Invasive plants added to Milestone? label for 2010

By Bobby Anderson,2014-09-26 07:30
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Invasive plants added to Milestone? label for 2010Inva

Invasive plants added to

    Milestone? label for 2010

Reprinted from Alberta Invasive Plants Council Newsletter, The Invader 4-1

FEBRUARY 26, 2010

    For the first time, herbicide applicators will this spring see an Invasive Plant Management section added to a herbicide label in Canada. The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) approved an application last fall to add an Invasive Plant Management section to the Milestone label.

    What made the application unique was that it was based on US data, since very little Canadian generated data was available. “Many of the invasive plants listed in the new section do not exist in Canada right now,” explains Barry Gibbs, Product Registration Manager with Dow AgroSciences.

    Yet having a tool that provides control will be important in the early detection and rapid response required if or, more likely when, these invasive plants cross the 49th parallel.

    Milestone is an important tool that can be used to restore desired plant communities and remove ecologically threatening invasive plants. It provides outstanding control of broadleaf weeds at a lower cost than other weed control programs. It can be used to control invasive plants on roadsides and rights of way, in rangeland, permanent pasture, industrial and other non-crop areas of Canada.

    “Our customers have come to trust the level of weed control that Milestone offers and they value its reduced risk status in Canada and its favorable environmental and toxicology profiles,” says Shawna Ference, Market Development Specialist with Dow


    Aminopyralid, the active ingredient in Milestone, is an effective, long lasting tool for managing hard to control weeds. It provides season-long control of many broadleaf species and effective bare ground control when tank mixed with Vantage? Plus MAX II

    or Arsenal?.

    The application recommended moving weeds currently included on the US Milestone label into a section called Invasive Plant Management. “The new section touches on points of invasive plant management and early detection and rapid response,” says

    Ference. The PMRA also supported adding some of the invasive plants to the main weeds controlled charts in the Milestone label, including: thistle, musk or nodding thistle, Canada fleabane, horsenettle, perennial sowthistle, oxeye daisy, tall buttercup, cudweed, curly dock, western ragweed, and prickly lettuce.

    Invasive plants added to the new Invasive Plant Management section include: Common broomweed, hairy buttercup, tropic croton, tropical soda apple, bull thistle, sulphur

    cinquefoil, bitter sneezeweed, hairy fleabane, tansy ragwort, tall ironweed, fuller’s teasel, and Russian knapweed.

    “This was an innovative submission because it was based on mostly US data. This is the first application of its kind, but we will see more submissions like this in the future,”

    Ference says.

    “The addition of an Invasive Plant Management section to a herbicide label recognizes the growing profile of invasive plants,” says Barry Gibbs. “It also acknowledges the important role herbicides can play as part of a successful invasive plant management strategy.

“We value the relationship between Dow AgroSciences and the invasive species councils

    across Canada. By working together, we can be successful in the effective and responsible management of invasive plants,” Ference concludes.

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