Biomechanical Principles of Human Movement

By Shirley Daniels,2014-05-08 20:54
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Biomechanical Principles of Human Movement

    Biomechanical Principles of Human Movement

    “I Can Move”

    _____I have acquired the knowledge of skills necessary to identify and demonstrate competency in lifetime sport motor skills.

    _____I am able to identify movement patterns/biomechanical principles in a variety of lifetime sports.

Please choose one of the following assignments:

1. Create a poster/visual aid that shows that you can identify

    and understand all 5 of the Biomechanical Principles of Human

    Movement. The 5 biomechanical principles of human

    movement are listed below with teaching cues.

    2. Clip pictures out of magazines, sports pages, Google images,

    drawings, etc. that show people using the 5 Biomechanics of

    Human Movement. It will probably take 2-3 pictures to get All 5!

    But remember to find all 5!!

    3. Label the pictures using the following labels: opposition,

    tracking, torque, follow-through/acceleration and weight


    4. There is an example of a poster with labeling in the gym-

    volleyball pictures from a BHHS game.

    5. Make it a large as you would like. The BEST will be displayed

    and used to teach freshmen PE classes and to show university

    students who desire to teach physical education. If yours is

    selected you will receive extra points!

The 5 Biomechanical Principles of Human Movement

    Tracking: Eye on the ball, point to the ball

    Torque: Rotate hips/shoulders to target; twisting power

    Weight Transfer: step in direction of the target; stepping power

    Opposition: Throw Right, Step Left; sideways position

    Follow through: finish on opposite side of body; connect the dots

How it will be graded:

    Score Written and Project


    Accurately labels each principle with definition below the label, 2

    clear, neat, legible, presentable for others to use

    1 Label each principle and corresponding picture is accurate

    0 Failed to explain the fitness components and provide

    how to apply principles, not turned in

    The assignment needs to include:

; All 5 principles labeled and defined.

    ; On Time.

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