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    Unit 2 Growing Pain

     Period one Welcome to the Unit

    The general idea of this period:

     Four pictures are designed to point out the theme of this unit, growing pains. The questions for discussion can improve students’ speaking ability and can arouse students’ interests for speaking and discussing.

    Teaching aims:

    1. Let the students get familiar with the topic of growing pains. As the topic is

    quite common to them.

    2. Encourage them to practice their spoken English by talking about their own

    experience or combining what they have seen and heard in the daily life.

     Teaching important and difficult points:

    1. Activate students’ imagination.

    2. Relate the information given in the book to the students’ own experience and let

    them express their opinions fully and freely.

     Teaching methods:

    1. Individual work or group work to make every student speak English and think in


    2. Teacher-students exchanging methods by interviewing

     Teaching procedures:

     Step One: Lead-in

    Teacher may use the following questions to activate student’s interest in the

    problems between parents and teenagers.


    Do you love your parents?

     Do you like to stay with your parents at home?

    Do you sometimes quarrel with your parents?

     Why do you quarrel with them?

     Students: I love my parents, but sometimes I don’t want to stay with them because

    they don’t understand me. They force me to do things I don’t like or I’m not interested in. So if we stay with them, we sometimes have a quarrel with them…

     Teacher: So it seems there are many different problems between two generations. Maybe most of you have some trouble in communicating with your parents. Could you tell me what kind of problem you have with your parents?

    Encourage the ss to talk freely by using the following useful words or phrases. misunderstanding… distrust problems interference force to you to do something…

     T: It’s true that some teenagers and their parents can’t understand each other sometimes. Many teenagers experience growing pains when growing up and couldn’t find a way to solve it.

     Step Two: Presentation

     1. Picture talking and describing

    Guide the ss to read the instruction and the pictures on the book. Ask the Ss whether they are familiar with the situation in the pictures and make them describe the pictures with their own words.

     Teacher can give example first.

    3. Summary of the topics

    Encourage ss to use their imagination and any descriptions are acceptable.

     Step Three: Discussion

    Ask ss to focus on the questions and think about the answer individually

    first. Let them tell the true feeling. As for the last question, teacher may ask the

    ss how they think about the experience now. After talking about the questions,

    guide the ss to think about the problem of generation gap and discuss how to

    overcome the problems.

    Use the following questions:

    Do you think there is a generation gap between you and your parents?

    Does the generation gap really exit?

    After leaving home, how do you think of the relationship between you? How to

    deal with the problem?

    When you have a problem with them and want to talk to someone, who do you

    choose to talk to?

    Let the ss conduct a feedback activity.

     Step Four: Summary

    Make a conclusion: Growing pains can be very painful if we do nothing to

    understand others and make others understand us. Try to let your parents know

    how you feel and care your parents’ feeling, too. In this class we have talked

    about the difficulty in growing up. We have a warm discussion about the pictures

    and the problems happening to children and their parents. From this class we

    know out parents’ love is rue and selfless. Now I give you your homework—write

    a few words to your parents from you deep heart, which can express your love to

    your parents.

    Step Five: Homework

     Ask students to write one of their experiences, enjoyable or painful, on their exercise books.

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