i have a dream59974

By Shirley Robinson,2014-10-19 00:59
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i have a dream59974

    I have a dream

     As Woodrow Wilsom,28thpresident of the U.S, saidWe

    grow great by dreams. All big man are dreamers.We have all

    heard that so many times in our lives. In reality, the people that surround us have a variety of dreams and struggle to pursue their dream .Dream is the purpose of life. The process of achieving our own dream makes us happy and energy.

    But as we all know, it always a even harder way to make them come true. You may fail not only once in the early years, you may be laughed at others or even you may be persuaded into giving up. So youd better to develop a strong and heath

    heart. It is the key to overcome the troubles and tragedies. Please remember, do not let anyone steal your dreams, or try to tell you they are too impossible.

    Finally, how do we take good care of our life, energy and talent to accomplish our dream and to find the path of happiness. This seems to be the million dollar question. There are tons of books on or related to the subject. You could read and practice until you are completely confused. As life progresses and changes. It dawns to me: That there is no dream and dream is the way. Life is the overall picture of your life. While progress of pursuing the dream is the progress of

spending your life carefully and efficiently.

    As to me, I have a dream is that become an engineering. Many people mess the identity of engineers with the one of scientists. I use an easy example to help you distinguish them. On the same problem, scientists ask why and engineers ask why not. Scientists explore the world find the general principles. Engineers design the world based on the general principle. I love this career because my parents lead me to watch media about engineering when I was a child. Our country is on the way of development. In the future, many engineers are needed to build our country. I believe engineers can help our country growth and strength. Engineers are person who skilled. They have ability on analysis, design, implementing and troubleshooting. They are the one I admire. They are the one I would love to join.

    Therefore, in order to achieve this dream, I got Band Two Certificate for computer, which was outstanding in my class. Besides, I have attended various computer design match and I prices several times, which greatly enriched my knowledge on computer. I gained wide experience in software in these two years.

    I have a dream, dreaming to live a happy life, dreaming to

    live a health life, dreaming to live a hopeful life, dreaming that no one and nothing could. Keep me away from what I want. Dreaming to obtain what I want by hard working and well-condictioned mind.

    Everyone has a dream, it is the desire of all, without the dreamers life will be empty. But dreams are always with the idea of progress and change. We did when we were young, innocent, with a good heart, happiness and joy is a constant movement.

    Have a dream, but also have to pursue, with the goal to have a dream, there will be a driving force. It asks people forward, perhaps the dreams of the road, you will encounter numerous set bocks, but thats ok fell yourself getting up, as

    their dreams and go forward. After all, the future is your creation.

    Believe or not, you are the only one who can make your dream come true. Come on, hope is no upper limit.

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