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    CONTRACT NO. 425-001-06-1

     THIS AMENDMENT, to be effective on March 2, 2011, between Vendor (“Contractor”)

    and the State of Florida, Department of Management Services (“Department”), modifies the

    Contract between the parties dated March 2, 2006.

    WHEREAS, the Contract (i) was originally entered on March 2, 2006, and (ii) is scheduled to expire on March 1, 2011;

    WHEREAS, in accordance with Section 287.057(13), Florida Statutes, the parties desire to renew the Contract for an additional twelve (12) month period, beginning March 2, 2011 through March 1,2012, and

    NOW, THEREFORE, in addition to any other rights set forth in the Contract, the Parties agree as follows:

    1. Contract Renewal. The Contract, as modified above, is hereby renewed

    effective from March 2, 2011 to March 1, 2012.

    2. Preferred Pricing Compliance. In accordance with Chapter 2010-151, Laws of

    Florida, Section 48(2), the Contractor is required to submit, at least once during each year of the Contract, an Affidavit from an authorized representative of the Contractor attesting that the Contractor is in compliance with General Contract Conditions, Section 4(b), Best Pricing Offer. Contractor’s failure to comply with this section may be grounds for terminating the Contract, at the Department’s sole discretion. The Department shall distribute the Affidavit form to be used by the Contractor during each remaining year of the Contract.

    3. Effect of a Replacement Contract. A replacement contract may be established

    under a new solicitation process prior to March 1, 2012. In such case, the Department may terminate this Contract prior to March 1, 2012.

    4. Other Terms. All other terms and conditions of the Contract, including all executed amendments remain in full force and effect.

State of Florida Vendor

    Department of Management Services

By: By:

Name: Name:

Title: Title:

Date: Date:

Approved as to form and legality:

    By:_________________________ ______

    Office of the General Counsel Date

    Department of Management Services

February 26, 2010

MEMORANDUM NO: (425-001-06-1)-3

TO: Department Addressed

FROM: Director, State Purchasing

SUBJECT: Contract No. 425-001-06-1

     Title: Office Furniture and Files

The following changes have been made to the subject contract:

    ; Subject contract has been renewed for a one year renewal period from March 2, 2010

    through March 1, 2011.

    ; The contract was not renewed with: Canadian Atlas Furniture (CAF), Magna Design, Inc.,

    Viking Acoustical Corporation.

    ; Companies removed due to no longer in business: Flex-Y-Plan Industries, Rosemount

    Office Systems.

    ; Nowseating Corporation products moved to Allseating Corporation and Standard Desk

    products moved to Artopex, Inc.

    ; Name changes and corrections: Artopex Plus, Inc. to Artopex, Inc.; Atlantic Datafurniture

    Product to Design Options Holdings, LLC dba as Design Options; Dauphin to Dauphin

    North America; OFS Sales Corporation to OFS Brands, Inc.

    ; This renewal contract will be superseded by any new contract resulting from a solicitation

    during the renewal period.

    Any question or problems in delivery or service that may arise regarding this contract should be directed to Brenda Wells at (850) 488-6904,

     We serve those who serve Florida.

     Governor Charlie Crist

    Secretary Linda H. South

    Division of State Purchasing

    4050 Esplanade Way, Suite 360 Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0950

     850-488-8440: TEL 850-414-6122: FAX

February 22, 2008

    MEMORANDUM NO: (425-001-06-1) -2

    TO: User Agencies

    FROM: Director, State Purchasing

    SUBJECT: Contract No. 425-001-06-1

    Title: Office Furniture & Files

    The following 11 manufacturers have been added to the subject contract in accordance to Section

    3.25 New Manufacturers:

    American Seating Company, Grand Rapids, MI (A) Berco Industries, Inc., Saint Louis, MO (R) Carolina Business Furniture, Archdale, NC (V) Chromcraft Corporation, Senatobia, MS (A) Global Industries, Inc., Marlton, NJ (A) Izzydesign, Belton, TX (A)

    Magna Design, Inc., Lynwood, WA (A)

    Mity-Lite, Orem, UT (A)

    SitOnIt Seating, Cypress, CA (A)

    Spec Furniture, Inc. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA (A) Trendway Corporation, Holland, MI (A) Any question or problems in delivery or service that may arise regarding this contract should be

    directed to Brenda Wells at (850) 488-6904, Suncom 278-6904.

    September 20, 2006

    MEMORANDUM NO:(425-001-06-1) -1

     TO:User Agencies

    FROM:Director, State Purchasing

     SUBJECT:Contract No. 425-001-06-1 “We serve those who

    serve Florida” Title:Office Furniture & Files

    The following change has been made to the subject contract:

    JEB BUSH ; Miller Office Furniture is no longer in business and has been removed from Governor subject contract.

    Tom Lewis, Jr.

    Secretary Any question or problems in delivery or service that may arise regarding this contract should be directed to Brenda Wells at (850) 488-6904, Suncom 278- 6904.

    Division of State Purchasing

    4050 Esplanade Way

    Suite 360

    Tallahassee, Florida







     serve Florida.” “We ser


TITLE: Office Furniture and Files

CONTRACT NO.: 425-001-06-1

ITB NO.: 07-425-001-F

    EFFECTIVE: March 2, 2006 through March 1, 2010

    RENEWAL: March 2, 2010 through March 1, 2011

    (Rev 26 Feb 10) nd2 RENEWAL: March 2, 2011 through March 1, 2012

    (Rev 01 Dec 10)

    SUPERSEDES: 425-001-01-1

CONTRACTOR(S): See Attached List


    A. AUTHORITY Upon affirmative action taken by the State of Florida Department of

    Management Services, a contract has been executed between the State of Florida and the

    designated contractors.

