Lesson 2

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Lesson 2

    Lesson 2 Extreme Sports

    Teaching Aims:

    1. To practise strategies for preparing to listen to a text.

    2. To practise expressing preferences.

    3. To practise using phrasal verbs

    4. To practise using correct intonation in questions

    Teaching difficulties:

    1. To practise expressing preferences.

    2. To practise using phrasal verbs.

    Teaching Aids: computer and cassette

    Teaching procedures:

    ?. Warming up

    T: Today we are going to study Extreme Sports. Extreme Sports have grown rapidly in importance and the Extreme Games attract growing numbers of participants. Can you name some extreme sports?(Some students may not know much about extreme sports and so have less knowledge to use when preparing for the listening text, teacher show students some pictures so that students can connect extreme sports with their name , at the same time review words)

    S: ---(The students reaction should good )

    T: Who prefer Extreme Sports, the young or the old?

    S: The old.

    T: If you have chance would you like to try extreme sports? Why? S: Trying and experience extreme sports is exciting and challenging or the life is too dull.

    S: Extreme Sports are too dangerous, I wouldn‟t try. Life is valuable and only once,

    maybe youll cost your life for that.

    (Students answers are various. It is likely that they will give more wonderful answers)

    ?. Listening

     1 2

Do you want to know more knowledge about extreme sports? Now well listen to

    dialogue about it. Before listening we study listening strategies, which help you improve listening abilities.

     Task 1 Listen and check your answers for Exercise 2

     Task 2 Listen to two people talking about extreme sports .Complete the table (To

    practise expressing preferences)

     Task 3 Listen again. Complete the Function File with the following words (To

    practise and consolidate expressing preferences)

    ?. Speaking

    Do the exercise 6Use these words to write sentences about your preferences

    ? Vocabulary phrasal verbs

    Do the exercise7, 8

    ?. Pronunciation: Intonation in Questions

    Listen to the questions below. In which of them does the intonation go up at the end? After the student give the answers listen again and repeat the questions together. Then ask them “Do you find out the “rule” about intonation in questions?”

    Guide students to come to the conclusion: The rising intonation is used in questions that can be answered by „yes/no‟. The falling intonation is used in question-word

    questions, i.e. beginning with „wh-

    ?. Speaking and Listening

    Do the exercise 10 firstly in pairs, use the questionnaire to interview your partner. Secondly Comparing Cultures listen to a person talking about sports in the USA Britain and answer these questions

    ?. Homework

     Exercise 7

     2 2

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