he should have known about the

    customs there sooner

    Case 2

    Memo 1

    To: Donna Crenshaw, Account Executive From: Ernest Smithson, Account Supervisor Subject: Response to Request for a Change in the Vacation Schedule

Date: January 17

     Your trip to Paris

    sounds exciting. Many people are taking such trips, you want to switch your vacation to June 16 to 30 from May 1 to 15 so you can take the trip. But five people already chose that date. Only five people may vacation at one time.

     I checked with everyone in the department. Nobody

    is willing to change.

     I already checked with Mr Jones to see if he can let you go anyway. He said no.

     You may switch to

    another two-week period. Your parents might

    change their plans. However, keep your

    choice between May 16 and August 30. Also, do not choose August 1 to 15. I must know about any change by March 1, the

    deadline for setting vacation dates.

Memo 2

    To: Donna Crenshaw, Account Executive

    From: Ernest Smithson, Account Supervisor Subject: Response to request for a Change in the Vacation Schedule

    Date: January 17

     Your choice to vacation in Paris this summer with your parents does sound exciting. They were

    thoughtful to invite you to join them.

     As we discussed when you chose your vacation dates, only five people in the department may

    vacation during any two-week period. When I received your request to change your vacation from May 1 to 15 to June 16 to 30, I checked to see how many people are scheduled for vacation then. The roster showed that five people requested June 16 to 30.

    Next, I asked each of these five people if any of them will make a change. Having planned

    their vacations completely, all of them declined. Then, I asked Mr Jones if we might make an

    exception and let you go anyway. He declined, saying that we must meet the two thirds staffing requirement all summer to serve our customers adequately.

     You may reschedule your vacation for another two-week period if that will help. Perhaps your parents can reschedule their vacation so this plan can work.. Any other two-week period between May 16 and August 30 is acceptable

    except August 1 to 15, when five people are scheduled already. If you do wish to make a change, please tell me before March 1, the deadline for setting vacation dates.

Case 3

    Memo 1

    To: Mark Johnson, Salesperson

    From: Maria Cillias, Controller

    Date: 23 December, 1995

     As per your request, we are

    processing your request for

    reimbursement of travel expenses for your December 2 to 5 trip to Denver. Your attention is called to two items for which you are seeking

    reimbursement: tolls and taxicab fares. You listed tolls totaling

    $10.50 and taxicab fares totaling

    $27.50 on the response form. but neglected to enclose receipts for these expenses. Company rules require that receipts be attached to the form for all expenses for which you seek reimbursement except meals and tips.

     To facilitate reimbursement of your travel expenses, will you kindly advise us whether you can furnish these receipts. When you comply with this constraint, we will reimburse you without further delay.

    Memo 2

    To: Mark Johnson, Salesperson From: Maria Cillias, Controller Subject: Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

    Date: 23 December, 1995

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