    B. EFFECT This contract was entered into to provide economies in the purchase of Office

    Furniture and Files by all State of Florida agencies and institutions. Therefore, in

    compliance with Section 287.042, Florida Statutes, all purchases of these commodities

    shall be made under the terms, prices, and conditions of this contract and with the

    suppliers specified.

    C. ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS All purchase orders shall be issued in accordance with

    the attached ordering instructions. Purchaser shall order at the prices indicated, exclusive

    of all Federal, State and local taxes.

    All contract purchase orders shall show the State Purchasing contract number, product

    number, quantity, description of item, with unit prices extended and purchase order

    totaled. (This requirement may be waived when purchase is made by a blanket purchase


    D. CONTRACTOR PERFORMANCE Agencies shall report any vendor failure to perform

    according to the requirements of this contract on Complaint to Vendor, form PUR7017.

    Should the vendor fail to correct the problem within a prescribed period of time, then

    form PUR7029, Request for Assistance, is to be filed with this office.

E. SPECIAL AND GENERAL CONDITIONS - Special and general conditions are

    Enclosed for your information. Any restrictions accepted from the supplier are noted on

    the ordering instructions.


    Authorized Signature (date)



Contractors Awarded:

    Affordable Interior Systems (AIS), Hudson, MA (A) Allseating Corporation, Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA (A) Allsteel, Inc., Muscatine, IA (A)

    American Seating Company, Grand Rapids, MI (A) (Rev 22 Feb 08) Artopex, Inc., Granby, Quebec, CANADA (A) *(Rev 26 Feb 10) *(Rev 26 Feb 10)

    Berco Industries, Inc. Saint Louis, MO (R) (Rev 22 Feb 08) Cabot Wrenn, Hickory, NC (A)

    *(Rev 26 Feb 10)

    Carolina Business Furniture, Archdale, NC (V) (Rev 22 Feb 08) Chromcraft Corporation, Senatobia, MS (A) (Rev 22 Feb 08) Cramer, Inc., North Kansas City, MO (A)

    Dauphin North America, Boonton, NJ (A) *(Rev 26 Feb 10) David Edward Company, Ltd. Inc., Baltimore, MD (A) Davis Furniture, High Point, NC (A)

    Design Options, Tampa, FL (A) *(Rev 26 Feb 10) DMI Office Furniture, Louisville, KY (A)

    ESI Ergonomic Solutions, LLC, Mesa, AZ (R)

    Falcon Products, St. Louis, MO (A)

    *(Rev 26 Feb 10)

    Global Industries, Inc., Marlton, NJ (A) (Rev 22 Feb 08) Great Openings, Ludington, MI (A)

    Groupe Lacasse, LLC, St. Pie, Quebec, CANADA (A) The Gunlocke Company LLC, Wayland, NY (A)

    Harter, Middlebury, IN (A)

    Haworth, Inc., Holland, MI (A)

    Herman Miller, Inc., Zeeland, MI (A)

    High Point Furniture Industries, Inc., High Point, NC (A) Highmark, Huntington Beach, CA (A)

    The HON Company, Muscatine, IA (A)

    Humanscale Corporation, Piscataway, NJ (A)

    Indiana Furniture DBA Indiana Desk, Jasper, IN (A) Izzydesign, Belton, TX (A) (Rev 22 Feb 08)

    Jasper Seating, Jasper, IN (A)

    Jofco, Inc., Jasper, IN (A)

    Kimball Office, Jasper, IN (A) ** (Rev 20 May 11) Knoll, Inc., East Greenville, PA (A)

    Krueger International (KI), Greenbay, WI (A)

    La-Z-Boy, Ferdinand, IN (A)

    *(Rev 26 Feb 10)

    Magnuson Group Inc., Woodridge, IL (A)

    Maxon Furniture, Kent, WA (A)

    Mayline Company, Sheboyan, WI (A)

    Mity-Lite, Orem, UT (A) (Rev 22 Feb 08)

    National Office Furniture (formerly Kimball Office) Jasper, IN (A) **(Rev 20 May 11)

    Neutral Posture, Inc., Bryan, TX (A)

    Nova Solutions, Inc., Effingham, IL (A)

    *(Rev 26 Feb 10)

    Nucraft Furniture, Comstock Park, MI (A)

    OFS Brands, Inc., Huntingburg, IN (A) *(Rev 26 Feb 10) Paoli, Inc., Orleans, IN (A)

    Patrician Furniture Co., High Point, NC (C)

    *(Rev 26 Feb 10)

    SitOnIt Seating, Cypress, CA (A) (Rev 22 Feb 08) Source International, Shrewsbury, MA (A)

    Spec Furniture, Inc. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA (A) (Rev 22 Feb 08)

    *(Rev 26 Feb 10)

    Steelcase, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI (A)

    Teknion , LLC, Mount Laurel, NJ (A)

    Trendway Corporation, Holland, MI (A) (Rev 22 Feb 08) Trinity Furniture, Trinity, NC (A)

    Vecta, Grand Prairie, TX (A)

    Versteel, Jasper, IN (A)

    *(Rev 26 Feb 10)

    Wright Line, LLC, Worcester, MA (A)

    Zoom Seating, Middlebury, IN (A)



PHONE: (850) 488-6904

SUNCOM 278-6904



    State Term Contract


    Office Furniture & Files

    ITB No. 07-425-001-F

    Bids Due: November 10, 2005, at 2:00 p.m.

Contract Term: 48 Months

    Refer ALL Inquiries to:

    Brenda Wells

    Purchasing Analyst, State Purchasing

    Department of Management Services

    4050 Esplanade Way, Suite 370

    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950

    (850) 488-6904

    (850) 488-5498 (facsimile)

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