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    Great Migration

    Directions: Browse through the following website and answer the following questions dealing with the Great Migration.;jsessionid=f8303471971226943878341?migration=8&topic=2&tab=image&bhcp=1

    1. What factors led to the Great Migration (one of the largest population shifts in the US)? Why were African Americans leaving the South? (Leaving the South 4 reasons)

2. Explain the journey North for many African Americans. (Journey North 4 things)

3. Between 1910 and 1920, Philadelphia’s black population rose by what percentage? (text in

    Migration Fever)

    4. Explain how these African American migrants became scapegoats. What were they blamed for? (New Industrial Landscape)

5. What were some hardships these African American migrants had to face? (Hard Life 4


6. Explain the living conditions that these new migrants had to deal with. (Hard Life 4


    7. What percentage of African Americans lived in rural areas in 1890? 1930? (map)

8. What was the Harlem Renaissance? (Legacy)

9. Explain the legacy of the Great Migration. (Legacy 3 things)

    10. What cities did African Americans from Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee migrate to? (map)


     Class: _______

    Extra Credit Questions

    1. How many African Americans left Georgia in 1920?(text in Leaving the South)

2. What does the term disenfranchise mean? (Leaving the South)

3. Who were the first to go North? (Migration Fever)

4. What methods were used to draw the black labor supply to the North? (Migration


    5. What was the most common complaint among migrants? (New Industrial Landscape)

6. Why were ghettos beginning to form? (Hard Life)

7. What was the cornerstone of the new migrant’s community? Why? (Hardlife)

    8. Who was Marcus Garvey and what had he been advocating? (Political Power)

    9. What cities did African Americans from Florida, Georgia, and S. Carolina migrate to? (map)

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